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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRUTHS

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Glamour, 188:with deliberation and isolates the truth or truths which He deems appropriate to the need of theGlamour, 188:and symbolizes in His life-events certain basic truths which have already been revealed but whichGlamour, 189:the first rank, is as much a revelation as the truths presented by the World Teachers. Who shallGlamour, 189:humanity calls the more definitely spiritual truths. One reason lies in the fact that the lastGlamour, 194:method of rendering "blind" some of the ancient truths so that their significance may not beGlamour, 243:things which I have oft told you before. These truths are, for you, only the platitudes ofHealing, 41:which can be set in motion if certain esoteric truths are admitted in place. Until they work withHealing, 253:as their, as yet, unproved ideal. Later, the truths for which these groups stand will be added toHealing, 256:cults which are in fact the custodians of needed truths, need above everything else to change theirHealing, 367:those embodying the new and advanced truths, and that we are also in touch with the personalitiesHealing, 403:speculative details which they give out as truths anent the processes of death and theHealing, 511:substance into Heaven! These are familiar truths and ancient platitudes, but they still remainHealing, 528:state the fundamental platitudes (the essential truths, nevertheless) which underlie all that IHealing, 667:Great and good men appeared and enunciated the truths needed for the New Age, and of these Lincoln,Hercules, 3:to discover new ways in which to express the old truths, and so present the ancient formulas forHercules, 50:own plane, where group realities and universal truths constitute its kingdom. The bull, toHercules, 111:correlation between biological and spiritual truths. [112] Hercules, 131:truth does not exist for human beings, for all truths are but fractional parts of greater wholes.Hercules, 164:for me to have the vision. All the various truths form one Truth; that is what is realized inHercules, 207:ways in which to express the same foundational truths, and so to present the ancient formulas andHercules, 207:next stage in his spiritual development. The old truths will then acquire new meanings and vibrateInitiation, 25:and they are established as acknowledged truths in the consciousness of the race, then may we lookInitiation, 27:realized within the individual consciousness as truths are of any real value. In the meantime, thatInitiation, 27:and have ascertained within themselves to be truths of an incontrovertible nature for them, mayInitiation, 95:with its presentation of these cosmic truths, and its epitomizing of the purpose of thisInitiation, 160:are very cursorily summed up the major truths anent the creative processes in the solar system. InInitiation, 160:in this brief form both to protect the concealed truths and yet to reveal them to those who areIntellect, 7:mystery of man founded on old and demonstrated truths. Dr. Jung again takes this up as follows:Intellect, 15:connotation! I do not here speak of religious truths; the formulations of the theologians and theIntellect, 156:freer from deterioration will be the imparted truths. A comparison of the way of the Knower and theIntellect, 178:of divine realities, of transcendental truths and of the supernatural world. These appear, whenMagic, 7:the theories and ideals, the laws and the truths which have guided so many out of darkness into theMagic, 10:of periodicity. Such are the great underlying truths which form the foundation of the AgelessMagic, 14:of the many and varied fields of thought. The truths accepted as such have not been formulated orMagic, 15:which produce all that is known and seen. These truths are always present, and these laws are everMagic, 67:guarded. Those who are contacting the higher truths and becoming sensitive to the Universal MindMagic, 77:It involves also the steady working out of the truths learnt. Occult study, as understood in theMagic, 280:Existence. The practical application of these truths is of utmost importance. There is no life soMagic, 295:in motion and will persist until the four Noble Truths of the Buddha are understood and realized. Magic, 328:to them is given the task of defining the old truths so that the mind of the race will beMagic, 351:working out in meditation and experiment of the truths sensed. This is a lengthy process, for allMagic, 358:true nature of ideas and his application of the truths sensed is quite imperfect. That he oftenMagic, 419:the methods employed, the types reached, the truths taught, the discipline of life demonstratedMagic, 427:platform so universal and composed of such basic truths that it can be presented under all theMagic, 535:there is realization of worlds to conquer, of truths to be learnt, of conquests to be made, ofMagic, 549:he must have transcended the four noble truths, learned the meaning of the four gospels, understoodMagic, 553:exoteric sense. But this will only be when the truths of the Ageless Wisdom are universallyMagic, 582:ideals, and a pleased acquiescence in the truths of the New Age do not constitute discipleship. IfMagic, 620:a practical application of the sensed spiritual truths, thus making them part of their dailyMeditation, 5:simplicity, based on a trinity of foundation truths, and the inculcation of one-pointedness. EachMeditation, 99:from the higher planes, distortion of the truths sent down via the Ego, and a very dangerousMeditation, 129:they catch a sound or a voice that tells them truths that they recognize as true. The temptation toMeditation, 301:secret section, for always there will be certain truths and facts of dangerous import to theMeditation, 303:characteristics: By the basic character of the truths taught as embodied in the followingPatanjali, 140:fourth round, the four vidyas and the four noble truths and the four basic elements form the sumPatanjali, 141:vidya - True spiritual wisdom. The four noble truths have been stated for us in the words of thePatanjali, 141:though not penetrating the Four Aryan Truths, brethren, we have run on and wandered round thisPatanjali, 141:of Ill. But, brethren, when these Four Aryan Truths are understood and penetrated, then is uprootedPatanjali, 141:added this further: Blind to the Fourfold Aryan Truths of things, And blind to see things as theyPatanjali, 318:to the intuition for solution, that the truths of science are reached, the flashes of discovery andProblems, 123:Churches. Do they recognize it? The Essential Truths which Humanity needs and intuitively accepts.Problems, 123:exactly as it is and that we isolate those truths which are essential to man's progress andProblems, 126:become religious law and the irrefutable truths of countless millions. In the last analysis, whatProblems, 127:Comparative Religion. Only those principles and truths which are universally recognized and whichProblems, 128:and controversial line of [128] presented truths is usually unnecessary or significant only in soProblems, 129:of [129] thought, the questioning of presented truths, a refusal to accept the teachings of theProblems, 129:a disastrous negativity has prevailed; the truths given out have not sufficed to better the dailyProblems, 129:the daily life of the believer or to anchor the truths creatively upon the physical plane. TheProblems, 140:- The Problem of the Churches III. The Essential Truths There are certain keynotes - embodying theProblems, 140:the current religions. They will accept the same truths, not as theological concepts but asProblems, 141:In these three attitudes there are certain basic truths which the churches can present to menProblems, 141:the churches can present to men everywhere - truths which are uniform in all the world religions: Problems, 144:world religion, the emphasis will be on these truths. Life and not death will be proclaimed;Problems, 145:intelligently with that will - these are the truths upon which the future spiritual teaching willProblems, 145:- to an ultimate perfection; these are the truths which the church will eventually endorse, teachProblems, 147:will be for the dissemination of these existing truths that the church of the future will work,Problems, 147:large proportions and the recognition of these truths is worldwide, then we shall have theProblems, 149:5. The Divine Approaches To all these above truths, essential to human unfoldment, must be addedProblems, 156:Religion has demonstrated that the foundational truths in every faith are identical. Because ofProblems, 162:differences, agree on the essential religious truths and then proceed unitedly and with someProblems, 165:and in its expression of certain central truths which all men, innately and normally, accept - thePsychology1, xxi:In symbolism and archaic phrases it veiled the truths and principles which lie at the root of thePsychology1, xxiv:brief. I shall seek to express these abstract truths in such a way that the general public, withPsychology1, 4:shall see emerging a new approach to the ancient truths, and a new mode of investigating humanity.Psychology1, 36:Detached and the Withdrawn. The above abstract truths are difficult of apprehension, but need herePsychology1, 110:to make practical application of the imparted truths, and so minimize their responsibility. WherePsychology1, 177:the West, [177] and so have linked the spiritual truths of all ages with the truth of the ChristianPsychology1, 213:form, any real comprehension of the implied truths is entirely lacking. This is quite unavoidable.Psychology1, 223:and foreground. By a willingness to study the truths that are sent out, from time to time, from thePsychology1, 231:and of terminologies (expressing identical truths), and jealousy of other leaders, plus a sincerePsychology1, 302:But platitudes are the universal and recognized truths, and a truth is a scientific pronouncement.Psychology2, 9:differentiation) through duality to unity. These truths are practical and hence we find today suchPsychology2, 20:is but passing in its usefulness. The basic truths of today may be seen later as simply aspects ofPsychology2, 20:be seen later as simply aspects of still greater truths, and when the greater truth is grasped, thePsychology2, 48:section expresses some of the basic emerging truths which will carry meaning to the seniorPsychology2, 140:here the care with which the Teachers of these truths and the custodians of the coming revelation,Psychology2, 155:Buddha, and which is embodied in the Four Noble Truths of the Buddhist philosophy, which can bePsychology2, 155:can be summarized as follows: The Four Noble Truths Existence in the phenomenal universe isPsychology2, 158:His heart for humanity. Yet, when these simple truths are enunciated and we are urged to serve ourPsychology2, 175:of his mind to some deeply esoteric cosmic truths. This statement contains the very essence of the
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