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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRUTHS

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Invocation:and in its expression of certain central truths which all men, innately and normally, accept - theAstrology, 109:significances and pointed out some of the truths which can be found in connection with: The keynoteAstrology, 215:he misinterpreted because the truth - like all truths as they reach humanity - had to pass throughAstrology, 324:and generic in effect but they are only partial truths and incident to larger truths which have notAstrology, 324:are only partial truths and incident to larger truths which have not yet been sensed or notedAstrology, 354:down the ages, the revealers of new divine truths and the intermediaries between the fourth andAstrology, 419:our comprehension of the underlying meaning and truths. [420] All triangles studied will beAstrology, 519:and will make due application of the imparted truths and for them I write. Our theme concerns theAstrology, 602:rays and seven minor keynotes will reveal these truths and their promise. At the close of theAtom, 15:of the cosmic process; all of them are partial truths, yet none of them is complete without theAtom, 44:of religious upheaval is that these fundamental truths of Christianity should be demonstrated to beAtom, 44:should be demonstrated to be scientific truths. We need to make religion scientific. There is aAtom, 65:demonstrate that its well-tried and well-proven truths are erroneous. I am only trying to point outAtom, 66:is proving a limitation. [66] Those same great truths, and those same basic ideas, require a moreAtom, 66:to distinguish very carefully between the vital truths of Christianity and the crystallized form ofAtom, 66:Christ. He enunciated these great and eternal truths, and sent them forth to take form and meet theAtom, 119:Certain things we do know, and certain truths have been ascertained; yet even [120] the conclusionsAutobiography, 124:meanings to what they recognize as living truths. They are not interested in the Virgin Birth -Autobiography, 143:not emerge as clear-cut, formulated ideas but as truths which I was slowly recognizing, to which IAutobiography, 157:than in reaching the general public with the truths of the Ageless Wisdom. Their policy ofAutobiography, 161:was not so acute because great and basic truths had come to have meaning to me and I was not aloneAutobiography, 167:and presentation which is suited to the great truths which it is His function to reveal, and mineAutobiography, 168:of finding words which can express newer truths and those intuitive perceptions which are stillAutobiography, 169:responsible for the giving [169] out of the new truths which humanity needs. New teaching, alongAutobiography, 172:to those of us who loved the principles and truths for which Theosophy originally stood. Autobiography, 192:what I do not know and has access to records and truths which are sealed to me. The assumption thatAutobiography, 212:the theory that the deepest and most esoteric truths could be shouted from the housetops to theAutobiography, 241:and presents those new formulations of ancient truths which during the Aquarian age will guideAutobiography, 249:time communicate to them the deepest esoteric truths which they could recognize if there was thatAutobiography, 263:sense of mystery and presenting only those half truths which serve one purpose - to testify to theAutobiography, 263:house, relinquish non-essentials and isolate the truths which are really occult and thus visionAutobiography, 265:an esoteric school is formed. The fundamental truths taught in the new schools. A study of theseAutobiography, 267:at the center of the group, devotion to the truths enunciated by the teacher, devotion to theAutobiography, 271:People respond to the note sounded and to the truths taught, and the influence of the groupAutobiography, 273:and the old will emerge clearly, and certain new truths and interpretations will be given. This newAutobiography, 273:advanced presentation will be founded on the old truths, but these will be differently interpretedAutobiography, 275:- Appendix - What is an Esoteric School III. The Truths Taught in the True Esoteric Schools ItAutobiography, 275:Schools It should be noted that many of the truths, hitherto imparted under the term "esoteric,"Autobiography, 275:so, or are now entirely exoteric. The esoteric truths of the past are the exoteric fundamentalAutobiography, 275:truths of the past are the exoteric fundamental truths of the present. During the past one hundredAutobiography, 287:are generally accepted, either as recognized truths, as basic premises or as interestingAutobiography, 287:we feel that he should regard these presented truths as providing a fair field for honestAutobiography, 288:spiritual fact. Today, the appeal of these truths must be mental and scientifically based and notAutobiography, 291:silently and behind the scenes, dealing with truths and with human need and galvanizing men to seekAutobiography, 296:in the Path of Initiation. The great primary truths are presented for acceptance because they existAutobiography, 296:because they exist as the foundational truths of all the world religions and have evoked universalAutobiography, 296:his point in evolution. The second category of truths are offered simply for consideration and asBethlehem, 4:and criticism, and the negation of our so-called truths, is based upon the fact that religion hasBethlehem, 5:that which Christ taught. This body of inner truths and this wealth of divine knowledge haveBethlehem, 12:that of the Christ, expresses the same basic truths, but phrases them in a different manner, whichBethlehem, 13:from many [13] sources and composed of many truths. Yet it is legitimate to feel that if one had toBethlehem, 14:He endeavored to formulate into the Four Noble Truths. These are, as most of us well know: ThatBethlehem, 20:this lighted radiance they will vision the new truths and arrive at a fresh enunciation of theBethlehem, 47:of humanity may seem a slow process. Old truths enunciated by the world Teachers and Saviors are inBethlehem, 54:a renewed cycle of test and of difficulty. The truths revealed and the revelation accorded have toBethlehem, 57:impresses upon the hearts of men certain great truths which are vital to their salvation. One ofBethlehem, 57:which are vital to their salvation. One of these truths is that the love of God is eternal, andBethlehem, 99:recognition of the higher values, of the deeper truths, and of the birth unto life, leads toBethlehem, 124:is well chosen to bring out great spiritual truths. He stands for the personal self beginning toBethlehem, 163:grasped; as a divine subjective reality those truths still await revelation. The glory of the newBethlehem, 167:and He spoke those words and enunciated those truths which have proved the foundation of the beliefBethlehem, 180:upon truly Christian ethics and vital Christian truths. That for which Christ stood, the truthBethlehem, 190:never died we could never enter heaven. On these truths the Eastern Christian has placed littleBethlehem, 190:only when the best of the two lines of presented truths are brought together and then reinterpretedBethlehem, 210:desires. In the course of enunciating these new truths concerning love and service Christ lost hisBethlehem, 243:Himself prepared us for the emergence of those truths which will mark the time of the end and theBethlehem, 258:discontent, and giving them, in the Four Noble Truths, a concise statement of the human situation.Bethlehem, 263:we have temporarily lost sight of the deeper truths, the mystical values, and the one Life behindDestiny, 39:are the lower expression of the higher spiritual truths because they embody the mind reactions ofDiscipleship1, 10:in the future, I shall not wait to wrap up the truths I have to say to each of you in such a wayDiscipleship1, 11:protest that he accepts that truth. Only those truths which are wrought out individually in theDiscipleship1, 42:far as all words are inadequate symbols of inner truths. Each group has its inner counterpart. ThisDiscipleship1, 48:Life, therefore, proves dissatisfying. These truths of self-analysis are seldom definitely faced orDiscipleship1, 85:expects the new vision to appear, the newer truths to emerge into formulated clarity and the newDiscipleship1, 86:been left behind as far as registering the new truths is concerned. To this Christ referred when heDiscipleship1, 93:in the ancient days when the fundamental truths anent the universal consciousness had been somewhatDiscipleship1, 245:I can but reply to you with simple and ordinary truths - so simple and so ordinary that theirDiscipleship1, 407:they need more than clearly enunciated occult truths, no matter how true or wonderful. Give themDiscipleship1, 554:for the assimilation of the recognized truths, and for their incorporation into the daily life.Discipleship1, 597:they contain for years. Now practice the truths learnt thereby. Instead, study with close attentionDiscipleship1, 627:and ability in the expression of the deeper truths through the medium of words and your field ofDiscipleship1, 680:I would refer and which form a foundation of truths which you already accept as necessary to allDiscipleship1, 689:by defining it in terms of already imparted truths. The attitude of the neophyte is, therefore,Discipleship1, 709:of the familiar and also the importance of the truths which underlie all platitudes. This isDiscipleship1, 731:According to their reaction to the imparted truths and Plan, according to their ability to senseDiscipleship1, 781:time communicate to them the deepest esoteric truths which they could recognize if there was thatDiscipleship2, 32:which is also an intelligent application of the truths apprehended. To stand - as a group - beforeDiscipleship2, 85:meet the need in the new ways, with the expanded truths and with no dogmatism. Discipleship2, 86:it is, inevitably the School will die. The new truths are being fast recognized, but it is youthDiscipleship2, 87:is that they are often sure they do. The new truths are over-shadowing us today; if the InvocationDiscipleship2, 113:that we are building upon the same fundamental truths which have been earlier laid down (inDiscipleship2, 167:and in its expression of certain central truths which all men, innately and normally, accept - theDiscipleship2, 256:is slowly awakening to these newer values and truths and to the sevenfold source of lifeDiscipleship2, 256:men in the future in such a manner that the old truths will condition and control as never before,Discipleship2, 257:a new light is thrown upon old and well-known truths so that their significance is extraordinarilyDiscipleship2, 259:many other formulations and approaches to these truths and the newer they are the more difficultDiscipleship2, 259:the others will prefer to interpret these truths to themselves in the easier and well-knownDiscipleship2, 271:and idealists can grasp these new emerging truths more accurately. Eventually the truths thusDiscipleship2, 271:emerging truths more accurately. Eventually the truths thus grasped change the consciousness ofDiscipleship2, 277:the old presentations of the ever-needed truths. The need is indicated to them by their disciples,
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