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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRUTH

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Bethlehem, 42:sees Him face to face. Browning expresses this truth in the great poem Saul when he says: "Oh,Bethlehem, 49:and the new age will not only recognize the truth of the past revelations and testify to theirBethlehem, 49:in man, and of each human being manifesting, in truth, as a son of God. In a consideration of theBethlehem, 57:man, blended in the Christ, and so presented the truth that each human being can also have faith toBethlehem, 57:vital, dramatic, mystically pictured yet living truth, when grasped by the mind and understood byBethlehem, 57:unto the perfect day." (Prov., IV, 18.) This truth is still a living truth and enriches and colorsBethlehem, 57:(Prov., IV, 18.) This truth is still a living truth and enriches and colors all our faith. In thisBethlehem, 57:indicate to us the constant re-enactment of a truth, so that from its dramatic quality and itsBethlehem, 58:[58] Krishna in ancient India proclaimed this truth in the majestic words: "Whenever there is aBethlehem, 58:perceives My birth and work as divine, as in truth it is... he goes to Me, Arjuna." - The BhagavadBethlehem, 61:of the Sun) to St. Thomas, who doubted the truth of the Resurrection!" - Pagan and ChristianBethlehem, 61:of comparative religion can investigate the truth of these statements, and at the end will standBethlehem, 64:the picture book of the heavens holds eternal truth for those who have eyes to see and theBethlehem, 73:a threefold person in his human nature, and this truth is endorsed by the psychologists throughBethlehem, 80:draw to Himself those who have the vision to see truth as it is and to hear the Gospel message inBethlehem, 82:the indwelling Christ, the soul. How can this truth of the soul and the new birth be experienced,Bethlehem, 83:Child is born at the first initiation. This truth Dr. Inge touches upon in these words: "Macarius,Bethlehem, 83:the human heart never became quite the central truth of theology till the time of the mediaevalBethlehem, 91:into being some great and dynamic idea based on truth. He formulates it into such terms that hisBethlehem, 91:and thus history is made. It might be said with truth that without ideas there would be no history.Bethlehem, 93:of the human consciousness proves that truth has been given out progressively, and that theBethlehem, 93:John, XIV, 12.) Either these words express a truth, or the whole structure of our belief falls toBethlehem, 96:that divine energy which enabled Him to say in truth, "I, if I be lifted up from the Earth, willBethlehem, 98:study of this symbolic rendering of a basic truth would greatly profit the seeker in all countries,Bethlehem, 104:of God Himself. St. Paul perhaps touched this truth when he spoke of Christ as the "Eldest in aBethlehem, 106:equal in their knowledge." (The Recovery of Truth, by Hermann Keyserling, p. 216.) This is a pointBethlehem, 112:not be treated as pure poetry without any solid truth behind them, a mere play of the imagination!Bethlehem, 113:tell them and by their audience as unquestioned truth. The psychology of the primitive compels himBethlehem, 113:self and the not-self, the real and the unreal, truth and falsehood, right and wrong, pleasure andBethlehem, 116:detail assumes less importance, and the general truth of his sonship begins slowly to concern him.Bethlehem, 117:to me that we have erred in interpreting all truth from the angle of the mediocre. That is what hasBethlehem, 117:of the mediocre. That is what has been done. Truth is capable of interpretation in many ways. ThoseBethlehem, 117:to the "little ones" of the race is great. Truth must also be given in a wider form, and with aBethlehem, 117:behind the outer appearance of theology. Truth, for the perfected sons of God, must be somethingBethlehem, 117:Word, and that that Word was the expression of truth. It is the Word of the soul (which is theBethlehem, 124:affirmation of such power (because it stated a truth) that the devil temporarily could not reachBethlehem, 136:analysis, may mean the most to the seeker after truth, are the birth into the kingdom, that augustBethlehem, 143:divinity, Charles Johnston points out that: "The truth would seem to be that, at a certain point inBethlehem, 146:thought in the following well-known phrases: "Truth is within ourselves; it takes no rise FromBethlehem, 146:There is an inmost center in us all Where truth abides in fullness; and around Wall upon wall, theBethlehem, 148:of divinity, the Holy Ghost aspect, and the truth of this can be realized if we study the ChristianBethlehem, 148:active, revealing the inner world of beauty and truth, there will come to the mystic a realizationBethlehem, 151:the Savior, and which enabled Him to say with truth "I am the Light of the world." Contact with GodBethlehem, 152:of possibility, and of intuitive perception of truth, to that illumination which is the prerogativeBethlehem, 158:has been intuited. Dr. Sheldon tells us with truth that "all of the finest human thought andBethlehem, 158:Plan, to be crucified. This is a forgotten truth. Yet it is all part of the evolutionary processBethlehem, 163:is the keynote of the new age, and upon this truth must the new presentation of religion be builtBethlehem, 164:knowledge to the test, discover its reality and truth, and find out also wherein lies for us ourBethlehem, 167:the wisdom and the beauty of His presentation of truth, He couched divinity in forms which theBethlehem, 167:the old and the new, and gave out that new truth and that special revelation which Were needed atBethlehem, 167:become organs for the others." - The Recovery of Truth, by Hermann Keyserling, p. 213. Christ gaveBethlehem, 168:If this is realized as fact and fundamental truth, it illumines all of life and lightens allBethlehem, 177:with the relation of the individual [177] to the truth or with his personal salvation in Christ.Bethlehem, 180:truths. That for which Christ stood, the truth which He embodies, is so old that there has neverBethlehem, 183:Crucifixion The early Fathers recognized this truth, and realized that the story written in theBethlehem, 186:resurrection. St. Paul sought to bring this truth home to us, though his words have been so oftenBethlehem, 187:to the requirements of a deeply sensed vital truth will no longer be needed. The world has outlivedBethlehem, 194:all the past world sacrifices. That mysterious truth which had been revealed only to the pledgedBethlehem, 197:still rages between this ancient belief and the truth of God's love which Christ expressed, andBethlehem, 199:and of his nation, and thus gives substance to a truth which is only today beginning to be a knownBethlehem, 199:is only today beginning to be a known fact - the truth of physical inheritance. Under the ChristianBethlehem, 207:We are told simply to do God's will and then truth will be revealed to us. There were times inBethlehem, 210:as one looks back upon that event, a certain truth begins to emerge, and this is that we haveBethlehem, 215:is the result of life. This is a hard truth for the Western believer to accept. He is so used toBethlehem, 226:without the sacrifice of itself." (Mirage and Truth, by M. B. D'Arcy, S. J., p. 179.) For us theBethlehem, 226:Christ to the modern world, and dare to see the truth, without any theological bias. Our personalBethlehem, 227:of God is so rare and real, points out this truth and its gradations of recognition in theBethlehem, 233:of reality and has a faculty of discovering the truth hidden by a form. The early Christians wereBethlehem, 235:and to reconcile human interpretations with the truth in the Gospels. We have taught the doctrineBethlehem, 235:to the general belief that God is love. Yet the truth is that Christ died and rose again because HeBethlehem, 239:and Ascension How then shall we recognize truth or reality when we meet it? How shall we know thatBethlehem, 241:of the verity of Christ's Resurrection and the truth of immortality are of far greater importanceBethlehem, 247:made for our endless persistence. A sense of truth and justice might lead us honestly to theBethlehem, 252:the light of universal spirit, from falsehood to truth, from the slavery of the world to theBethlehem, 270:and be born in Bethlehem. Then we shall know the truth about ourselves and God, shall know throughBethlehem, 270:" one can rightly understand the historic truth of such documents as the Gospels unless he hasBethlehem, 273:doctrines, its particular formulations of truth, its specialized method of government upon earthBethlehem, 283:'The way of life unto perfection I have, in truth and in deed, illuminated for them: but can theyDestiny, 4:a possible hypothesis and as not demonstrating a truth which can be proved. I am, therefore,Destiny, 16:some of you but your failure to recognize this truth and to respond to it does not affect theDestiny, 27:past but that there must always be the seed of truth. The Law of Cause and Effect holds goodDestiny, 29:the very force of organized numbers. This truth will emerge more clearly as we proceed with ourDestiny, 46:all that is best to the new presentation of truth so that the emerging culture will be properlyDestiny, 60:they may call the democratic ideal but it is in truth something which grows out of and eventuallyDestiny, 65:world and its sufferings are one; humanity is in truth a unity, but many are still unaware of thisDestiny, 94:realize it, of supreme importance. Some great truth lies veiled behind the tendency of all peoplesDestiny, 110:in the past and must base his new structure of truth upon the foundations and the stabilizedDestiny, 111:to specific nation, race or time, embodied some truth through the medium of some particular teacherDestiny, 112:ideal and upon the formless expression of living truth. Today, whole masses of people and entireDestiny, 116:changes in attitude and a closer approach to the truth will at once appear. This concept also liesDestiny, 119:created by man and embodying for him the truth as he sees it and understands it. A symbol is everDestiny, 147:of a true culture and the ascertaining of truth in all fields of thought and of research are ofDestiny, 150:the thirsty nations of the world - thirsty for truth, for right human relations and for lovingDiscipleship1demands a new approach, a wider presentation of truth and the permitting of a greater freedom ofDiscipleship1, XII:mind open and illumined by right orientation to truth and a life dedicated to service and to theDiscipleship1, XII:way is the WAY. Christ said "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life"; these aspirants, working underDiscipleship1, 5:opportunity and for the right enunciation of the truth but for no more than that. In these moreDiscipleship1, 11:may tell him - no matter how [11] apparent the truth or how much the person may protest that heDiscipleship1, 11:much the person may protest that he accepts that truth. Only those truths which are wrought outDiscipleship1, 14:we shall have the fostering of the spirit of Truth, which is the governing principle of all true
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