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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRUTH

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Magic, 6:but willing temporarily, in their search for truth, to try out the methods and follow theMagic, 7:of the second. Within themselves they know the truth of many of its statements and will realize theMagic, 7:to give blind adherence to any presentation of truth; he is asked, however, to have an open mindMagic, 8:are Monists. "God is One" is the utterance of truth. One life pervades all forms and those formsMagic, 14:process has enabled man to arrive at much truth in relation to the three worlds. The scientificMagic, 15:non-essentials and incorrect formulations of truth are ultimately eliminated or corrected, and theMagic, 15:some law of manifestation and some aspect of truth, known by the soul, emanating from the world ofMagic, 15:of the attention, and consequent receptivity to truth have always been with us, but hitherto haveMagic, 16:omniscience which characterizes the soul. The truth about all things exists, and we call itMagic, 16:and before so very long, light will pour in, truth will be revealed and the race will enter uponMagic, 22:That some day we may think and express the truth differently may indeed be so, but for the averageMagic, 23:Him must worship [23] Him in Spirit and in Truth," states one of the scriptures of the world. "ManMagic, 24:to think even more synthetically and to express truth to himself in terms of Spirit, Life, the One.Magic, 24:in evolution of the average man, his reaction to truth and the reaction of the disciple-student orMagic, 31:the issue, attempting the impossible and hiding truth behind a form of words. This cannot howeverMagic, 32:but being unwilling to acknowledge as proven truth anything until we know it for and in ourselves.Magic, 32:these instructions. To me they may be and are truth and proven fact and for me that may suffice.Magic, 32:and hints as to the direction in which truth may be sought, but beyond that you should not permitMagic, 32:two reasons: Language, as earlier said, hides truth and does not reveal it. If truth is recognized,Magic, 32:said, hides truth and does not reveal it. If truth is recognized, it is because the investigatingMagic, 32:the investigating student has found a point of truth in himself which serves to illumine his stepsMagic, 41:and transition, add their testimony to the truth of the statements of the mystics and occultists ofMagic, 48:me in earlier books. The above concept has in it truth for the individual soul likewise. ThisMagic, 59:by a disk of golden light, That we may know the truth and do our whole duty As we journey to ThyMagic, 74:hemispheres and between those great bodies of truth which we call Religion and Science. Magic, 76:tell you its age I have no means of proving the truth of my words and hence would be faced withMagic, 77:subject. We can aid in the revelation of the truth by our clear thinking and from the standpoint ofMagic, 77:law of brotherhood or unity and for astrological truth. Thirdly, the need of realizing that theMagic, 81:to be in abeyance. When man quickly sees the truth in all that he contacts, and automaticallyMagic, 81:all that he contacts, and automatically chooses truth or the real, then he learns next the lessonMagic, 84:can be made in apprehending the higher esoteric truth. A fourth hindrance is found in the physicalMagic, 85:and [85] adherence to the highest known form of truth lies the path of further revelation. AMagic, 96:This will occur as the transmission of light and truth to the physical brain, via the centralMagic, 111:the magnetism of the life). Approach to truth, either the occult or the mystic path having theMagic, 115:is that which embodies some aspect of the truth on which this system of ours is based; it is theMagic, 118:ideas. Therefore like Pilate they say: "What is truth?" If they will but remember that the higherMagic, 128:is called for, and I conjure you to speak truth to yourself and thus clearly ascertain the trueMagic, 128:they pass the portal. Is more necessary? Is not truth of equal value if enunciated by an aspirant,Magic, 137:who so stoop. People have sought to adjust the truth to the hour instead of adjusting the hour toMagic, 137:to the hour instead of adjusting the hour to the truth, and in diplomacy they have endeavored toMagic, 137:clear vision, uncompromising adherence to the truth as sensed, and capacity to drive steadilyMagic, 144:to be a source of revelation. It must reveal truth, and bring an aspect of reality to theMagic, 144:these Instructions to deal with that aspect of truth which will make the aspirant a practicalMagic, 144:sound of his breathed forth work, through the truth revealed in form, will he carry light andMagic, 144:it carries illumination, for it conveys the Truth and reveals Reality; it is of vital import, forMagic, 158:aspirant on to experiment and to experience of truth. Those who are not true aspirants will fail toMagic, 176:vision, a partial aspect of the great fabric of truth, but all that lies hidden behind is occult toMagic, 176:to increase its scope; that they hold on to the truth that all things are headed towards theMagic, 177:this knowledge in terms that will reveal the truth to those that have the eyes to see, and yet willMagic, 177:inadequately and, in the task of embodying the truth in words, much of the true significance isMagic, 177:to touch the higher sources from which pure truth, or symbolic truth, flows. They can tap thoughtMagic, 177:sources from which pure truth, or symbolic truth, flows. They can tap thought currents that haveMagic, 178:education, and be himself a profound seeker of truth before he will be chosen to be the recipientMagic, 180:which will facilitate the transmission of truth from the inner side to the outer plane.Magic, 182:is too much fear, and not enough experience of truth in the world. More knowledge must be acquiredMagic, 200:told some new thing and when he is told some old truth - so old and so familiar that it fails toMagic, 200:the Portal of Initiation? Do you realize that truth has to be wrought out in the texture of dailyMagic, 200:out in the texture of daily living before new truth can be safely imparted? Magic, 223:presents itself to him, learning to distinguish truth from glamor, the permanent from theMagic, 236:statements. The rules already studied convey the truth anent the magician. The soul hasMagic, 239:that they need to do two things: To meditate on truth in daily life, using the concept of truthMagic, 239:on truth in daily life, using the concept of truth practiced and lived by as their seed thought inMagic, 239:"Let reality govern my every thought, and truth be the master of my life." Let each say this toMagic, 245:to see them revitalized. All true seekers after truth are conscious of this unstable experience andMagic, 249:or between the emotional response to life and truth or life on the physical plane. Some aspirantsMagic, 257:is made upon the path, the forms in which truth can be given become more and more simple, whilstMagic, 264:the innate Divine Spirit, conscious only of the Truth of the Godhead, realizing profoundly and toMagic, 267:not the way of the Son of God. I express this truth in these words as it serves peculiarly to makeMagic, 269:ago, a disciple asked his master to express this truth to him in such a way that though the wordsMagic, 290:bodies of every exoteric form. This is a basic truth and must be carefully borne in mind, for itsMagic, 299:laughable and convey no possible aspect of truth or reality whatsoever? Cosmic evil, cosmicMagic, 306:must be offset by a complete realization of the truth contained in the words: "As a man thinketh,Magic, 326:of primitive man we have built up a structure of truth which though as yet imperfect andMagic, 326:lay the foundation of the future Temple of Truth where the light of the Lord will be seen and whichMagic, 326:differing in their methods of application of truth, are united in three basic aspects: In theirMagic, 326:in isolating that inner significant structure of truth which is the same in all climes and in allMagic, 326:approach to God, which will demonstrate the truth of St. Paul's words "One Lord, one faith, oneMagic, 328:to that (for us) [328] ultimate formulation of truth which will suffice for the next age and carryMagic, 328:and the reactionary rejection methods of finding truth. These are the people who recognizeMagic, 329:work of a group of knowers of God, enunciating truth and banded together subjectively in the greatMagic, 330:is given the work of preserving the spirit of truth, and the reorganizing of the thoughts of men soMagic, 330:of the past; they reject the old formulations of truth; and because as yet they stand on no sureMagic, 331:the need for the laws of the soul and for the truth as to individual unfoldment to be made clear toMagic, 332:names in the various kingdoms of nature. The truth of certain basic premises of the Ageless WisdomMagic, 333:by stage until he has contacted an aspect of the truth hitherto unformulated by man. Then, havingMagic, 337:a third will manifest which will embody the truth in both positions and duly adjust them to eachMagic, 338:of organic life, other than the human. [338] The truth which is safeguarded in all these schools isMagic, 338:which is safeguarded in all these schools is one truth and each aspect of it is correlated. ThereMagic, 338:will emerge the fourth, which will be nearer the truth than any of the separated three. When weMagic, 339:later centuries by those who will in deed and in truth be cosmologists, for once the Word ofMagic, 340:of those holding differing points of view truth emerges into the light, just as in a larger case,Magic, 352:comes further knowledge. The definition of truth in teaching crystallizes the facts learnt, and, inMagic, 352:and thus fresh intuition and fresh reaches of truth pour in. When one lesson has, in this way, beenMagic, 354:laws of occultism, and only sensing the inner truth, work on broad lines of preparation. They areMagic, 358:steam and noise, veiling the Light, hiding the Truth and shutting out the Sun. "The fire burnsMagic, 358:of the rising sun and perfect knowledge of the Truth appear. "This is the path for all who seek theMagic, 359:unobstructed sun and the clear bright light of truth. This is the path back to the hidden center.Magic, 359:is Love. This is a symbolic expression of the truth as is the use of the word God. The work of theMagic, 360:center in Nature. This is a phrase conveying a truth which cannot be more clearly expressed untilMagic, 362:hiding behind an emphasis upon the life side of truth, all due to an inherent mental laziness. This
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