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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRUTH

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Psychology2, 619:the work; retreat within themselves; speak the truth with love when occasion occurs; refuse toPsychology2, 701:to you, but the re-emphasis of the well known truth may eventually bring home to you itsPsychology2, 708:of music will be the next approach nearer to the truth, and to the revelation of the emergingPsychology2, 711:your daily lives upon the basis of the imparted truth, if it is to you indeed a truth. It isPsychology2, 711:of the imparted truth, if it is to you indeed a truth. It is perhaps to you simply interesting, aPsychology2, 712:no matter in how small a way, to apply the truth as you see it to your own life, then they are forPsychology2, 712:thought; by your practical application of any truth, which you may have understood, to yourPsychology2, 714:there appears no exit. This may be a difficult truth to grasp, but the present world crisis isPsychology2, 736:ask you, first of all two questions: Do you, in truth, accept the situation as I have outlined it?Psychology2, 740:belief and your particular acceptance of truth is the best undoubtedly and the most true. It may bePsychology2, 740:of love and of right understanding, which are in truth the laws of the kingdom of God which ChristPsychology2, 745:humanity for peace, understanding, good will and truth can be raised to its highest possibleRays, 8:and thereby demonstrate the exactitude of the truth that the great Lord taught when He pictured theRays, 11:to the world's need so that recognition of the truth may be rapid. In the heart of every man liesRays, 13:statement I have expressed the deepest esoteric truth which [14] mankind is competent to grasp; itRays, 16:taken by disciples and probationers. It is this truth, misinterpreted and shockingly travestied,Rays, 30:have acted in the past as interceptors of the truth. This whole problem of the Shamballic will isRays, 33:the consuming divine fire. Thus in parables the truth goes out, and gradually the initiate graspsRays, 41:of symbolism with the implied limitations of the truth. I would here remind you that the thirdRays, 45:focus of the life is now in the realm of clear truth and of pure reason. The life of the initiateRays, 46:approach to, and appreciation and acceptance of truth. Will governs the Way into Shamballa and isRays, 46:matter aspect. This is to you a most familiar truth. In the next stage, that ofRays, 51:motivated by goodness, beauty and truth and intelligently expressed as pure love. All these stagesRays, 59:great facts in manifestation? Do you grasp the truth that they are not descriptive of Deity but areRays, 70:gain material well-being is a distortion of this truth. This needs to be remembered. The trueRays, 93:to be adequately considered here. The above truth does, however, give us a clue as to why theRays, 95:He evoked from humanity a gradual response to truth, and mental understanding. That is why at theRays, 100:vehicle. This is a deep and largely unrealized truth. It is related to the entire process of deathRays, 100:is the very A B C of occultism and a familiar truth to all of you. What is referred to here has,Rays, 102:- who have never in reality returned to tell the truth. The emphasis of all thought on this subjectRays, 106:angle) by the will-to-know. These are in truth three aspects of the divine will which exists in itsRays, 113:that have controlled the presentation of the truth which I have sought to give, down the years. TheRays, 114:Monad expresses it. In these three approaches to truth the new revelation lies hid; it will takeRays, 118:which I have employed are efforts to express the truth and all are entirely inadequate. Rays, 124:and so customary and trite an unrealized truth, that it registers on ears with very little effect.Rays, 126:discovers eventually his erroneous approach to truth. Life cannot be taken in the spiritual sense.Rays, 126:sense. This error or mistake in the approach of truth enables men and women upon the ProbationaryRays, 127:of ideas, from a fanatical reaction to any truth or spiritual leader, and from the control of theirRays, 130:to Humanity. I know not how else to express this truth to you. The seventh kingdom in nature isRays, 131:into a definitely recognized line of approach to truth. The Law of Analogy is the key which unlocksRays, 133:to the type of mind, the sensitivity to truth or the crass credulity of the recipient. But theRays, 136:kingdoms of nature and thus bringing about (in truth) the expression of the divine Plan. This planRays, 138:have made it hard for disciples to grasp the truth and arrive at some true realization of theRays, 138:the individual disciple will later prove their truth - or their non-truth. The objective of allRays, 138:will later prove their truth - or their non-truth. The objective of all training given to theRays, 139:is the door of the reason, of pure perception of truth. Christ gave the clue to this teaching whenRays, 139:to this teaching when He said "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life." Of that Way we know much,Rays, 139:part of the hierarchical membership. Of that Truth, we know (as aspirants) relatively very little.Rays, 139:we know (as aspirants) relatively very little. Truth - as we understand it during the earlyRays, 139:and the attributes. These four expressions of truth will be found to convey all the knowledge withRays, 146:old rhythms of thought and new approaches to truth and consequent new and better ways of life areRays, 146:its rightful place in the occult presentation of truth. The will of God and the life of God areRays, 188:then appeared, and the distinction between truth and falsehood, between good and evil, and betweenRays, 197:application of this paragraph [197] of stated truth and of condensed realization. I would remindRays, 197:the curriculum imposed upon the candidate. This truth is recognized, though not truly interpreted,Rays, 202:meaning to you, but it nevertheless contains a truth for which the trials, experiences andRays, 224:of that which for aeons has connoted beauty, truth and goodness, and which has seemed the ultimateRays, 226:life and not in consciousness - a concept and a truth which it is not possible for you toRays, 249:the above what a tremendous field of esoteric truth is here covered and how abstruse to the averageRays, 250:or two of these new aspects of the fundamental Truth which have been given by me to the public. IfRays, 252:change their techniques and their approach to truth, they will disappear. Information as to theRays, 276:inaccurate that it serves mainly to distort the truth; yet all that you can grasp at this time isRays, 293:your own recognitions, your own grasp of truth, and your own progress upon the Path. But - as youRays, 293:which is That, which is beauty, goodness and truth; which is not form but quality, which is thatRays, 293:he is occupied with his ability to express the truth which he theoretically recognizes but to whichRays, 293:but the need of others for those expressions of truth which will guide them on their way. ThisRays, 295:their appreciation of beauty as they see it, of truth as they grasp it, of psychology as theyRays, 296:ideas rather than ideals, and with essential truth rather than with carefully formulatedRays, 296:from putting it into form; He Himself was the truth, yet inevitably (because of its inherent life)Rays, 296:you have again a striking illustration of the truth of what I am seeking to emphasize. In theRays, 296:they have imposed their interpretations of truth on truth itself; they have created a massiveRays, 296:have imposed their interpretations of truth on truth itself; they have created a massiveRays, 296:then see the full expression of hierarchical truth - of which the Christ today is the symbol andRays, 298:and nothing else. The practical nature of this truth is only recognized when the disciple attemptsRays, 299:ashramic methods of making this fundamental truth still more apparent. You can here see why - as aRays, 300:That is a trite formulation of a very ancient truth, and one which is today an occult platitude.Rays, 303:and see naught else. To them I must reveal the truth. How will you do this hardest of all tasks, ORays, 303:disciple? By letting it be seen I am myself the truth; by living as a fragment of that Presence andRays, 303:the world of reality and of essential truth. Because of the success of the evolutionary process,Rays, 332:those who work through and in these two media of truth. Those changes have not yet been carriedRays, 345:creation, something that cuts you off from truth - too narrow for your passing yet full of wrongRays, 345:who holds his brother's hand can see the Door in truth; only the man, surrounded by the many whoRays, 348:joyously pass has no faintest resemblance to the truth; the idea that a man of a nice dispositionRays, 358:must be ignored as an expression of fundamental truth; at the same time, the astral plane existsRays, 358:identification is involved, but only reality and truth where there is freedom from the factor ofRays, 359:(and often does) militate against a grasp of the truth and presents a false picture to theRays, 374:Yet this is not in any sense a statement of truth. There is one great Ashram, the Hierarchy,Rays, 376:to be entirely exact, yet near enough to the truth to be clarifying and helpful - it is thisRays, 377:of course, an inadequate expression of abstruse truth. The cosmic astral plane is not an illusion,Rays, 381:Masters had Their Paul to distort the truth, just as had the Christ, Their august Head today. TheRays, 381:as had the Christ, Their august Head today. The truth was far otherwise. The time came in thoseRays, 389:own personal realization. But in spite of this truth, just as you in the position of aspirants andRays, 403:that, we are not in a position to ascertain the truth. The method of the Master's work upon thisRays, 423:general public; it is strictly a presentation of truth for the initiated disciple. Its line isRays, 440:and symbols or the veils which hide the basic truth and the underlying mystery. Being is simple,Rays, 473:assertion; later will come apprehension of the truth and that consequent energizing which alwaysRays, 473:energizing which always comes when any abstract truth is truly appreciated and assimilated. But theRays, 510:outlined by the occult sciences exist. Yet the truth has to be thus presented owing to the mindRays, 514:which is still more subjective; that is what in truth accomplishes the work. It should be borne inRays, 529:These concepts cover our presentation of truth and of our theme up to the present point. Further we
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