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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRUTH

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Invocation:all men, innately and normally, accept - the truth of the existence of a basic Intelligence to WhomInvocation:to Whom we vaguely give the name of God; the truth that behind all outer seeming, the motivatingInvocation:motivating power of the universe is Love; the truth that a great Individuality came to earth,Invocation:that love so that we could understand; the truth that both love and intelligence are effects ofInvocation:the Will of God; and finally the self-evident truth that only through humanity itself can theStatement:and useful. It is for you to ascertain their truth by right practice and by the exercise of theStatement:the work of one of the Masters. If they present truth in such a way that it follows sequentiallyAstrology, 4:human mind, our planet was decentralized and the truth was more clearly seen, though much remainsAstrology, 5:must be restored to its original beauty and truth before the world can gain a truer perspective andAstrology, 5:is essentially the purest presentation of occult truth in the world at this time, because it is theAstrology, 8:a vague picture of a great underlying esoteric truth will emerge into your consciousness. It is theAstrology, 9:of astrology to make due application of the truth to the specific. It is definitely in thisAstrology, 9:the specific. This position and presentation of truth must be altered. In esoteric astrology weAstrology, 10:faint comprehension of the basic and underlying truth. Students should never forget the Law ofAstrology, 24:is the teaching of both esoteric and exoteric truth. The quality of the Logos of our planet as itAstrology, 54:upon this, for it embodies a deep esoteric truth. Astrology, 58:The present method is based upon the temporary truth that ordinary man is subject to the illusoryAstrology, 62:in material fact and yet is eternally based on truth. The zodiac is, as you well know, theAstrology, 63:the Sun is "in Aries" it conveys an esoteric truth but not an exoteric fact. The Sun was in AriesAstrology, 77:embodies a basic and important statement of truth. [78] Astrology, 78:ground, in order that the man may live in truth in the higher land of light." The Sun (standingAstrology, 106:and Venus to the three decanates. He touched the truth of the inner subjective reversal upon theAstrology, 112:[112] compare the symbolism and the underlying truth connected with the lesser and the greaterAstrology, 114:for you are in no position to know them as truth for yourselves. Exoteric astrology has said and itAstrology, 114:Pisces. This affinity has only stated a partial truth and is only temporarily true from theAstrology, 133:immediately from the one who "blinds the soul to truth, holding it in durance vile." These wordsAstrology, 133:your feeling of doubt and questioning as to the truth and the verifiability of the statements made.Astrology, 137:which holds all together subjectively and in truth, whilst in Pisces the energy of relationshipAstrology, 137:constitute essentially one expression of truth. Astrology, 146:that all the outer indications do not indicate truth but only point the way to the subjectiveAstrology, 170:India is ruled by Capricorn and India knows this truth. Though India has permitted the physical actAstrology, 170:man born in Capricorn can kneel in spirit and in truth, he is then ready for the initiatory processAstrology, 173:spiritual ambition. The man can then say with truth "Lost am I in light supernal, [174] yet on thatAstrology, 192:This fact in itself indicates a significant truth. The soul remains eternally present - in theAstrology, 193:Cross of the heavens. We could express this truth in another manner: God the Father, the Will toAstrology, 213:One of the reasons for this travesty of the truth has been that St. Paul, that great initiate,Astrology, 215:message and he misinterpreted because the truth - like all truths as they reach humanity - had toAstrology, 221:me to enlarge upon this fourfold theme and the truth of its implied teaching, for it is obvious andAstrology, 223:must be blended and related and it is this truth connected with these two signs of the zodiac whichAstrology, 226:and the Moon as the three rulers. Perhaps the truth lies in both conclusions, if we view them fromAstrology, 226:on one); I cannot indicate to you the essential truth because a new planet is arising in this signAstrology, 251:Mercury. In this case, as in some others, the truth lies between the two or in a combination ofAstrology, 252:the hidden soul. The keynote which embodies the truth as to the mission of Virgo most accurately isAstrology, 254:of the original sin of man is hidden in this truth, for a wrong orientation took place at one stageAstrology, 255:fact in this system are to be found, and this truth is preserved for us in the words that "the HolyAstrology, 257:understand them. From the standpoint of esoteric truth, they are simply embodied Lives and theAstrology, 262:order and with the old ideas and approaches to truth. They signify far more than has hitherto beenAstrology, 284:then he is on the path of discipleship in truth and in deed and not just theoretically. When VenusAstrology, 290:dealt with in her masterpiece of esoteric truth are here revealed as cosmic, solar and planetaryAstrology, 311:and Mars. Alan Leo is, however, nearer the truth when he gives us the Sun, Jupiter and Mars.Astrology, 313:does that truly convey to you an intelligible truth? In Cancer, God breathed into man's nostrilsAstrology, 313:factor by ancient humanity. I state a basic truth - vaguely acknowledged by you - that in Aries theAstrology, 317:inclined people (none of them based on any truth), the real truth and the real beauty of the themeAstrology, 317:(none of them based on any truth), the real truth and the real beauty of the theme have been lostAstrology, 325:of the Plan is needed before the real truth anent reincarnation can emerge with clarity in theAstrology, 326:It will be found that rebirth is, in truth, a magical and magnetic interplay between the form sideAstrology, 343:in the illusion and know not what is reality and truth. Others walk free in the world of illusionAstrology, 348:statement is both an exoteric and an esoteric truth. This underlying love of Deity reaches ourAstrology, 384:minds, even if we have only a glimmer of occult truth, that which is mental, that which concernsAstrology, 385:becomes light. Sex is then seen to be in truth only the relation of the lower nature to the higherAstrology, 385:the levels of soul awareness. It is this great truth which lies beyond the sordid story of sexAstrology, 390:in your effort to understand and to grasp the truth which lies beyond your reason (even whenAstrology, 425:present and active. Therefore, all approaches to truth and to knowledge must, in this cycle, be inAstrology, 429:of equal importance to their own. There is, in truth, a veritable multiplicity of triangles. ForAstrology, 478:awaken in your minds a reaction to the abstract truth lying behind the two following statements:Astrology, 478:in fact, can the man apprehend the underlying truth whose two head centers and his heart centerAstrology, 514:astrological deduction and the guarantee of the truth of what I tell you. Astrology, 546:myths in an effort to still the demand for truth and the carefully planned attack upon the ChristAstrology, 547:and sensitive to the emerging new concepts of truth - will create the needed new forms ofAstrology, 565:me briefly complete the demonstration of this truth - the truth that in the initiate of the higherAstrology, 565:complete the demonstration of this truth - the truth that in the initiate of the higher degrees,Astrology, 571:abroad. The ACTIVE AID of all who know the truth is also here. Come forth, O Mighty One, and blendAstrology, 682:to do more than convey a few hints as to the truth. The fact is one of the most mysterious in theAstrology, 682:this world cycle. It is not easy to convey the truth and words but seem to veil and cloak. PerhapsAstrology, 688:while Mars demonstrates kundalini latent. The truth lies hid in their two astrological symbols. InAtom, 13:calculation much that is known and realized as truth by the average man, even though he may beAtom, 15:the realistic school, it embodies only a partial truth, and needs to be complemented. Atom, 15:a suggestion) just as much of the evolutionary truth [16] as it is possible for the human mind toAtom, 16:up briefly and cursorily first one aspect of the truth and then another. All we can possiblyAtom, 16:remember in connection with every statement of truth that each is made from a particular point ofAtom, 16:for us fully to answer the question, What is the truth? nor to express any aspect of that truth inAtom, 16:is the truth? nor to express any aspect of that truth in a perfectly unbiased way. Some people haveAtom, 17:philosophy we may get a working knowledge of the truth as it is, remembering at the same time thatAtom, 17:as it is, remembering at the same time that "truth lies within ourselves." No one man's expressionAtom, 17:ourselves." No one man's expression of the truth is the whole expression, and the sole purpose ofAtom, 35:ascertain for himself what appeals to him as truth, and endeavor then to synthesize [36] thatAtom, 36:[36] that particular aspect of universal truth with that aspect which has been accepted by hisAtom, 50:will add its quota to the understanding of the truth. The use of the imagination will frequentlyAtom, 78:may have within it the germ of a possible [78] truth, and which seems to some of us the clearestAtom, 79:atom, and found that scientists recognize the truth that atoms themselves possess quality, showAtom, 80:our hypothesis, and if there is a substratum of truth in our idea of the atom from which theAtom, 85:but in three. In man, therefore, in deed and in truth, you have what the Christian would term theAtom, 86:allegorical interpretation. What is the occult truth underlying this curious story? Simply that theAtom, 86:underlying this curious story? Simply that the truth about the fall of the spirit into matter isAtom, 112:are found. All of them embody some aspect of the truth, and may be doing much good, but they mayAtom, 135:the man to make decisions, and to understand the truth, apart from [136] the reasoning facultyAtom, 136:the man to speak, to write, and to pass on the truth without the use of the lower mind. Truth liesAtom, 136:on the truth without the use of the lower mind. Truth lies within ourselves. When we can contactAtom, 136:When we can contact our own inner God all truth will be revealed to us. We shall be Knowers. ButAtom, 152:may be defined as something which holds a great truth hidden until we are ready to understand it),
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