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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TRY

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Astrology, 587:as the theme of their meditation and who would try to fit themselves - by right understanding - toAtom, 40:to a body-cell only just out of its range, may try this way and that to get a hitch on. If so, theAtom, 125:of him, therefore also of a solar Logos. Let us try, if we can, to follow some of the differentAutobiography, 2:in each cycle of experience, I did sincerely try to follow a leading, coming from within, and thatAutobiography, 36:up being such an unpleasant little girl and must try and get some measure of self-control. MyAutobiography, 41:or the hillsides of Montreux on Lake Geneva and try to feel God. I would lie on my back in a fieldAutobiography, 41:would lie on my back in a field or by a rock and try to listen to the silence all around me and toAutobiography, 65:stick to us, we will stick to you and we will try hard to be good." I had the most delightfulAutobiography, 68:in deep waters and in trouble and wouldn't I try to help him? He was returning from England whereAutobiography, 92:complex from which I suffer, but which I try to hide for the sake of the work. So with greatAutobiography, 163:curious but not in the least convinced. I would try for a couple of weeks or a month and thenAutobiography, 165:- Mr. Henry Carpenter - went out to India to try and reach the Masters at Shigatse, a small, nativeAutobiography, 166:chance. He accepted my decision but told me to try and get in touch with my Master, K.H., and talkAutobiography, 215:to having my views regarded as obsolete and try to remember my own days of revolt. I had seen soAutobiography, 290:to realize that the souls of men are one and to try and live in the power and application of thisAutobiography, 300:But in any event the disciple is free to try and so long as it is constructive and useful and trulyBethlehem, 139:divine self, is a fact in nature, however we may try to evade the issue and refuse recognition ofDiscipleship1, 12:to cooperate and aid in this work? Let me try and give a clear reply. You have undertakenDiscipleship1, 13:your meditation a short period wherein you will try and link up with your co-disciples, sendingDiscipleship1, 34:senses can take initiation and should they try to communicate the secrets and mysteries ofDiscipleship1, 51:Do you endeavor to put him right? How do you try to do this? If you are impersonal is it the resultDiscipleship1, 67:between which interplay is desired), you will try to see the living embodied idea, playing back andDiscipleship1, 99:for initiation. As time goes on, I shall try to bridge between the old techniques and the newerDiscipleship1, 112:the following situation to consider; this I will try to picture to you in a tabulation: The HeadDiscipleship1, 129:of training. Will you, therefore, be willing to try out my suggestions and to follow my proposalsDiscipleship1, 132:untouched and constructively. Will you try to remember this? This group work is either of momentDiscipleship1, 284:that I but make suggestion. It is for you to try out and see if wisdom lies behind my suggestion orDiscipleship1, 301:it subjects itself can give you much if you will try out the work for a year or so. [302] NoDiscipleship1, 305:form which may emerge in your consciousness. Try to contact the first symbol in the first threeDiscipleship1, 416:chelas for conscious discipleship, test and try them out in this connection. I had not forgottenDiscipleship1, 430:discipleship? Do I feel it a desirable thing to try out now? Can I be indifferent in a divine wayDiscipleship1, 572:in them those testing difficulties which will try the mettle of the group, and put the enduranceDiscipleship1, 628:with them. Study what they say and write and try to tune in on their souls and to understand theirDiscipleship1, 632:near to me and endeavor to sense my vibration. Try to realize at the same time the vibration of myDiscipleship1, 637:tension and interest. I would beg you to try to hear and see what I say. I have worded this withDiscipleship1, 661:a group kind; I only make trouble for myself. I try to be loving and kind. I work as hard as IDiscipleship1, 692:and spontaneously. When you, as a disciple, try to live harmlessly - in thought and word and deed -Discipleship1, 736:I am loving; now I am not loving; now I must try and love." Yet all the time none of theseDiscipleship2, 5:human endeavor. Their method and procedure is to try out the personalities of their intended andDiscipleship2, 37:preparation for initiation. I would like now to try an experiment. Continue with your group workDiscipleship2, 285:in mind and as you ponder these six sentences, try to give them an interpretation which will comeDiscipleship2, 296:not his temporary triplicity. I would have you try to ascertain and understand my reasons. As thisDiscipleship2, 297:faculty which you would do well to consider and try to imagine as a step towards development. 3.Discipleship2, 355:the next - I will "open up" the hint for you and try to show you a little (not all) that a hint,Discipleship2, 356:hints in their simple modern rendering. I will try and give them to you in their more esotericDiscipleship2, 438:will make possible for mankind to grasp, and try to give you some understanding of the quality ofDiscipleship2, 478:will be gladly anticipated events. Will you try out this plan, my brother? Stage I. The Diadem. TheDiscipleship2, 495:personality into the soul. As you do this work, try to see the thread of golden light whichDiscipleship2, 508:terms. Count, therefore, on this and try to reach them. I am going to give you a somewhat briefDiscipleship2, 512:own nature and to do so joyfully. You could also try to simplify your own approach to truth, to meDiscipleship2, 627:of their lives as you may know them; try to comprehend their problems of time, character and ofDiscipleship2, 627:Write to them, if you care to do so, and try to get them to help you. Let them draw from you theDiscipleship2, 699:Can you do this, my brother? At least you can try. How can I help you to bring in the power of yourEducation, 88:all to the Science of Right Human Relations and try to give a truer perspective than in the pastEducation, 108:nation has to make to the world whole. We will try to recognize certain outstanding facts, thoughExternalisation, 81:all of us would do well to remember. Will you try to do so? No matter what may take place in theExternalisation, 111:least some measure of light to you. Later I will try to explain the significance of the GreatExternalisation, 380:Having grasped this for himself, he can then try to bring the same constructive attitude to thoseExternalisation, 383:3. Extend your interest to many countries and try to understand the diverse problems of thoseExternalisation, 417:We shall not just believe, have hope and try to comprehend. We shall speak openly of the HierarchyExternalisation, 483:the inarticulate masses. It is essential that we try to grasp the unity of this hierarchicalExternalisation, 556:who care to meet together at these Festivals to try and do so subjectively (wherever they may findFire, 1241:is his choice, surely it is needless for us to try and comprehend (at our relatively low stage ofHealing, 133:Before proceeding to our next point, try to grasp somewhat more fully the Laws of Healing and theHercules, 75:you must subject yourself; and if you will but try and have endurance and patience, the goal willHercules, From n:God ? Is he prepared again to venture forth and try his mettle with a foe of a different sort? CanHercules, 137:at Jerusalem. Now the cross is receding. Let us try to grasp the dramatic presentation in thisHercules, 179:after two thousand years, really beginning to try, individually and in group formation? This is theHercules, 181:I do not think you can fulfil your boast, but try you may." Hercules then left the King. HeHercules, 191:turned [191] two rivers through them. He did not try to sweep and clean, as others had, but heHercules, 193:do not know what love is. It is interesting to try to express to yourself what you understand byHercules, 201:with world affairs, it seems to me he might try another method. He may work with his own in everyHercules, 207:losses and momentary distresses which may try the lower nature. One of the great revelations whichMagic, 6:temporarily, in their search for truth, to try out the methods and follow the suggestions laid downMeditation, 129:to force the issue, to prolong meditation, to try out certain methods that promise intensificationProblems, 35:the signposts on the way to that goal. Let us try to formulate a long range plan which will meetProblems, 62:to the Science of Right Human Relations and will try to give a truer perspective on socialProblems, 180:world unity, right human relations and who will try - in their own lands - to reach others withPsychology1, 84:Then shall the warden in the west test and try all the true seekers after light. Then shall thePsychology1, 110:be intelligent, and as willing (more or less) to try to live as souls, and to use as much of thePsychology1, 185:Seven Creative Builders, the Seven Rays I shall try to express the deepest objective of thePsychology1, 210:to disregard the patients idiosyncrasies and to try and grind them in the iron mill of routine. ItPsychology1, 250:of a whole. Endeavor to think in wholes, and try not to fit every point of detail into the whole,Psychology1, 395:of that ancient script, it would be wise to try and realize that the phrases are referring to thatPsychology2, 38:himself: 'I cannot seem to find the Way. I try this way, and tread with force that way, and alwaysPsychology2, 38:that way, and always with the keenest wish. I try all ways. What shall I do to find The Way?' A cryPsychology2, 176:I would like to remind you that it is when we try to discriminate entirely mentally that theRays, 27:if we take this Rule I sentence by sentence and try to wrest from each its group significance.Reappearance, 64:and - consequently - of our future hope. Let us try and realize the ever-present yet divine Person,Reappearance, 67:of humanity's future. Let us, therefore, try and appreciate not only the opportunity which ChristReappearance, 84:Let us look at these phases of His work and try to understand the significance of the
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