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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRULY

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Psychology1, 117:to communicate only that which is impersonal and truly constructive, and which will not feed thePsychology1, 192:emerging appearance. Man is innately and truly divine, but the quality of the solar angel onlyPsychology1, 205:the third and the fifth rays together make the truly great mathematician who soars into heights ofPsychology1, 272:and illusory views which prevent man from seeing truly, and I may thus help him to find the goldenPsychology1, 278:[278] but it is rare indeed to find a person who truly combines within himself the two sexes, andPsychology1, 286:are depicted for us, if we could but see truly and interpret our facts with spiritual exactitude,Psychology1, 293:the depth of his own subconscious life are more truly grasped, there will take place, gradually andPsychology1, 295:men for women and of women for men will be more truly present than is now the case, for it will notPsychology1, 296:and the mental. A man and a woman, to be truly and happily married, must be complements to eachPsychology1, 309:and a self-centeredness which make man truly to appear in the image of God. It is this innate andPsychology1, 328:world. It is when the third alignment has been truly accomplished and when the light of the fourthPsychology1, 331:of discovery by means of which a man unfolds the truly human consciousness. Through the use of thePsychology2, 15:will undergo change, and we will see life more truly and divorced from the glamor which distortsPsychology2, 26:that they need to be oriented towards the truly desirable, more than towards the truly reasonable,Psychology2, 26:the truly desirable, more than towards the truly reasonable, and the right direction of the energyPsychology2, 39:some useful meaning, whereby they can live more truly. The individualized Spirit expresses itselfPsychology2, 48:all to others. If the disciples of the world are truly struggling and if they are applyingPsychology2, 162:each definition should suffice, if it embodies truly one's highest thought. Students will realizePsychology2, 176:"Learn to discriminate." How much have we truly understood this injunction? Intellectually, thePsychology2, 235:Let us not forget that H.P.B. has said (and truly) that the physical body is not a principle. ThesePsychology2, 261:into incarnation of souls whose time had not truly come but whose conditioning influence was neededPsychology2, 321:This is an angle of vision which is only truly possible to the man who is beginning to function asPsychology2, 363:point at which you stand. Move on a pace. See truly with the opened eye of inner vision and youPsychology2, 397:themselves from the thralldom of the senses can truly thus meditate. The attributes of Deity mightPsychology2, 421:and also simultaneously of his inability truly to satisfy them, coupled with the recognition thatPsychology2, 421:there is an aspect of himself which does not truly want to do so. The sense of frustration thenPsychology2, 444:for power, but with right motive, because he is truly idealistic; who will fight intelligently toPsychology2, 482:it and does literally nothing to improve or truly better (and perhaps avoid) the circumstances.Psychology2, 486:- usually to the astral realm and seldom to the truly spiritual world of souls. The mind nature isPsychology2, 492:he achieves and interprets this knowledge in a truly right way, he is perforce simply achievingPsychology2, 570:room or with the average audience. The medium is truly and accurately relating just what he seesPsychology2, 573:is developed and the man can be sure that he is truly called to cooperate and convinced of thePsychology2, 583:psychic phenomena. What he sees and relates is truly and sincerely what he has noted but there isPsychology2, 587:and this for two reasons; first, he does not truly desire the loss of the power which the use ofPsychology2, 617:not theirs; they know not the problems as they truly exist and criticism is, therefore, easy. ItPsychology2, 638:layer of the proletariat. They are therefore truly representative. They are closely interrelated,Psychology2, 657:educational systems. We have secondly, the truly self-conscious thinkers or individuals who havePsychology2, 682:are found to be colored with aims that are truly spiritual and harmonizing, when they are truePsychology2, 691:Do you really believe that on that day there can truly come a release of spiritual energy ofPsychology2, 702:they could be enabled to respond more easily and truly to the impact of ideas. This also wasPsychology2, 720:When we say masses, we refer to all who do not truly think, but who believe and who accept on thePsychology2, 728:energy of good will, which, as has been well and truly remarked, is the active principle of peace.Rays, 25:you that only the initiate consciousness will truly comprehend their significance, but [26] alsoRays, 35:will come the evocation of the will. It is only truly invocative when personality and soul areRays, 37:initiations. The only way their significance can truly appear is by grasping the followingRays, 105:the disciples who read these words will fail truly to comprehend. Only those who have taken theRays, 106:is, however, a soul concept, and is only truly known to the soul. Therefore, after the fourthRays, 107:and superseded by intelligent love (only truly possible after the mind has been developed), and heRays, 121:schools and will communicate nothing of a truly esoteric nature. They will but attract toRays, 122:Dweller in the form will follow next. Then the truly esoteric phase of the educational process willRays, 153:then on his problem is to know himself as he truly is, to direct energy to the needed centers whichRays, 172:possible for him even to think about it in any truly constructive manner. The complete fusion ofRays, 197:candidate. This truth is recognized, though not truly interpreted, by the Masonic Fraternity. InRays, 209:is possible only to the disciple who knows truly how to love, and to him who sees life and itsRays, 227:stages of work described in Rules X and XI will truly comprehend my meaning. I would warn you againRays, 229:to comprehend and will only be understood as it truly is at the close of the Aquarian Age. TheRays, 249:even whilst radiantly clear to those who truly know. Again, I would remind you that I write thisRays, 327:moment in time and space when the initiate sees truly and for the first time the door which opensRays, 329:are the great revealers, and if the student truly seeks to understand and profit by what I amRays, 368:Kumara, the Ancient of Days, Whose Ashram it truly is. The Christ (I am using one of His officialRays, 373:that the Master Morya is the Head of all truly esoteric schools. In the esoteric enterprise and inRays, 380:Morya is the Head of all esoteric schools which truly prepare an aspirant for ashramic contact andRays, 410:as contradictions or differences. This is not truly so, but the casual reader may feel them to beRays, 434:until "the mind that is in Christ" becomes truly the mind of the initiate, with all that thoseRays, 434:consider, sequentially developed and in their truly esoteric sense. You have here a wide andRays, 436:of limitation) intelligently to interpret and truly register what the perceiving consciousness hasRays, 440:the simplicity of the planetary constitution is truly grasped and the analytic disputations of theRays, 473:which always comes when any abstract truth is truly appreciated and assimilated. But the time hasRays, 492:[492] Therefore, before the bridge can be truly built and "projected on the upward way, providingRays, 492:it into wisdom, when his objective is to live truly and in reality, and when the will-to-good isRays, 497:and Spiritual Triad. Only when this has been truly [498] accomplished is there the complete releaseRays, 536:even for initiates of the fifth initiation, truly to comprehend what is the nature and purpose ofRays, 537:controlled), then he is faced with becoming a truly mental being, with the focus of his life uponRays, 562:made; the power to include and to love in the truly esoteric sense automatically produces changesRays, 566:of the energy of free will and is something only truly possible through self-direction; this can beRays, 572:by the creation of that which will more truly express the Real; ugliness and materiality will giveRays, 574:magic, and to demonstrate the first stage of a truly creative life. As far as the individualRays, 609:final cycle of unfoldment to which I can give no truly appropriate name, but which climaxes in theRays, 610:reactions; it will be some time before the war truly is brought to a finish. There could, however,Rays, 622:an intensive period of planned education, of a truly free press and radio - both free to speak theRays, 638:and a broad point of view; let them think truly, evading no issues, but preserving always a calm,Rays, 645:of the planetary Logos is (for the first time) truly grasped. From that height also, the mystery ofRays, 662:reality a crisis, a climaxing event, and is only truly brought about when the disciple has learntRays, 667:maturity. They should assume that all those who truly love their fellowmen, who are interested inRays, 680:original intention. The rulers of Russia are not truly working for the good of the people, any moreRays, 738:The bringing in of that kingdom is all that truly concerns humanity today, and all living processesRays, 744:freedom (however little of that freedom is yet truly attained) is - because of that freedom factorRays, 745:democracies have much to learn. Men are not truly free, even in democratic countries; the Negroes,Rays, 749:The prevalent spirit of expectancy and of a truly divine discontent are the guarantees that thisRays, 750:of world goodwill. This worldwide goodwill, when truly established and correctly organized, is theReappearance, 63:have their own name for Him and follow Him as truly and faithfully as their Western brethren. LetReappearance, 95:establishing of that which has never yet before truly existed - right human relations. Thus fromReappearance, 96:Buddha until this fusion and reconstruction have truly taken place. The Buddha is closely alliedReappearance, 103:date that it is not possible to say when He truly lived; even His name is a modernized one, givenReappearance, 137:for spiritual release and truth, and that the truly religious spirit is more fundamentally aliveReappearance, 178:particularly the esoteric groups, do not? Why do truly spiritual workers seem unable to materializeReappearance, 180:men of goodwill, of spiritual instinct, and of truly Christian training must do it. They mustReappearance, 186:human relations, all who practice goodwill and truly endeavor to love their fellowmen are anReappearance, 187:glimmer of understanding as to what the call truly signifies are responding, and asking for theSoul, 15:his view, then, he is experiencing directly and truly much of that dynamical context, the
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