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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRULY

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Externalisation, 166:effort? In spite of a real inability to think truly, effectively and intuitively, the mass of menExternalisation, 167:the New Age will be abundantly realized with its truly human civilization and a culture which willExternalisation, 169:Hierarchy and this is now, for the first time, truly possible on a large scale. For aeons, theExternalisation, 199:have in them the germ of that which is truly new, for they are the expression of an upward surgingExternalisation, 202:these four lines of human living will show how truly Germany is today the focal point of the worldExternalisation, 229:of your life's decisions and attitudes are truly pure and unadulterated. I seek to draw yourExternalisation, 229:The implications of such activity can only be truly known and appreciated by those people who todayExternalisation, 236:in the world who think clearly, see the vision truly, act intelligently, and meet force with force,Externalisation, 246:do with no thought of self. You will face life truly and sincerely, with a fully dedicatedExternalisation, 246:war, and of the defenceless refugee, he does not truly care enough to do anything about theExternalisation, 253:of humanity and the rights of human beings are truly recognized. Those who war against the race ofExternalisation, 255:into the new age will take place when mankind is truly loved and selflessly served, and when theExternalisation, 277:means of the uttermost sacrifice. Only those who truly love their fellowmen can see the issuesExternalisation, 280:fighting for the right, is done by those who can truly coordinate and integrate on all three levelsExternalisation, 293:beauty of divinity and the glory of light more truly and clearly before the disciple. Similarly,Externalisation, 297:and seldom received recognition for what they truly were; only history, at a later date, laidExternalisation, 317:valley and the depths" simultaneously can see truly, but their numbers are not large, and theExternalisation, 333:of power, and at the "midway point." Then he can truly begin (again speaking symbolically) to lookExternalisation, 372:experience. They can scarcely ever be truly normal again. They have seen the very depths ofExternalisation, 381:all his forces for the service of the hour. A truly compassionate heart is not emotional. OurExternalisation, 390:which the new world order - visioned by all who truly love their fellowmen - be enabled toExternalisation, 392:of this group. Suffice it to say that all who truly love their fellowmen [393] and who serve themExternalisation, 404:effort, plus the invocative appeal of all who truly know and truly love, will bring humanity theExternalisation, 404:the invocative appeal of all who truly know and truly love, will bring humanity the new revelationExternalisation, 452:demanding and proposed organization, there is no truly free press anywhere; particularly is itExternalisation, 454:in the near future demonstrate that mankind is truly striving to bring about right human relations,Externalisation, 462:betterment; they work upon and through all who truly love their fellowmen. They are unable toExternalisation, 472:each other. They proclaim the fact that all that truly concerns us is that which takes place uponExternalisation, 473:The state of humanity today is known to all truly thinking people. Devastation, crucifixion,Externalisation, 485:for the establishment of what has never yet truly existed - right human relations. Externalisation, 514:a cell in His Body. This the initiate Paul truly sensed and knew. Via this strand passes the powerExternalisation, 614:is exceedingly hard. You may retort (and truly) that the life of all who suffered through the war,Externalisation, 617:many selfless workers and disciples and so many truly saintly people, that the spiritualExternalisation, 628:man and of the unimportant citizen is not yet truly grasped, yet there is a vast opportunity beforeExternalisation, 629:particularly the esoteric groups, do not? Why do truly spiritual workers seem unable to materializeExternalisation, 631:men of goodwill, of spiritual instinct, and of truly Christian training must do it. They mustExternalisation, 631:and powerful, but requires a unified group or a truly integrated personality to use it... I haveExternalisation, 637:thinker to understand, but it expresses most truly the attitude of the Christ and of all who serveExternalisation, 681:teaching, the necessity for the development of a truly spiritual and psychic sensitivity, plus theFire, xiv:that which must be felt and lived in order to be truly comprehended must necessarily proveFire, 46:of the mental plane into a form which can be truly said to be an expression of the thoughts,Fire, 260:basic rhythm. Then, and only then, will he be a truly intelligent cooperator, and (escaping fromFire, 306:has reached a certain vibratory movement can He truly influence the individual cells. This work ofFire, 495:color (occultly understood) of a volcano are a truly marvelous thing. Every gradation of that noteFire, 656:is the planetary Logos of the scheme, Who as truly creates His body of Manifestation under the LawFire, 795:It is occultly "offensive." This will be more truly apprehended when the etheric double of our moonFire, 816:the material may be, the egoic lotus is as truly substance of a particular vibration as is theFire, 868:Students must remember that the aim of all truly occult teachers is not to give information but toFire, 893:revealed as the "serpent of the astral light" is truly approached, and duly studied. One of theFire, 918:dense physical, the gaseous, the liquid and the truly dense. They will also eventually consider theFire, 945:student how intricate this subject is and how truly each man is the outcome of force of some kind -Fire, 985:is without force, or truth. It has [985] been truly said that between the two types of workers, theFire, 1049:Monad - progressive life forward begins. It is truly cyclic, repetitive and spiraling. At first theFire, 1102:sheaths, astral and physical. Thus it can be truly said that the "mind slays the Real" 16 andFire, 1144:difficult for a man to master, and it has been truly said that when a man has mastered itsFire, 1158:head center. A man is then seen as he is truly - a network of fire with flaming focal points,Fire, 1189:types of men, and the nature of the Ego is more truly followed. Then will be revealed the nature ofGlamour, 3:That is incidental and phenomenal, and many truly intuitive people are entirely unaware of thisGlamour, 10:it exoterically. Then as soon as the symbol is truly familiar to you and can be recalled to mindGlamour, 16:Herein will lie your service, for as you think truly and use your illumined intelligence (if youGlamour, 31:contacts, preventing him from ever seeing life truly or clearly or the conditions surrounding himGlamour, 31:He walks ever in a fog and sees naught as it truly exists. He is deceived by the appearance andGlamour, 37:shines upon his way." He is not yet able to see truly in the larger sweeps of consciousness; theGlamour, 98:so that men may walk from henceforth more truly on the Way in safety. I have, therefore, chosen forGlamour, 100:in thinking and in choice, but who are not yet truly aware of the implications or of theGlamour, 152:personality does the problem of the Dweller truly arise, and only when the mind is alert and theGlamour, 185:demonstration and factual expression and thus truly meet human need? I would point out that the twoGlamour, 247:investigator has to take is to ascertain - truly and in the light of his soul - where exactly isGlamour, 262:it enables the aspirant to [262] become truly the Observer and to know with surety what he isHealing, 11:in nature which will surely see life more truly and more accurately than does mankind? It isHealing, 22:average and ignorant man from seeing life as it truly is. Even the advanced man and the disciplesHealing, 43:in this connection is frequently more truly occult and accurate than is that of [44] the orthodoxHealing, 63:is very prevalent. I say "so-called" for the truly creative artist is not the victim of theseHealing, 88:matter is - so complex that it will only be truly understood when human beings regain the lostHealing, 156:of the human consciousness. It might be truly said, brother of mine, that the rapid unfoldment ofHealing, 157:heart, so is he." Thinking in the heart becomes truly possible only when the mental faculties haveHealing, 168:the facts given are facts in existence and are truly present, as are those emotions which theHealing, 208:- via the blood stream - and it may therefore be truly posited that when the ductless glands areHealing, 233:and consequent actions, commits suicide just as truly as the man who deliberately blows out hisHealing, 269:a newer and happier measure of living and a truly cooperative relation on either side. The processHealing, 291:mentally and on a large scale that karma is truly horrible and agonizing and can express itselfHealing, 316:man as forms of insanity; yet they are not truly so. If the afflicted person can be put again "inHealing, 338:This can often be quite unrealized and have a truly subconscious origin, or it can be a carefullyHealing, 351:and the future), sees life and experience as it truly is. Death, therefore, is referred to as anHealing, 370:In dealing with disease, the patient can only truly be helped when the positive radiation of theHealing, 402:the last of these proposed solutions offers a truly rational reply to all of them. Its acceptanceHealing, 461:but that, nevertheless, the man may not be truly dead. I would remind you also that this is equallyHealing, 492:which should receive more emphasis. Once this is truly grasped and understood, a great deal of theHealing, 500:is reached, the soul is, for the first time, truly incarnated; it is truly "descending intoHealing, 500:is, for the first time, truly incarnated; it is truly "descending into manifestation" and theHealing, 509:monadic life. There are in the world today many truly integrated personalities. These, because soulHealing, 509:enable them to blend the three bodies and thus truly merit the name of personality. Some of themHealing, 529:this is no cause for discouragement. What is truly needed, and what will be brought about as theHealing, 546:What does this mean? It means that only when truly large numbers of men are controlled by theHealing, 558:on a sound basis - it postpones the era of truly occult healing quite definitely to a more distantHealing, 603:not mean that all the centers are awakened and truly functioning. It should, however, mean (if heHealing, 621:Christ were rightly adjusted, correctly aligned, truly awakened and functioning, and properlyHealing, 660:the last two laws (Law IX and Law X) can only be truly understood by the initiated disciple. TheyHealing, 668:lead them on the way to good. Those men are truly evil who seek to enforce a return to the bad oldHealing, 674:thus preparing the way for the Observer to see truly; the disciple then functions as a clear
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