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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TROUBLE

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Psychology2, 497:from the things in himself which are producing trouble, in his desire to please the psychologistPsychology2, 498:and therefore constitute the source of all the trouble. This method (even if the psychologist doesPsychology2, 500:vagaries of a restless brain, yet the sole trouble is that the man is not sleeping soundly enough.Psychology2, 514:which seems outwardly to be responsible for the trouble. This is noticeably true in connection withPsychology2, 514:true in connection with certain forms of heart trouble and brain tensions and, of course, all casesPsychology2, 530:psychological nature and frequently pathological trouble as well. You have to note consequently,Psychology2, 532:of sacral disturbances) and consequent gastric trouble and an unwholesome imaginative life, rangingPsychology2, 535:the early stages, [535] cause definite psychic trouble. In illustration of this I would like toPsychology2, 535:awakening of the head center can produce serious trouble if brought about prematurely and even leadPsychology2, 535:not correctly controlled) lead to serious eye trouble, to many aural difficulties, to various formsPsychology2, 535:with the pituitary body and psychological trouble emanating from this important controlling glandPsychology2, 535:controlling gland as well as definite physical trouble. The awakening of the heart center (which isPsychology2, 536:is responsible for many [536] forms of heart trouble and for the various difficulties connectedPsychology2, 536:soul and not just as a personality. Again, much trouble among people is due at this time to thePsychology2, 537:plexus center today is a most fruitful source of trouble. It produces a great deal of the nervousPsychology2, 539:from each other. This causes serious nervous trouble, inflammation of the tissues, spinal disease,Psychology2, 539:of the tissues, spinal disease, and brain trouble. I have here hinted at some of the difficultiesPsychology2, 541:Hence the prevalence of certain forms of heart trouble to which so many people of influence andPsychology2, 545:there frequently so [545] much illness, nervous trouble and various pathological conditions foundPsychology2, 547:regions that one must look for indications of trouble. Speaking generally, diseases fall into fivePsychology2, 549:spine) are raised to the solar plexus center, trouble involving the gall bladder and the kidneysPsychology2, 552:solar plexus, is a fruitful source of nervous trouble to the mystic and advanced aspirant. ThePsychology2, 554:people of the world) and certain forms of brain trouble and nervous disorders, its power is mostlyPsychology2, 573:in nature or as indicating psychological trouble of a serious kind. However, we are today close toPsychology2, 590:consulting physicians and psychologists. Their trouble is not mental but is entirely related to thePsychology2, 591:has to be more definitely scientific, for the trouble is more deep seated owing to the fact thatPsychology2, 600:cases to serious if unrecognized psychological trouble. The vision absorbed the mystic's wholePsychology2, 601:expression which lies at the root of the trouble. The man becomes deluded by the best that is inPsychology2, 603:well as on the personality expression, and the trouble can then be recognized by others as real andPsychology2, 620:This is a point to be remembered. Physical trouble and disease is not of so serious a nature asPsychology2, 621:are objective and not subjective so will this trouble increase. I refer to those diseases affectingPsychology2, 708:very frequently lead to definite psychological trouble. It might be well to add here a word ofPsychology2, 725:becomes, in its turn, a menace and a source of trouble. [726] Psychology2, 739:world situation has in it the seeds of dire trouble and catastrophe faces the people, as it hasPsychology2, 749:and nothing that has in it the seeds of trouble for any ruler or national government. KeepRays, 401:second Path. These three factors create great trouble; during the past crisis of the world warRays, 548:dispensation. This lies at the root of their trouble and is the cause of their constant emphasisRays, 634:Today the Jewish people are engineering trouble, and it is interesting to note that the mainRays, 670:damaging themselves and laying up the basis for trouble for many incarnations ahead. TrueReappearance, 15:of fact, and here lies a great deal of our trouble. The expectancy of His coming is nothing new; inReappearance, 20:Four Noble Truths exposed the causes of human trouble and pointed to the cure. He taught: Cease toReappearance, 33:evils of today - which so distress and [33] trouble mankind - may be done away with and some vagueSoul, 42:brought to a German clinic suffering from eye trouble and headaches. He was five years old and veryTelepathy, 29:training can overcome this barrier. Much of the trouble will be found to be based on the emittedTelepathy, 45:in and of a giving out. The key to humanity's trouble (focusing, as it has, in the economic
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