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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TROUBLES

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Autobiography, 77:a woman will give you lots of silly little troubles all the time and I can't be bothered. I supposeAutobiography, 94:relief I felt and the feeling that now all my troubles were over. At least, she would understandAutobiography, 100:going happily along. Up to 1907 I had had my troubles and worries but they were basicallyAutobiography, 116:alone in trouble, that other people had as bad troubles as I, and that I was capable of a muchBethlehem, 265:immortality. Someone has remarked that our troubles at this time are due largely to the lack ofDiscipleship1, 60:personality affairs, your private concerns and troubles out of the group life; it will come if youDiscipleship1, 190:field of psychology and deal with those [190] troubles which have a more mental basis. Others (andDiscipleship1, 475:use daily or when swept by the self-pity which troubles you at this time. The attached meditationDiscipleship1, 580:the throat center. The physical condition which troubles you has not originated in connection withDiscipleship1, 622:the facility to register the psychological troubles of others with greater sensitivity. Mentally,Discipleship2, 712:off her shoulders, if you so desire. She never troubles about the inevitable and unimportantDiscipleship2, 712:and knows their relative unimportance. She troubles greatly when there is a misinterpretation ofFire, 105:its reception of prana, will suffer its organic troubles which may affect its distribution, andFire, 108:Disorders. These are basically two in number: Troubles due to congestion. Destruction of tissue dueFire, 813:it will cause the elimination of marital troubles, and the abolition of abuses of different kinds,Fire, 991:[991] its main expression in the sorrows and troubles of the fourth or human kingdom, and will findGlamour, 94:lies at the very root of the trouble or troubles with which humanity is - in time and space -Glamour, 95:should be undertaken. From that moment, the troubles of the evolving man begin to be observed byHealing, 3:percent of the causes of physical disease and troubles is to be found. The mental body, or thatHealing, 24:The peculiar complaints and psychological troubles of disciples. It may have interested you to seeHealing, 55:what I have to say into organic and functional troubles, nor do I here refer to illnesses inducedHealing, 58:or reproduction. It was in Lemurian times that troubles connected with the misuse of the sex lifeHealing, 108:when not functioning properly, causes stomach troubles, bowel complaints and the various diseasesHealing, 120:prone to heart diseases, to thyroid and throat troubles, and those who are in process ofHealing, 120:the process. Stomachic, liver and respiratory troubles accompany this transference. Healing, 132:have a definite predisposition to these specific troubles. At the same time, when they rightlyHealing, 135:difficulties, the diseases and the psychological troubles (neurological and mental) of theHealing, 172:cause of the majority of stomach complaints and troubles connected with the liver. The entire areaHealing, 300:and intestinal disorders and the various stomach troubles which devastate [301] civilized humanityHealing, 302:which show as imbecilities and psychological troubles. Another form of disease, emerging as aHealing, 482:of the psychological basis for disease and other troubles; modern medicine, therefore, faces itsHercules, 3:into a world of peace and plenty, wherein all troubles come to an end, the [4] flesh ceases toHercules, 168:pearls before swine: talking about the occult troubles for which the hearers are not ready. If youHercules, 185:is nothing for us to do but to assimilate the troubles of our fellowmen and help them. It is noInitiation, 24:with the miasmas, the fogs, the dangers, the troubles, the sorrows and pains of everyday living.Intellect, 66:they beg a listening Deity to assuage their troubles; they intercede for those near and dear toIntellect, 222:in the majority of cases of uncontrolled psychic troubles, the cause is breathing exercises. In theIntellect, 254:nerves and to which we earlier referred. These troubles are the troubles of the neophyte in theIntellect, 254:we earlier referred. These troubles are the troubles of the neophyte in the science of meditationIntellect, 255:is the one in fault. When some of these primary troubles occur, the meditation work should beMagic, 116:these that we are now concerned and half the troubles in [117] the world at present arise from theMagic, 136:Four - The Creative Work of Sound Present day troubles are largely due to the lack of intuitiveMagic, 347:the Hierophant. They are likewise distressed by troubles and high vibrations which seem to emanateMagic, 370:karma of many births" presses down, or as the troubles of the family, nation or race weigh upon theMagic, 614:unprincipled mind which brings about all the troubles of humanity. It is the sense of I-ness andMagic, 627:much of the modern economic and national troubles. We have fostered self-determination,Meditation, 104:in Meditation Dangers to the Nervous System The troubles connected with the nervous system are moreMeditation, 110:certain disasters will be avoided and certain troubles obviated that are now found in a more orMeditation, 158:are. The reason for this is that very few of the troubles of the dense physical body arise withinMeditation, 158:body, but at this stage of evolution most of the troubles arise in the emotional body, and theMeditation, 160:more easily impressed. I cannot enlarge upon the troubles of the mental body today save to pointMeditation, 161:tumors and cancer in the head. For all these troubles forms of meditation may be found which - ifMeditation, 161:an intelligent appreciation of the trouble or troubles affecting him, only when he has the abilityMeditation, 245:and in the comprehension of nervous diseases and troubles and their linking together will come theMeditation, 247:affect certain diseases, cure certain nervous troubles, eradicate certain nervous tendencies, tendPatanjali, 331:is given that the thorns are the cares and troubles of worldly existence which succeed in chokingPsychology2, 438:This larger sense can bring, therefore, serious troubles and difficulties. This type of person,Psychology2, 468:the effort to impress upon the patient that his troubles, though small in the beginning, can openPsychology2, 482:are ever prone to find a way of escape from the troubles and difficulties of life by living alwaysPsychology2, 537:prone, and many of the stomach ills and liver troubles of the time, as well as intestinalPsychology2, 575:difficulties and pathological and psychological troubles which will be based on group conditionsPsychology2, 579:in the form of diseases, lesions, nervous troubles and brain afflictions and the many other ways inPsychology2, 595:evoked over group conditions) and of troubles related to the thyroid gland and the brain, as wellPsychology2, 708:between those neurotic and psychological troubles which are based on personality integration, or onRays, 235:we must look for the origin of all our present troubles. In this involved situation, you have aRays, 756:as they do the causes and the sources of all the troubles which concern humanity. There are manySoul, 157:of hyperthyroidism at this time, and various troubles connected with the thyroid gland. May notTelepathy, 45:trouble (focusing, as it has, in the economic troubles of the past two hundred years, and in the
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