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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRUTH

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Magic, 365:Ideas or isolate some fundamental and pure truth. Magic, 366:the realm of pure intuition. He can then tap truth at its source. He enters into the mind of GodMagic, 370:people are happy because they shut their eyes to truth, or are self-hypnotized, hiding themselvesMagic, 370:his eyes are wide open; he has learnt to speak truth to himself, and has built up no separatingMagic, 382:aspect, and this not in theory but in deed and truth. When this is the case, the physical body willMagic, 395:organizations for the imparting of metaphysical truth. Power, purpose and will are divine qualitiesMagic, 399:were the prominent factors; they veiled the truth and we have therefore preserved the "outer andMagic, 400:outlook and so wide in their interpretation of truth that they see the hand of God in allMagic, 401:had to do with the impartation of spiritual truth) there had come to be what I might call aMagic, 401:I might call a complete exterioration of that truth. The activity of the first ray had also broughtMagic, 406:standing [406] for some peculiar presentation of truth and for some aspect of the knowledge ofMagic, 408:simply the recognition that all formulations of truth and of belief are only partial in time andMagic, 408:Those who favor some particular approach to the truth will nevertheless achieve the realizationMagic, 408:and in themselves constitute aspects of a truth which is greater and vaster than man's presentMagic, 414:it has no creed nor any dogmatic formulations of truth. The motivating impulse of each and all isMagic, 415:in the past have stood for certain aspects of truth and have demonstrated certain rayMagic, 416:by the world at large, who are thinking truth. Let me call your attention to that phrase. The mostMagic, 417:on in the different countries. They possess in truth no nationality in the sense that they regardMagic, 419:cultural or any other form of imposed truth. Modes of approach to reality will be recognized andMagic, 425:activity. An ancient Scripture teaches this truth in the following terms: [426] "When the sunMagic, 436:the past. Let me see if I can put the present truth about astrology in such simple guise that theyMagic, 461:According to the simplicity of their approach to truth, according to the clarity of their thought,Magic, 464:produce their effect. You ask, where then the truth of the statement made in many occult modernMagic, 472:they will be found to be a safe guide into truth [473] and will eventually make them able to passMagic, 473:are necessarily blinds, still others express the truth just as it is. View the world of thought,Magic, 473:and in its midst locate the golden thread of truth. Control the body of emotion, for the waves thatMagic, 478:first steps in the right direction. Putting the truth as simply as possible we might state thatMagic, 479:its civilizations into the fire. This is the truth which really underlies the misunderstoodMagic, 483:the beauty of his cause and the rightness of the truth he enunciates, a hatred and a fury whichMagic, 487:some mistaken brother. What then is there to do? Truth cannot be devitalized or disintegrated. TheMagic, 488:ever from whence it came. There is a depth of truth in the ancient aphorism: "Curses, likeMagic, 490:as partial rights and give place to the greater truth. The fact of the day is seen later as part ofMagic, 490:and he builds a thought-form about the partial truth which he has seen which can prove a limitationMagic, 490:progress. He is so sure of his possession of truth that he can see the truth of no one else. He canMagic, 490:of his possession of truth that he can see the truth of no one else. He can be so convinced of theMagic, 490:reality of his own embodied concept of what the truth may be that he forgets his own brainMagic, 490:forgets his own brain limitations and that the truth has come to him via his own soul and isMagic, 490:separative mind. He lives but for that little truth; he can see no other; he forces hisMagic, 512:which every disciple has to learn (putting the truth in the simplest terms) is to achieve thatMagic, 521:your meditation work; keep the inner link; think truth at all times. The need and the opportunityMagic, 524:You can then stand face to face with naked truth, and live and work in the terrain of ideas and notMagic, 535:Ponder on this statement for it holds much of truth. Where there is an apprehension of a vision andMagic, 543:that a clean mind and a pure heart, love of truth, and a life of service and unselfishness, areMagic, 552:but which is, in fact, the drive towards truth and its mental verification - all these factors haveMagic, 557:the length of a thought. This same basic truth underlies the creation of all forms on the physicalMagic, 565:It is the stage during which, expressing this truth in occult terms, it is literally called upon toMagic, 575:be busy and active and his word will carry [575] truth, and will lead to the helping of others, forMagic, 580:It has, perhaps, essentially a relation to truth, for the truer an impulse is and the clearer theMagic, 582:a pioneer. A registered response to spiritual truth, a realized pleasure in forward-looking ideals,Magic, 585:spiritual discrimination and learn to recognize truth in all things. Only thus will the reality beMagic, 589:But underneath, the deep river of purity and truth is flowing strong. One evidence of the successMagic, 596:a sure foundation for the work to be done. This truth is curiously substantiated in a study of theMagic, 604:stand individually and may, in sincerity and truth, begin to work with intelligence. They can beMagic, 613:nature are the [613] prime expression of truth. Yet the animal is beginning to sense dimly theMagic, 613:the half-Gods walk; it is the time wherein truth is only dimly sensed, the vision only vaguely andMagic, 615:maya itself which [615] serves to guide him into truth and knowledge; it is on the plane of theMagic, 616:above his head. He cannot speak; he cannot see. Truth disappears in water. "Let the magician standMagic, 624:become bewildered in some cases and no clear truth appears. They then work on without inspiration,Magic, 634:we learn by failure, for that is a well known truth, and is known as such by all who are attemptingMagic, 638:schools and inner school or rank of knowers of truth is so close that not one earnest student goesMagic, 638:Those who teach are occupied with principles of truth, with vibratory rates and with the quality ofMeditationalways with an open mind, remembering that the truth is a many-sided diamond, and that itsMeditation, 6:the intelligent explainer of the higher imparted truth, - even then, I say, it takes muchMeditation, 6:of alignment based on the physical planets. The truth lies not there. Only three of the physicalMeditation, 102:to emphasize this statement for it embodies a truth little realized. "Playing with fire" is an oldMeditation, 102:little realized. "Playing with fire" is an old truth that has lost its significance throughMeditation, 114:with care) open up to the earnest seeker after truth many avenues of knowledge. All occult trainingMeditation, 130:their endeavor and to perish at their hands. A truth I speak here; I give not voice to theMeditation, 150:him a literal statement of fact, and of realized truth. He rises from fire to fire, and from gradedMeditation, 222:to make practical application of all indicated truth to his personal life of service in the threeMeditation, 258:I quote, added still other words of radiant truth: "Then shall we know even as we are known." TheMeditation, 268:again would I reiterate the apparently simple truth, that only similarity of vibration will draw aMeditation, 312:with occult lore, with the impartation of cosmic truth, with the abstract development of the pupil,Patanjalithe intense application of the will to some one truth (or principle) is required. 33. The peace ofPatanjaliunfailingly exact (or his mind reveals only the Truth). 49. This particular perception is uniquePatanjali, 12:various translations, conveying the subtle [12] truth concerning the infinite divisibility of thePatanjali, 35:and this in his physical brain. He finds that truth which is himself and which is the truth hiddenPatanjali, 35:that truth which is himself and which is the truth hidden in every form, and in every kingdom ofPatanjali, 66:Only thus can the reality be found and the truth be seen. "When thy Soul shall pass beyond thePatanjali, 72:the intense application of the will to some one truth (or principle) is required. It would be wisePatanjali, 73:of the principles or qualities where the truth regarding reality or God can be known. All formsPatanjali, 73:be known. All forms exist in order to express truth. By the steady application of God's will in thePatanjali, 73:steady application of God's will in the Whole is truth revealed through the medium of matter. WhenPatanjali, 73:revealed through the medium of matter. When the truth or basic principle is known spirit will thenPatanjali, 74:an increasingly accurate expression of the one truth. This is the true significance of the sutraPatanjali, 74:this treatise on yoga. Their understanding of truth in its [75] entirety is not yet complete on allPatanjali, 75:to express as a part or aspect of the one truth or reality, he becomes aware of the inadequaciesPatanjali, 84:as much as possible along the occult line. The truth, as expressed in terms of Christian mysticism,Patanjali, 94:is enlarging upon an earlier formulation of the truth. (See Sutra 7.) He teaches that meditation isPatanjali, 104:exact, (or, his mind reveals only the Truth). Both translations are here given, as they seem toPatanjali, 105:which the man has succeeded in entering. The truth is known and the cause of every form in all thePatanjali, 107:and that he himself is God. Then he knows the truth, and that truth makes him free. The field ofPatanjali, 107:is God. Then he knows the truth, and that truth makes him free. The field of knowledge, thePatanjali, 107:upon three other methods of ascertaining truth, all of them limited and imperfect. They are: SensePatanjali, 109:trained to serve only as a delicate receiver of truth impressions, The third eye is in process ofPatanjali, 109:the seven planes of the system, and because the truth-perceiving faculty is developed, the man isPatanjali, 112:Contemplation or Samadhi. 30. Harmlessness, truth to all beings, abstention from theft, fromPatanjali, 112:harmlessness, all enmity ceases. 36. When truth to all beings is perfected, the effectiveness ofPatanjali, 141:both you and I. What are those four? The Aryan Truth of Ill: the Aryan Truth of the Arising of Ill:Patanjali, 141:those four? The Aryan Truth of Ill: the Aryan Truth of the Arising of Ill: the Aryan Truth of the
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