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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRUTH

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Atom, 153:in fact, and that there is probably an aspect of truth in the assertion. I would personally suggestAtom, 153:personally suggest here that that aspect of truth will be found, not along physical lines ofAtom, 153:relationship with other solar systems. Here the truth may perhaps be found. The life subjective mayAtom, 155:of the East have held secreted for many ages the truth about much which is only now beginning toAtom, 155:after all, there may be an equal amount of truth in their teaching about the constellations.Atom, 156:stars of the Great Bear. Now what is perhaps the truth back of that legend? If the Pleiades are theAtom, 157:quality, or force, we are liable to stumble upon truth, and find out some of the reality which mayAtom, 158:for down the ages, and emphasized as the entire truth, were after all but fragments of a plan, andAutobiography, 18:I would never renounce Him. That was the exact truth. She was beautiful, lovely and good. HerAutobiography, 50:particular brand of knowledge or formulation of truth (for we all must have that for ourselves) butAutobiography, 50:by leading churchmen, were summations of divine truth. I knew exactly what God wanted and (becauseAutobiography, 57:it differently I'll tell you." I never present truth (as I see it) in such a way that it isAutobiography, 85:said, "Now, Miss, just so long as you speak the truth we will sit and listen to anything you haveAutobiography, 94:that it was not always necessary to state the truth boldly. Silence could sometimes be helpful. IAutobiography, 131:not like me and she certainly did not like the truth. This work in the factory went on for severalAutobiography, 138:disapproved of my presentation of theosophical truth. Few of them, if any, who have thusAutobiography, 140:I found that the esoteric presentation of truth in no way belittled Christ. He was, indeed, the SonAutobiography, 140:might have had a more general recognition of the truth. I say this in no critical spirit, because IAutobiography, 141:I had held without any speculation as to its truth. This posits an inscrutable God Who sends humanAutobiography, 142:was wrong was man-made interpretations of the truth and it dawned on me how silly it was justAutobiography, 142:and with widely different problems. If God's truth is truth then it will be expansive andAutobiography, 142:widely different problems. If God's truth is truth then it will be expansive and inclusive, and notAutobiography, 156:also instrumental in introducing me to occult truth and to Krotona. Foster's recollection of thatAutobiography, 157:principles were constantly being outraged. The truth of the matter was that the management of theAutobiography, 157:whereas the new approach to life and truth, freedom of interpretation and impersonality were theAutobiography, 176:we undertook. It is an outstanding case of the truth of the proverb that "Ignorance is bliss."Autobiography, 178:are interested in is the [178] teaching and the truth. This is wholesome and right. I wish theseAutobiography, 178:of their activities. They do not touch the truth; they do not change the loyalties of those whoAutobiography, 178:is work to be done in the world today; there is truth to be recognized and proclaimed and there isAutobiography, 184:a normal and sensible interpretation of occult truth than are the members of the average occultAutobiography, 188:who believed in progress and the universality of truth. It was a fight between an exclusive factionAutobiography, 192:the race and the intelligent interpreter of the truth but by no one else. I have given out theAutobiography, 212:no secrets. There is only the presentation of truth and its [213] understanding. There has been aAutobiography, 214:significance have a basic appreciation of the truth that no other book seems to supply. H.P.B. saidAutobiography, 218:to them on the modern spiritual approach to truth and to talk to little groups of students. ThisAutobiography, 229:Ageless Wisdom and some presentation of esoteric truth. The first indications of a rising spiritualAutobiography, 245:books which - under the sequential giving out of truth - were due to appear. She refusedAutobiography, 245:never would be and that (above all) the test of truth was the truth itself. I told her that if sheAutobiography, 245:and that (above all) the test of truth was the truth itself. I told her that if she would write forAutobiography, 245:would prove to her whether it contained truth, whether it evoked intuitive understanding andAutobiography, 245:of work and of the many occult presentations of truth which were prevalent. She only stipulatedAutobiography, 249:nothing. It is the teaching that counts - its truth and its intuitive appeal. This should beAutobiography, 249:to make their own adjustments, to interpret the truth as best they could, to present to them theAutobiography, 249:if they lacked the perception to recognize the truth for what it was. A.A.B. started such a schoolAutobiography, 250:to accept any interpretation or presentation of truth. A member of the school can accept or rejectAutobiography, 253:the new ways of life and the new approaches to truth. All this time I have stood behind the scenes.Autobiography, 253:my responsibility and carry the authority of truth - if truth is there - and not the authority ofAutobiography, 253:and carry the authority of truth - if truth is there - and not the authority of my name or of anyAutobiography, 255:There is nothing static in the evolution of truth. It has long been my intention to do all that wasAutobiography, 257:radiant influence which will attract people to truth and goodness but not to the individual - be heAutobiography, 268:The only authority recognized is that of truth itself, intuitively perceived and then subjected toAutobiography, 269:except that of a life lived as dose to the truth as possible, plus the measure of truth which heAutobiography, 269:to the truth as possible, plus the measure of truth which he can present to his group. TheAutobiography, 273:and loyalty to that leader's interpretation of truth. They do useful work among the masses,Autobiography, 273:academic and theological in his presentation of truth but not often personally authoritative. HisAutobiography, 274:new and more suitable methods of teaching occult truth. The Arcane School is a part of this latterAutobiography, 275:and arrive at soul contact and knowledge. The truth has also been veiled and hidden by a vast bodyAutobiography, 275:as a spiritual being. This secondary approach to truth has done much harm to the cause of realAutobiography, 280:your approach to that kingdom and to the truth, and which will help you to recognize the sureAutobiography, 281:terminologies and the presentations of the One Truth should change with the changing times, thusAutobiography, 281:however, must never be at the expense of truth or lead to a distortion of the esoteric teaching;Autobiography, 282:and the esoteric groups. This is a basic truth and necessity, but a keen, alert and trained mind isAutobiography, 287:is expected to accept this, that or the other truth; and if they reject what some of us believe andAutobiography, 287:hypotheses. This attitude or approach to truth we ask the student to hold because we feel that heAutobiography, 287:factual nature of the Spiritual Hierarchy; this truth is approached in our presentation from theAutobiography, 287:directed towards Those Who bring inspiration and truth to humanity, and this is referred to in theAutobiography, 288:a major argument for the factual nature of the truth involved. The widespread acceptance of anyAutobiography, 288:truth involved. The widespread acceptance of any truth down the ages and in every civilization andAutobiography, 289:Teaches that the "Souls of Men are One" This truth grows normally out of any consideration of theAutobiography, 290:in the power and application of this fundamental truth. The attitude which the Arcane SchoolAutobiography, 291:exploiting. Our students are taught the truth (as given by Christ) that "by their fruits ye shallAutobiography, 293:basically wrong with our interpretation of truth; if the goal of the spiritual effort is toAutobiography, 293:this daily application of spiritual and esoteric truth which makes the work of the SchoolAutobiography, 294:no official, theological, dogmatic imposition of truth. What are the essential doctrines from theAutobiography, 295:and that through human beings, who are in truth the sons of God (if the words of Christ and all theAutobiography, 296:or growing out of the more fundamental body of truth. They are more frankly controversial but areBethlehemthe Jesus of Theology, remains 'the way, the truth, and the life'; and I am convinced thatBethlehem, ix:through my thorny crown And through my cross. Truth was my sword and pain the accolade Which IBethlehem, 5:have existed since time immemorial. It is the truth which Christ revealed; but He did more thanBethlehem, 7:the Virgin Birth of the Christ, and forget the truth which the Incarnation is intended to teach.Bethlehem, 7:and that it is a stepping-stone to the next truth. A myth is a valid and proven truth whichBethlehem, 7:to the next truth. A myth is a valid and proven truth which bridges, step by step, the gap betweenBethlehem, 7:past gained knowledge, the present formulated truth, and the infinite and divine possibilities ofBethlehem, 7:response to the need of man, down the ages. The truth of one age becomes the myth of the next, butBethlehem, 8:way along the path of return. There is life and truth and vitality in the Gospel story yet to beBethlehem, 8:reality - an essential, dramatic and practical truth. Our attention has been engrossed by theBethlehem, 8:something entirely new." - The Recovery of Truth, by Hermann Keyserling, pp. 91-92. [9] The onlyBethlehem, 9:their expression we can demonstrate their truth to others. This is the theme of this book, dealingBethlehem, 9:of Jesus Christ, and which remains eternally truth, in the cosmic sense, in the historical sense,Bethlehem, 11:these dramatic experiences, in deed and in truth, but had left us with, the definite command thatBethlehem, 13:of finding a platform of such universality and truth that upon it all men may unite, and on whichBethlehem, 13:more definitely to the past, anchoring us in the truth that was; it will indicate to us ourBethlehem, 15:right concentration. He provided a structure of truth, of dogma and of doctrine which has enabledBethlehem, 15:as an individual, is of value. This was a truth which the general Eastern doctrine of rebirth hadBethlehem, 18:but He also provided that presentation of truth which could bridge the gap between Eastern beliefBethlehem, 20:a limited matter. What the new formulation of truth will be, who can say? But the light is slowlyBethlehem, 25:the world today which carries illumination and truth to men. The initiates of the world are to beBethlehem, 35:(Pavel Florensky, quoted in The Recovery of Truth, by Hermann Keyserling, p. 80.) Only by followingBethlehem, 35:led them to the recognition of the paralleling truth of God transcendent. God in the individual,Bethlehem, 39:Christ meant when He said, "I am the way, the truth and the life." (St. John, XIV, 6.) He knew that
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