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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRUTH

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Soul, 84:in connection with these various approaches to truth are the cause of much of the confusion. We areSoul, 91:human soul. Then perhaps we shall appreciate the truth of Browning's conception of this integratedSoul, 101:we recognize faith, beget children, know the truth, on it speech also is based, while the furtherSoul, 102:Chand. 6.8-16, and also by the etad vai tad, 'in truth this is that,' of Brih. 5.4, which isSoul, 102:the future; He who knows him frets no more, - In truth, this is that. Like flame without smoke, anSoul, 102:future; It is he today and also tomorrow, - In truth, this is that. - Deussen, Dr. Paul, PhilosophySoul, 132:Soul. Both groups bear testimony to the truth of the existence of the Soul, but, limited by theirSoul, 135:the Five Commandments. These are: Harmlessness, truth to all beings, abstention from theft, fromSoul, 136:changes in the organism and substantiates the truth of the statement that, "as a man thinketh, soSoul, 144:specific and practical import to demonstrate as truth or to reject as false the arguments putSoul, 152:of color and of form. Browning's vision of this truth and his expression of it will sum up for usSoul, 155:modern tendency, to discard the psychological truth of the doctrine along with these subtleties.Soul, 155:a laboratory technique, is absolutely true; its truth is, he admits, relative and provisional. TheTelepathy, 4:A basic mystical idea or some new revelation of truth is suddenly recognized by many and findsTelepathy, 4:individual right to the enunciated principle or truth. Several minds have registered it. It isTelepathy, 15:in evolution of the reader, or seeker after truth. This interpretation of the Bhagavad Gita inTelepathy, 22:and the disciple in the world. It is an occult truth that no man is really admitted into a Master'sTelepathy, 23:them simultaneously with an idea or an aspect of truth. By watching their reactions, He can gaugeTelepathy, 39:follows thought" is either a statement of a truth or else a meaningless phrase. [40] Forget notTelepathy, 82:these high impressions and their registration of truth, light and quality, coming from the highestTelepathy, 89:their devious thinking, and hardly know where truth begins and delusion ends; illusion, which isTelepathy, 100:I have mentioned above. This is an aspect of the truth which underlies the doctrine of "vicariousTelepathy, 100:the soul; the disciple learns that all recorded truth is susceptible to many interpretations, andTelepathy, 105:which is the great distorter of essential truth. Impressions from the Ashram or from the SpiritualTelepathy, 106:occult approach of the disciple to the center of truth, his freedom from the lower psychism, hisTelepathy, 138:of my labor of love in the presentation of truth, and as a possible starting point in yours. FromTelepathy, 140:aggressive and foolish presentations of the truth have greatly handicapped the Hierarchy.Telepathy, 142:if they do not, he will be approaching the truth from the wrong angle; this, modern science doesTelepathy, 142:hope of modern science is that it does recognize truth when proven. Truth in all circumstances isTelepathy, 142:is that it does recognize truth when proven. Truth in all circumstances is essential and in thisTelepathy, 142:either because of their presentation of the truth or because of a false humility. Both are equallyTelepathy, 170:is a definite way in which to convey essential truth. These methods of expression are, however,Telepathy, 195:the doctrine of the heart which is the force of truth itself, the radiating of the light of life,
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