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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRULY

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Discipleship1, 432:others? My nature in truth is love. How can this truly manifest and yet with indifference? ThroughDiscipleship1, 445:assist my fellowmen? In what way can I most truly serve them? And how will observation help me toDiscipleship1, 449:way of a full expression of the love which is truly your major and outstanding quality. This, yourDiscipleship1, 471:of your Being and can, therefore, see the world truly and with no limited vision; you can standDiscipleship1, 482:certain releasing forces and which can - if truly and conscientiously carried out - bring you muchDiscipleship1, 500:to save the souls of men or - perhaps more truly - aid them to invoke and evoke their own souls.Discipleship1, 500:to note with care whether you are achieving a truly rounded-out development, and whether your timeDiscipleship1, 516:the destiny of the race of men - and whom you truly love. You have also an inner recognition ofDiscipleship1, 517:the strong, true way... I ask you to love more truly. Your strength and detachment have never yetDiscipleship1, 526:the mental level of awareness (where you always truly live in spite of many excursions on to theDiscipleship1, 580:that peaceful activity which comes from loving truly as a soul, from a complete refraining from allDiscipleship1, 581:not stay long enough to enable you to understand truly. You contact people on the periphery ofDiscipleship1, 590:are adequate to the task, but only if you become truly convinced of the need. 6. Can you begin toDiscipleship1, 598:to work through the glamor that you can see life truly. [599] Be not in any way discouraged,Discipleship1, 601:would not have been so influenced had you seen truly and had cooperated in preserving group balanceDiscipleship1, 661:of importance - and learn to see yourself as you truly are, you can and do hinder the work andDiscipleship1, 661:of the group. This you know. You love no one truly but yourself. If you loved truly andDiscipleship1, 661:You love no one truly but yourself. If you loved truly and impersonally, you would not cause theDiscipleship1, 704:which it gives is to enable the disciple to live truly on every plane which he has succeeded inDiscipleship1, 705:love which "sees" in the light'. Love is truly the revealer. The power to withdraw completely, asDiscipleship1, 706:the guidance of their souls. Life must be seen truly and faced as it is - not realistically fromDiscipleship1, 720:and in the ensuing blaze see himself as he truly is. The fire of the material aspect (the fire ofDiscipleship1, 726:is of occult value. If the chela in the Light is truly in earnest and is consciously developing theDiscipleship1, 728:they have taken the third initiation are they truly initiate from the standpoint of the Hierarchy.Discipleship1, 728:who do the waiting, not the ready and the truly dedicated. [729] The task of the Master is toDiscipleship1, 737:love is present. Until they break through and truly love, their usefulness is impaired. We haveDiscipleship1, 744:how active their service; yet - if they were truly working from a point of tension - they wouldDiscipleship1, 746:of the priesthood," correctly interpreted and truly expressed. The same symbolic inferences areDiscipleship1, 767:at last the disciple has merited the right to be truly loved and, therefore, to be truly close toDiscipleship1, 767:right to be truly loved and, therefore, to be truly close to the Master. His life or lives ofDiscipleship2, 24:what you call a divine incarnation. If a man is truly serving, he will perforce draw upon all theDiscipleship2, 46:which prevent your realizing all that truly is, in connection with your inner affiliations. But, myDiscipleship2, 52:in this work and when your spiritual nature is truly intensified, you will enter almost immediatelyDiscipleship2, 78:of the teaching so that the seed or germ may be truly implanted in the human consciousness and thusDiscipleship2, 78:implanted in the human consciousness and thus truly grow and influence the coming age. Forget thisDiscipleship2, 82:faults have been exposed and recognized by truly earnest disciples; this has been necessary, forDiscipleship2, 83:them well, though only a few of you have been truly interested or thrown yourselves, heart andDiscipleship2, 90:only sixteen remain, and of these only eight are truly active; and of these eight, two are causingDiscipleship2, 93:done by some of the eight members who remain truly active. Two of you have fought through greatDiscipleship2, 93:why there is so poor an exoteric showing of a truly esoteric, inner movement - an inner movementDiscipleship2, 109:consideration (because you cannot as yet think truly constructively, but only imaginatively) [110]Discipleship2, 159:find fulfilment; here and here alone can love be truly born, intelligence correctly function, andDiscipleship2, 176:approached) in a paper. These papers, if truly the result of intuitive perception, could constituteDiscipleship2, 177:never realized and you have done little of a truly objective nature to bring this Invocation to theDiscipleship2, 186:is not yet fully appreciated, nor have they truly shouldered their task or recognized its definedDiscipleship2, 187:done, and in neither of these two ways have you truly meditated on the given words. It is essentialDiscipleship2, 203:thinkers, must have creative objectives, must be truly intelligent, and must have added expandingDiscipleship2, 203:professions and ideologies; it is therefore more truly representative of humanity and more trulyDiscipleship2, 203:more truly representative of humanity and more truly potent than ever before. When the work of theDiscipleship2, 289:implications to the earnest disciple, if he truly considers the statements made and regards them ofDiscipleship2, 315:this. Therefore, if you could see things as they truly exist in the world of today and view them inDiscipleship2, 324:will be allowed to take initiation before he is truly ready or that he can pass on before he hasDiscipleship2, 341:for you to grasp, because you have not yet truly built or employed the antahkarana; it is time asDiscipleship2, 354:There was no need to do so and (if you have truly understood what I have indicated re hints) youDiscipleship2, 358:as "one absorbed within the group" can he truly pass into a closer and more [359] vitallyDiscipleship2, 391:initiates work with souls. When a disciple is a truly soul-infused personality, he can give to theDiscipleship2, 404:from the world of meaning; they cast light, if truly interpreted and in due time, upon that worldDiscipleship2, 408:threads are blended and fused so that no one can truly say: "my thread, or my bridge, or myDiscipleship2, 414:unconsciously and the disciple is frequently not truly aware of what he IS. He has to becomeDiscipleship2, 443:effective service. But, brother of mine, to be truly effective in the manner desired, you mustDiscipleship2, 504:will be slow. Your foundation must be well and truly laid. The quality of those reached by you inDiscipleship2, 523:held for you the key to all success. You are not truly successful just at present. Simplicity doesDiscipleship2, 542:long-range planning, and yet withal the feet are truly planted on the earth. I would suggest toDiscipleship2, 557:as if the soul were sounding the 0M? If you are truly thinking as if the mind were the instrumentDiscipleship2, 574:channel. You should consequently (if you are truly to understand the mechanism through which yourDiscipleship2, 606:or air. Your soul, your Master and yourself are truly one. Reflect. Stand free. Let naught disturbDiscipleship2, 615:in such a way that I can help?) - just be sorry, truly sorry, for the trouble you have caused. I amDiscipleship2, 615:away from the midway point, and there learn truly to love - and love the little ones." [616] I canDiscipleship2, 625:all, and this we call emotion. In a deeply and truly esoteric sense, it is the intuition which isDiscipleship2, 649:the valley of desperation. Yet you have not been truly desperate because the "haze of blue" hasDiscipleship2, 659:he then handles opportunity on the basis of his truly enlightened personality but his methods areDiscipleship2, 682:in the year? This you did not like, nor did you truly agree with what I said, nor have you reallyDiscipleship2, 689:and unseen by others except by those with a truly perceptive attention - which, if altered orDiscipleship2, 704:before you - very briefly, so that you can (if truly in earnest to serve your fellowmen, as IDiscipleship2, 704:of a right sense of proportion. This, when truly developed and correctly applied, will enable youDiscipleship2, 708:trend and tendency of your impulses is right and truly oriented. This is a major asset in yourDiscipleship2, 727:Until you have learnt to see people as they truly are, you cannot do the exoteric work of aDiscipleship2, 761:clarity of vision. You see people and life more truly than you did when you were first affiliatedEducation, 13:more than it did in infant humanity. It can only truly make its presence felt when soul and mindEducation, 16:- but we shall not have a humanity which can truly think. As yet, the mind reflects the lowerEducation, 63:will come to an end. This is in the nature of truly esoteric work, but is scorned by present dayEducation, 78:the child's life are rightly handled, then the truly wrong things, the infringements upon theEducation, 78:which are not innate in the child or truly characteristic of him, but which are the result of hisEducation, 80:fit a child for complete living and so make him truly human - a creative, constructive member ofEducation, 147:down the ages by the man. As he becomes truly alive, from the standpoint of intelligent awarenessExternalisation, 13:and pure position let them see clearly, hear truly and report accurately, and so serve their ageExternalisation, 20:so to love them that they will begin to see more truly and enlarge their horizon; it will enableExternalisation, 20:their horizon; it will enable him to estimate truly the esoteric value of service and teach himExternalisation, 50:group and similar groups everywhere. So few truly first ray people are manifesting on the planet atExternalisation, 52:When, however, the world has in it more truly awakened people and more thinking men and women, weExternalisation, 61:and deflected from its present channels into truly spiritual foundations much good will be done,Externalisation, 82:the law of love - the only law which can truly save the world. Perhaps the key to your successExternalisation, 82:focal points in your environment. If you truly believe that the spiritual life is fundamental inExternalisation, 82:believe that divinity guides the world, if you truly grasp the fact that all men are your brothersExternalisation, 101:the purposes of the kingdom of God are not yet truly a part of your life pattern and do not yetExternalisation, 101:tendencies and work, and when it is thus truly a part of your mental equipment, your emotionalExternalisation, 103:unity of purpose. It is for this reason (a truly scientific one in its nature) that I haveExternalisation, 110:of them. Only two points of view will serve truly to clarify what is happening at this time. FirstExternalisation, 116:stage (if you could see the situation as it truly is) was most definitely the death stage; theExternalisation, 152:and consequently we have the appearance of the truly terrific problems and the dire happenings
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