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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRUTH

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Psychology2, 37:will rapidly destroy that which has veiled the truth. The prisoner can go free. The rending of thePsychology2, 37:the blinding veil, the clear pronouncing of the truth, and practice right will render to thePsychology2, 38:responded to the vision clear evoked: - 'The truth lies hidden in the unknown Way. The Angel of thePsychology2, 40:Plan; Inclusiveness; A longing for wisdom and truth; Sensitivity to the Whole; Renunciation of thePsychology2, 41:of energy in order to reveal beauty and truth; The use of forces intelligently for the furtherancePsychology2, 42:of wrong emphasis, Distorted views of truth, Mental devotion to form and form activity Theology,Psychology2, 46:the merging of their lives. Glory shines forth. Truth is revealed. he work is done. Then man, whoPsychology2, 64:plane. It indicates to those who can see in truth, the grasp or hold that the soul has upon itsPsychology2, 65:cannot be expected to comprehend as yet, but the truth will be appreciated later on in the racialPsychology2, 87:on "the side of the angels." Note the occult truth of that familiar phrase. Therefore we can lookPsychology2, 88:and individual salvation. But the travestied truth remains the unsullied truth on its own plane,Psychology2, 88:But the travestied truth remains the unsullied truth on its own plane, and this dominant world lawPsychology2, 89:and misinterpreted the teaching and the truth, and that it fell, as does all else at present, underPsychology2, 98:It is only possible to express this amazing truth about the planetary Life under a veil ofPsychology2, 99:a tremendous mystery, and in no way negate the truth that Venus has a peculiar and intimatePsychology2, 100:in our solar system. It is this dimly sensed truth which lies behind the highest type ofPsychology2, 111:strenuously!) that I despair of presenting the truth as it concerns souls and soul relationships.Psychology2, 116:known, but the re-emphasis of the well known truth will sometimes serve to bring home to you itsPsychology2, 126:impression, but they oft-times misinterpret the truth and are biassed by personality ends. TheyPsychology2, 126:soul impression (oft-times misinterpreting the truth, being biassed by personality ends) to lay thePsychology2, 136:vessel or mouthpiece for the Hierarchy, when the truth is that he is deceived by the many voices,Psychology2, 141:it up, and proceed to break up the old forms of truth so as to make room and way for the newPsychology2, 144:endeavor to do, teaching men to recognize the truth, holding steadily before them the ideal,Psychology2, 152:from all further need for rebirth. This is the truth which underlies the Masonic teaching, which isPsychology2, 155:enjoyment and the mental appropriation of truth, or the deep seated desire for heaven and restPsychology2, 158:but these formulas do, at the same time, veil a truth. They have been presented to the [159]Psychology2, 159:of, and obedience to, the soul in all. The truth is, however, steadily emerging, and mustPsychology2, 160:to grasp the significance of such an occult truth as that expressed in the words: "The constructionPsychology2, 162:We do well to ponder on this duality. Truth and falsehood, Mystical and occult knowledge, The selfPsychology2, 164:laws lie behind all the various presentations of truth as they have been given out by the worldPsychology2, 167:The Direction of Ray II "The Scholar knows the truth. All is revealed to him. Surrounded by hisPsychology2, 170:blinded by his desire for the teacher and the truth, but seeing naught but that which lay beforePsychology2, 170:and only one thing at a time, - a person or a truth, a bible or his picture of his God, anPsychology2, 171:no words, no indication Leader, no formulas of truth, no forms or ceremonies. He found himself aPsychology2, 173:of the scales is here appropriate, and, of this truth, the three Crosses on Mount Golgotha are alsoPsychology2, 174:an initiate in the mysteries of the world. The truth of this has been summed up for us in anPsychology2, 180:The true esotericist will also see the same truth from another angle. Psychology2, 202:they can "shine forth in all their exactitude of truth." 4. They are called, as has been stated, inPsychology2, 219:are members of the Hierarchy Whose grasp of truth and Whose knowledge of the divine Plan is as muchPsychology2, 229:In their synthesis and in their blending the truth as it really is can begin - aye, dimly - toPsychology2, 236:itself to them, and thus hasten the time wherein truth, beauty and goodness will reign. ThePsychology2, 237:the vision of reality, to open our eyes and see truth as it is. Down the ages, men have sought toPsychology2, 238:Yet they have never touched the reality, and the truth is as yet unknown to them. The possibilityPsychology2, 241:Plan can only be sensed, visioned and known in truth by the Hierarchy, and then only in groupPsychology2, 242:is here set forth is part of a revelation of truth which it is desired should be given out. ItPsychology2, 244:and divine Vision. To produce this emergence of truth, the man stands also at the midway point, andPsychology2, 246:the reality veiled by the symbol, the truth expressed in substance. Only two things will enable manPsychology2, 247:those forms which will express some sensed truth; for thereby and through this effort, the emphasisPsychology2, 247:the world of created forms to the inner emerging truth. It might be said that divinity is veiledPsychology2, 247:arrive at a newer beauty, a greater sense of truth and at the revelation of God's meaning andPsychology2, 250:usually veils but will some day indicate in truth. Psychology2, 252:(in appearance and in quality) the inner truth. All this is made possible through an understandingPsychology2, 267:A man can be regarded as a personality in truth when the form aspect and the soul nature arePsychology2, 267:ensure correctness, and the clear outlines of a truth are oft lost in a maze of words. [268] Psychology2, 284:constitutes the very bones of the occult body of truth, and in this statement is formulated thePsychology2, 284:bring the Ageless Wisdom into line with modern truth and scientific conclusions. Psychology2, 285:(as registered in the waking brain) of the truth of the existence of this septenate of energies. IPsychology2, 289:and a practical application of the sensed truth and of the intuited idea will gradually bringPsychology2, 307:upon the Path of Initiation. This same truth can also be expressed in terms of the rays: At thePsychology2, 309:or the average man is concerned. It is this truth which lies behind the statement frequently madePsychology2, 314:simply symbolic ways of expressing a difficult truth. The truth is that the soul is active on allPsychology2, 314:ways of expressing a difficult truth. The truth is that the soul is active on all the three lowerPsychology2, 316:of materialism and to voice a real vision of the truth, but words themselves are limiting thingsPsychology2, 316:are limiting things and oft veil and hide the truth. Her book, therefore, is of definite value.Psychology2, 317:but finds its correspondence and higher truth in the center of experience which we call the soul.Psychology2, 317:upon the idea that all that we have inherited of truth (the idea of God, the concept of a futurePsychology2, 318:unavoidable, though temporary, distortion of the truth. Psychology2, 346:apprehension and appreciation of purpose and of truth. We are so apt always to think in terms ofPsychology2, 346:to an eventual realization. This purpose and truth, when grasped, brings into direct conflict thePsychology2, 360:I have woven. I see naught else'. 'The love of truth must dominate, not love of my own thoughts, orPsychology2, 366:itself, the beauty of the phrasing and the truth of the statement must inevitably appear. With thisPsychology2, 372:satisfies the mind, that answers my demand for truth, for service, and my vision of the goal. It isPsychology2, 372:the vision which I see, the dream I dream, the truth I hold, the active form which meets my need,Psychology2, 372:my need, that which I grasp and understand. My truth, my peace, my satisfied desire, my dream, myPsychology2, 372:these I struggle, fight and die.' Love of the truth must always be. Desire and aspiration, reachingPsychology2, 372:themselves and irking others. They love the truth as they interpret it; they love the vision andPsychology2, 372:the vision and the dream, forgetting that the truth is limited by mind - narrow and set,Psychology2, 372:himself from his vision, from his adored truth, from his loved ideals, from his painted picture ofPsychology2, 373:align himself with all visions, all forms of truth, all dreams of reality, and find behind them allPsychology2, 373:by others and of life purpose. The idea of "my truth, my master, my idea, my way" leaves him and asPsychology2, 375:by rushing off after a self-engendered vision of truth, he will go far along the way to solving hisPsychology2, 377:the [377] midway place. Ponder deeply upon this truth, for it is this fact which always evokes aPsychology2, 403:to over-emphasize one aspect of the ascertained truth to the exclusion of others equally important.Psychology2, 404:and an ultimate despair which is the negation of truth. When right education (which is the truePsychology2, 426:as an individual, can "be made whole". This same truth exists in connection with all the cleavagesPsychology2, 449:Never before have men set themselves to discover truth in such large numbers. Never before has thePsychology2, 471:almost in the nature of distortions of the real truth, owing to the limitations of the humanPsychology2, 471:of glamor. Nothing could be further from the truth. That idea is itself a part of the glamor of thePsychology2, 483:non-existent. In the two schools of thought, the truth about destiny as it works out under the LawPsychology2, 483:out under the Law of Cause and Effect and the truth [484] about man's innate divinity are taughtPsychology2, 492:mind must make right application of the imparted truth or guidance. Where there is true and rightPsychology2, 493:that both derivations have in them a measure of truth, and that in their mutual tracing back toPsychology2, 554:for I would not be credited with speaking the truth. This center is the central factor in humanPsychology2, 572:whereon man has [572] to learn to distinguish truth from error, and the real from the unreal. ThusPsychology2, 573:the many teachers of the many aspects of the one Truth, and of the many and various ways back toPsychology2, 596:some senior disciple who knows the needed next truth and has unfolded in himself the "sense ofPsychology2, 597:Personality of the One who taught them a major truth. At no time did He desire or seek theirPsychology2, 597:devotion. The price of this distortion of the truth has been paid again and again by a devitalizedPsychology2, 600:reality which he would some day know, as it in truth was, he lived always within his ownPsychology2, 603:obsessed by his own peculiar thought-form of truth and of reality. He has only one idea in his
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