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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRUSTED

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Meditation, 177:mastery over himself, and can consequently be trusted with the mastery of other forms of life,Meditation, 225:and accepted chelas, whose discrimination can be trusted, can attain the necessary knowledge withMeditation, 267:so much ease. Then the time comes when he can be trusted to hold the contact fairly stable. HeMeditation, 312:in the more advanced school he can thus be trusted to make other contacts than the human. In bothMeditation, 345:no anxiety from physical causes, and may be trusted so to guard and husband his physical strengthPatanjali, 197:nothing for the separated self" he can then be trusted with the riches of the universe; when heProblems, 82:an international group of men of goodwill - trusted and chosen by the people - should safeguardProblems, 115:of goodwill everywhere: Can the Great Powers be trusted to function selflessly in the interests ofPsychology1, 117:This will happen because you can be trusted to communicate only that which is impersonal and trulyPsychology2, 227:understanding of the Laws of Nature, and can be trusted to do so, for the soul drives all things onPsychology2, 352:eventually comes when the first ray man can be trusted to be God's Destroying Angel - the Angel whoPsychology2, 354:those who work with civilizations and who can be trusted to act as agents of destruction under thePsychology2, 373:and his fellow men. Then and only then can he be trusted to work with the Plan. The alignmentRays, 60:gives place to enlightened will. He can now be trusted to walk and work alone because he isRays, 154:of divinity are his to use, once he can be trusted, as the advanced initiate can ever be trusted.Rays, 154:be trusted, as the advanced initiate can ever be trusted. He is then set free for completeRays, 189:with which they were affiliated, they could be trusted to live among men as men and to bring theirRays, 189:hundred years ago, only a few could be so trusted. Today (1944) there are many in every land,Rays, 331:will be grasped, for only then can humanity be trusted with these secrets. They concern thoseRays, 546:the final stage wherein the disciple can be trusted to be the initiatory agent of impression and ofRays, 623:found in any country in the world - they can be trusted to swing the tide into a great harmonizingRays, 761:and sees the world as in a mirror can be safely trusted with the inner sense. Only he who knows theReappearance, 11:than other divine Emergencies. They are known, trusted and loved by countless millions. The nucleusTelepathy, 19:to the service of humanity. They can then be trusted." (Discipleship in the New Age I, Page 87) Telepathy, 87:beings or over groups, the disciple cannot be trusted, under the hierarchical rules, with theTelepathy, 89:"the keys to the Kingdom of God"; he can then be trusted with some of the directive potency of the
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