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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRUST

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Astrology, 371:without understanding but conformity, in perfect trust and with the inner assurance that the willAstrology, 547:and their relation to our planet at this time, I trust I have made clear nd practical somethingAtom, 27:planet, in the human family, and in the atom. I trust that we can prove that there is anAutobiography, 18:she could not understand but she certainly could trust me because she knew that I had a deep loveAutobiography, 101:little money I had was legally arranged in a trust that Walter Evans could not touch, had he wantedAutobiography, 187:mutually understood limits - a freedom based on trust - is essential. The three girls started inAutobiography, 202:problem. What it will be I do not know, but I trust in the inherent soundness of humanity and theAutobiography, 203:given a clear picture, as a general rule we can trust our young people but, candidly, I do notAutobiography, 203:trust our young people but, candidly, I do not trust the parents largely because they are full ofAutobiography, 203:largely because they are full of fear and do not trust their children. All this is in the nature ofAutobiography, 203:and like both groups. I respect, like and trust the younger generation. About this time we movedAutobiography, 206:feel nervous on the platform. I like people and trust them and an audience is simply a nice person.Autobiography, 213:headquarters of the Arcane School, of the Lucis Trust, of the Goodwill Work and of the LucisDiscipleship1, 79:can I do in such a situation, my brothers? I can trust your devotion to humanity, your willingnessDiscipleship1, 125:and vehicles of each of the group members, and I trust that a careful analysis of what I said hasDiscipleship1, 210:you to proceed as indicated and, my brother, to trust me, your teacher and friend. NOTE: ThisDiscipleship1, 264:they are taught by being put into a position of trust in relation to their fellowmen. Your work is,Discipleship1, 350:to take a prominent part. This group work I trust we can begin soon if the group continues with itsDiscipleship1, 366:principles of group work are concerned. I can trust you to give what is needed. Secondly, you haveDiscipleship1, 367:you take this as an evidence of my faith and trust in you and also as evidence of the needlessDiscipleship1, 371:that much time must elapse before we can fully trust you with our confidence; integration, wisdomDiscipleship1, 372:ago: "Then recollection came and active work." I trust that soon that will be the statement which IDiscipleship1, 434:them; recognize them and help them. This I can trust you to do. I have given some thought toDiscipleship1, 478:as you do at the time of each full moon. I can trust you not to call me from my work without dueDiscipleship1, 479:OLD: For such you are and have been and such I trust you will remain. I say this for yourDiscipleship1, 503:1940 MY BROTHER: You are in a position of trust and - if you so choose - your responsibilities canDiscipleship1, 504:of pride is disappearing. I have confidence and trust in you, my brother. NOTE: This discipleDiscipleship1, 504:This disciple continues in the same position of trust and is cooperating diligently with the workDiscipleship1, 506:in this [506] incarnation, the path of life. Trust their souls. Make and keep contact with them,Discipleship1, 523:upon its mission because you have learned to trust the souls of those with whom your lot is cast...Discipleship1, 595:and it is also mine for you. I understand and trust you, disciple of mine. I have little time, inDiscipleship1, 698:a potent destructive force. He must be able to trust himself before his Ashram can run on rightDiscipleship1, 725:established in a group of disciples is love and trust, for without that there can be no trueDiscipleship1, 725:no true transference of thought. Where love and trust do not exist, they must be definitely andDiscipleship2, 4:and there must be established between us a trust which will be based - not on secrecy andDiscipleship2, 270:in order that everything may be held in trust and used for the good of all; the will-to-good thenDiscipleship2, 455:into my Ashram; you have my confidence and trust; the love of your brothers in the outer group ofDiscipleship2, 524:to others. Have confidence in my belief and trust in you, and let the remaining years of your lifeDiscipleship2, 551:Master - and this because you know me better and trust me more. Let me give you a visualizationDiscipleship2, 563:last year upon the theme of the Ashram. I trust you have followed it with care. The objective ofDiscipleship2, 599:my response to your question. She replied: "You trust in his understanding, self-discipline andDiscipleship2, 655:concerned at the plight of those you love. Trust their own souls and know that they, alone, mustDiscipleship2, 683:in you, I would not merit your confidence and trust and in the long run I would not thus hold yourDiscipleship2, 708:which she is faced. You have also my belief and trust, my confidence that you will carry on -Discipleship2, 722:can be located and found to be at peace." I trust you understand, and I would have you ponder onDiscipleship2, 763:and sounds out no call to pride. Few too dare trust themselves to see their fellowmen as theyExternalisation, 193:to develop international goodwill and can trust each other, and are not therefore dependent uponExternalisation, 279:power and opportunity and will never betray that trust. It will bring all things into line withExternalisation, 329:the Evolutionary Process 1. Learn to know and trust each other, leaving each other free to work andExternalisation, 332:those, finally, who remain and who are worthy of trust. Why does this system work? Because by itsExternalisation, 428:and it will be long before it will be safe to trust this nation. The Italian nation presents noExternalisation, 445:shed His light upon your way and evoke your trust, your understanding and your help in His task -Externalisation, 624:perforce give; they have also to provide the trust, foundation and organization through which theExternalisation, 646:are purely selfish; some regard their money as a trust to be used for others and are amazinglyFire, 978:disciples, and when this is coupled with a full trust, sympathy and united effort for the plan weFire, 978:and earnest but do not know the meaning of trust in, and cooperation with each other and who guardGlamour, 128:to say into four parts, dealing briefly, but I trust helpfully, with each: The contrast betweenHealing, 242:What I say will have to be taken on trust and is dependent upon what I believe is recognized as myHealing, 360:spiritual energy to ensure a cure. [360] I trust you will find these answers suggestive. PonderHealing, 554:have to work primarily as soul with soul, and trust that the rapport between the patient's soul andHercules, 193:leaving people free, cultivate the capacity of trust. Cut out distrust of all with whom youIntellect, 259:relation between a man and a woman, upon mutual trust, cooperation and understanding, and in whichMagic, 14:statements and has in it the element of trust in the writers and speakers, and in the trainedMagic, 65:students in physical bodies. But confidence and trust will set up the right vibration which willMagic, 176:(I refer not to astral psychics), can use only trust and discrimination until they are furtherMagic, 633:the Aquarian message, but who - as yet - cannot trust themselves to employ the real AquarianPatanjali, 228:science of the soul which the East has held in trust for so long): "The chitta has, by its ownProblems, 9:and this should be based not only upon mutual trust but also upon correct world objectives and trueProblems, 49:they need and the backing of those whom they can trust. Too much must not be demanded at first, forProblems, 121:human relations and a new spirit of confidence, trust and understanding will be found in mankind.Problems, 174:of the world's riches and hold them in trust for their fellowmen. The time will [175] inevitablyPsychology1, 201:leader in any and every public career, one to trust and lean on, one to defend the weak and putPsychology1, 334:to recognize the potency of this ray force, and trust to the Law to make all things good. [335] Psychology2, 402:conditions indicate their own cause and cure. I trust that by the time we have studied the problemPsychology2, 656:intelligent public. They constitute the "brain trust" of the planet, for they are definitelyRays, 138:are not verifiable; they have to be accepted on trust and with the reservation that time and theReappearance, 11:our flesh and spirit of our spirit," we know and trust Them and They mean more to us than otherReappearance, 172:perforce give. They have also to provide the trust, foundation or organization through which the
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