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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRUTH

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Patanjali, 141:the Aryan Truth of the Arising of Ill: the Aryan Truth of the Ceasing of Ill: the Aryan Truth ofPatanjali, 141:the Aryan Truth of the Ceasing of Ill: the Aryan Truth of the Way leading to the Ceasing of Ill.Patanjali, 160:aspirant will eventually demonstrate to him the truth of the statement that "as a man thinketh, soPatanjali, 171:theory is tested out in an effort to prove the truth. The aspirant then definitely assumes thePatanjali, 176:of the Christ nature which is love, peace and truth. He can say now "I have reached my goal.Patanjali, 176:transcended. The stage wherein he can say with truth "I have fulfiled my dharma, and accomplishedPatanjali, 184:- Book 2 - The Steps to Union 30. Harmlessness, truth to all beings, abstention from theft, fromPatanjali, 185:He hurts no one, and injures nobody. 2. Truth. This concerns primarily his use of speech and of thePatanjali, 185:and of the organs of sound, and relates to "truth in the inmost part" so that truth in externalityPatanjali, 185:relates to "truth in the inmost part" so that truth in externality becomes possible. This is aPatanjali, 189:thought back of the observance remains still the truth. So little is as yet known about forcePatanjali, 192:in the threefold lower man, and eventually the truth of the Christian phraseology [193] becomesPatanjali, 193:about: Harmlessness instead of harmfulness, Truth instead of falsehood, Abstention from theftPatanjali, 193:No excuse is left to the aspirant, and the truth is borne in on him that transgression of thePatanjali, 194:similarity is the basis of perception. The same truth is hinted at in the first [195] Epistle ofPatanjali, 195:Patanjali - Book 2 - The Steps to Union 36. When truth to all beings is perfected, thePatanjali, 195:acts is immediately to be seen. This question of truth is one of the great problems which thePatanjali, 195:confronted by very definite difficulties. Truth is entirely relative whilst evolution proceeds, andPatanjali, 196:evolution and the medium [196] employed permit. Truth, therefore, involves the ability of thePatanjali, 196:objective, or of words) which will convey the truth as it is. This is in reality the first twoPatanjali, 196:of all words and acts to convey reality or truth as it is. This sutra gives the clue to the work ofPatanjali, 196:of atomic substance, the adept not only sees truth in all things but comprehends how to make truthPatanjali, 196:truth in all things but comprehends how to make truth visible, thus aiding the evolutionary processPatanjali, 198:is the Western attempt to teach the same truth and convey the injunction that we each of us mustPatanjali, 200:and not through any perversions of occult truth such as sex magic and the enormities of the sexPatanjali, 201:more versed in the symbolic presentation of truth is not so liable to make mistakes along thisPatanjali, 207:the reality which is himself, and finds out the truth of the words of the Christ that "the pure inPatanjali, 210:which veils or hides a thought, an idea or a truth and it might be laid down therefore as a generalPatanjali, 211:[211] form veiling a divine thought, idea or truth, the tangible manifestation of a divine concept.Patanjali, 249:(From the Vishnu Purana. VI. 7, 90.) [249] The truth of this makes any description or explanationPatanjali, 255:grows, carries with it a tremendous occult truth. There is an injunction in Ecc., VII, 16. whichPatanjali, 267:given in the different presentations of the one truth anent the great Lives in whom we "live, andPatanjali, 274:is interesting here to note that a clue to the truth of this can be found in the manifestations ofPatanjali, 318:rational mind, yet always embodying a kernel of truth. It is by this process, through which thePatanjali, 321:from the form is developed. One knows oneself in truth to be, not the form but the indweller, notPatanjali, 331:are found these words: "Let the seeker after truth escape from drowning and climb the river's bank.Patanjali, 362:is true of an atom, a man or a God. It is this truth which underlies the great systems of mentalPatanjali, 380:be observed that (for the seeker after truth) incarnation, intense desire and meditation are thePatanjali, 381:but conveys a clear interpretation of the truth to be grasped. The evolution of consciousness andPatanjali, 396:as the Life of our solar system. Thus the truth and teaching which has been formulated in the threePatanjali, 404:conclusions are avoided, and approximation to truth becomes possible. The synthetic point of viewPatanjali, 404:synthetic point of view is nearer to universal truth than is the specialized. He says: "ThoughPatanjali, 409:and potential faculties to be developed if the truth in its fullness is ever to be realized. Patanjali, 417:the Kingdom of God, the realm of spiritual truth. He can also enter into communication and conveyPatanjali, 423:therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;Problems, 19:for ages. These accusations are all based on truth and the enemies [20] of Great Britain can bringProblems, 38:have been sound enough in their presentation of truth to offset this materialistic tendency. TheProblems, 39:simplicity of the spiritual values of beauty, truth and goodness? [40] Yet, facing the worldwideProblems, 52:into the world of ideas and of abstract truth. Knowledge comes from two directions. It is theProblems, 57:application as the will-to-good, the will-to-truth and the will-to-beauty. Thus a much neededProblems, 61:demanding [61] education today) will be taught truth, without bias or prejudice. World democracyProblems, 61:man-made quarrels over human interpretations of truth. Thus gradually, our quarrels and differencesProblems, 97:it he would realize that the Eastern approach to truth and honesty and to the use and possession ofProblems, 104:have constantly and increasingly proved the truth of this statement. [105] Such is the problem ofProblems, 116:of cases, the statement of a recognizable truth, it is difficult in this case to make people admitProblems, 116:its feasibility. Nevertheless, because it is a truth, it is bound eventually to demonstrate asProblems, 123:[123] also the evolutionary presentation of truth and its constant adaptation to the need ofProblems, 124:and executives. He needs humble teachers of the truth able to exemplify the spiritual life. NothingProblems, 124:has thwarted His intentions, and prostituted the truth which He presented. Theology, dogma,Problems, 125:their personal, religious interpretations of truth, of [126] the Scriptures and of God upon theProblems, 127:affirmations, do not necessarily indicate the truth as it exists in the mind of God, with WhoseProblems, 127:human being, and are not accepting a divine truth at all. It is this truth that theologicalProblems, 127:not accepting a divine truth at all. It is this truth that theological seminaries must begin toProblems, 127:for themselves and to remember that the key to truth lies in the unifying power of ComparativeProblems, 128:far as it buttresses the primary and essential truth. It is this distorted presentation of truthProblems, 128:truth. It is this distorted presentation of truth which has led humanity to the formulation of aProblems, 128:function of St. Paul as a teacher of Christian truth, the nature of hell, salvation through blood,Problems, 128:His own God-illumined mind will search for truth and he will interpret it for himself. The day ofProblems, 128:The day of theology is over and that of a living truth is with us. This the orthodox churchesProblems, 128:This the orthodox churches refuse to recognize. Truth is essentially non-controversial; whereProblems, 128:and consists largely of men's ideas about truth. Men have gone far today in the rejection of dogmasProblems, 129:like the Christian, a positive presentation of truth though very materialistic; both these faithsProblems, 129:been definitely objective in its presentation of truth; this was needed. It has been militant,Problems, 129:was relatively pure in its presentation of truth and in its living processes) eventually split intoProblems, 131:against any new and evolutionary presentation of truth to the people; its roots are in the past butProblems, 133:for the separated self, representing God in truth and in life, and having no real part in theProblems, 136:people for a simple presentation of life-giving truth? Will the interest and the power of theProblems, 138:throughout the world? A new presentation of truth, because God is not a fundamentalist; a newProblems, 139:There is no finality in the presentation of truth; it develops and grows to meet man's growingProblems, 142:the divine attributes and aspects. This truth involves necessarily the recognition of two greatProblems, 143:with the obsolete old teaching. The essential truth lies elsewhere. "Whatsoever a man soweth thatProblems, 143:a man soweth that shall he also reap" is the truth which needs re-emphasizing. In these words, St.Problems, 144:The third great spiritual and essential truth is the fact of Christ, the living Christ, presentProblems, 145:still denied by the orthodox. So many know this truth and so many people of integrity and worth areProblems, 146:human thinking; they will grasp the stupendous truth that sound economics, clear humanitarianism,Problems, 146:usefulness constitute a body of religious truth; they will discover that organized religion is onlyProblems, 147:God is on earth, and that man is in deed and in truth made in the image of God and must inevitablyProblems, 149:to human unfoldment, must be added another. This truth is only as yet dimly sensed because it is aProblems, 149:only as yet dimly sensed because it is a larger truth than any hitherto presented to theProblems, 149:It is an extension of the individual approach to truth. Let us call it the truth concerning theProblems, 149:individual approach to truth. Let us call it the truth concerning the great Cyclic Approaches ofProblems, 152:deeply spiritual, yet wholly factual - prove the truth of the immanence of God and will prove alsoProblems, 152:purified and brought into line with divine truth? Can they in reality take over the task which theyProblems, 152:is theirs and become the genuine dispensers of truth and the representatives of the kingdom of GodProblems, 154:of the promptness with which they recognize truth wherever it is to be found (in the church or outProblems, 155:agencies; in their union will the fullness of truth be revealed. This is one reason for theProblems, 160:Then the Kingdom of God will in deed and in truth be functioning on earth. it will be obvious toProblems, 160:the intuition and to understand the nature of truth. These two methods of prayer and of meditationProblems, 165:all men, innately and normally, accept - the truth of the existence of a basic Intelligence to WhomProblems, 165:to Whom we vaguely give the name of God; the truth that behind all outer seeming, the motivating
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