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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TUNE

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Astrology, 250:balance is achieved and thus they esoterically "tune each other out." Neither the voice of theAstrology, 595:so that our solar Logos can absorb them; they "tune out" those aspects of these three PotenciesAtom, 40:in the host's body it may be wholly out of tune, or wholly in tune, with any or all cells that itAtom, 40:body it may be wholly out of tune, or wholly in tune, with any or all cells that it approaches; inAtom, 40:and body-cells within its range but not in tune with it. Now there seems to be reason to supposeAutobiography, 150:phobias and fears, sensitive people are prone to tune in on the fears of other people, on theirBethlehem, 52:(through meditation) to hear the Voice which can tune out all other voices, and as they learn toBethlehem, 167:it in so universal a manner, that is, so much in tune with the objective laws in question, that hisDiscipleship1, 29:trained and developed. Their power to work in tune with or in unison with the Hierarchy, toDiscipleship1, 66:chaos everywhere to be seen and so endeavor to tune in on the attitude of the Hierarchy. ThisDiscipleship1, 110:psychic happening, recording each time you may tune in telepathically on the need or with theDiscipleship1, 110:regards your growth in sensitivity. Attempt to tune in more consciously with the consciousness ofDiscipleship1, 147:hard for you the past six months for you can tune in so easily on all that is around you. The pathDiscipleship1, 148:sensitive and so made aware. The power to tune in on the world pain and to be conscious of theDiscipleship1, 305:a contact with me. Seek to sense my aura and to tune in on my group, of which you are a part. ThenDiscipleship1, 318:real point of glamor in your life and you do not tune in with facility with glamor. Could you seeDiscipleship1, 334:when handled personally. Foster the love but tune not in when that sensed link of love is absent.Discipleship1, 346:refreshment. They are the moments when you tune in on the large life of the Hierarchy, and of theDiscipleship1, 424:and could therefore be trusted to tune in on the newer and higher rhythms. Follow, therefore, theDiscipleship1, 563:outer shell needs hardening; you must learn to tune out and to leave unrecognized that which mightDiscipleship1, 589:real usefulness (being of the old age and not in tune with the new intent) why do you not startDiscipleship1, 628:them. Study what they say and write and try to tune in on their souls and to understand theirDiscipleship1, 629:The day of the Full Moon with its opportunity to tune in with your fellow disciples in my Ashram.Discipleship1, 631:of consciousness. Later I will ask you to tune in on the heart life of this particular group in myDiscipleship1, 631:and the desire of the group (as it endeavors to tune in on my plan) begins to mature in your mind,Discipleship1, 647:which seems incorrect, inharmonious and out of tune or line. Your astral body is upon the sixth rayDiscipleship1, 648:I have assigned) will give you an ability to tune [649] in on "things as they are" in the worldDiscipleship1, 659:It is not so difficult for you, therefore, to tune in on the Love-Wisdom line of energy inDiscipleship1, 680:for service. They are: The recognized need to tune in, as far as the individual aspirant can, onDiscipleship1, 691:are in a position to know your group, and if you tune out all anxiety as to success or non-successDiscipleship2, 14:disciples should be aware of each other and tune in with ease on each other; increasingly the bondsDiscipleship2, 190:no realization of difference, the disciple can "tune in" on the life in all forms, and thereforeDiscipleship2, 377:this desire has built thought-forms which are in tune or allied to every phase of human desire fromDiscipleship2, 572:of your soul-directed personality. Seek to tune in on world need mentally and not emotionally; addDiscipleship2, 709:creative imagination; this will enable you to tune in upon the background and the consciousness ofEducation, vii:were forced, her arts and philosophy were in tune with oriental tradition. When she adopted WesternEducation, 67:Esotericism. therefore involves a life lived in tune with the inner subjective realities; it isExternalisation, 12:is complete and real. Devotees can therefore tune in with great facility on this illusory form andExternalisation, 152:must be added sensitivity and the ability to tune in and to absorb world pain, world reactions, andExternalisation, 542:easier for Western believers and esotericists to tune in and participate in the activities of theExternalisation, 690:of the Law of Love, the more easily does he tune in and absorb the thoughts and register theFire, 951:creation, and brings his vibration into tune with that of his solar Angel. The devas who are theGlamour, 2:a special sort of perception and the capacity to tune in on the Universal Mind upon that layer ofGlamour, 33:personality and therefore the capacity to tune in on mental illusion and astral glamor. Where thisGlamour, 260:playing now. Every spiritual group has its own tune (if I may employ so inappropriate a word) andHealing, 69:of the human mechanism is also such that men "tune in" on each other's emotional conditions andHealing, 392:in physical bodies; he can see them, he can tune in on their emotions, and also upon theirIntellect, 222:Won't you please tell me what I ought to do to tune them out?" During the past ten years, manyIntellect, 249:the writings of those sensitive souls who can tune in - again on psychic levels - with the mass ofIntellect, 249:the mystics of all times, or, equally, they can tune in on the fears of the ages, the racial andIntellect, 249:are sensitive in a more mental manner, and can tune in telepathically with the mental world; theyMagic, 75:and mind are one. "The heart no longer beats in tune with low desire, nor wastes its love upon theMagic, 149:art of the creative life. It sweeps a man into tune with the pulsating life of God Himself, andMagic, 304:whatsoever. It is quite possible for a man to tune in on the fears of other people whilst heMagic, 603:peace to all. Through that mental power, he can tune in on the world thought, and upon the realm ofMeditation, 10:to the Master, to disturb that equilibrium and tune the quiescent vibration to a higher note thanMeditation, 257:of consciousness is found that vibrates in tune with those dimly realized wonders, and with thoseMeditation, 273:with the Hierarchy. He is not only vibrating in tune with his group and with his Master, but isPatanjali, 92:passes behind it to that which vibrates in tune with his own soul. Thus knowledge is arrived at, -Patanjali, 155:around him. His manifestation is rhythmic and in tune with the great whole. He looks on at thePatanjali, 353:Each of the three bodies is vibrating in tune with the note of the ego or higher self, which inPsychology1, 207:full of melody, and the fourth ray man loves a tune. As a writer or poet, his work will often bePsychology2, 5:by man on the physical plane, he begins to tune in consciously on the emerging Plan of Deity, andPsychology2, 6:to manifest as a soul in time and space and to tune in on the soul purpose and the plan of thePsychology2, 79:of the life which is expressed at any particular tune or in any particular incarnation, the lengthPsychology2, 244:must give way to the tendency to make plans in tune with the Plan of God, as expressed through thePsychology2, 437:in many [437] other forms, his inability to tune in on his surroundings. Lack of understanding, ofPsychology2, 439:become materialistically intellectual and will tune out as far as he can all emotional reactionsPsychology2, 491:any action which he should take. But many people tune in on teaching being given by trained mindsPsychology2, 497:open door of his own astral life - he can tap or tune in on the astral life of the race. He thenPsychology2, 497:the collective imagination or, telepathically, tune in on the imagination of the one who is seekingRays, 53:to be an integral part of that Whole and can tune in on all states of divine awareness, knowing forRays, 529:or the initiate can, with increasing power, tune in on the mind of the planetary Logos, SanatRays, 530:as the disciple can, [530] when soul conscious, tune in on the mind of his Master, so the initiate,Rays, 643:in line with the hierarchical Plan and in tune with his own ray impulses. This project must haveRays, 748:present orthodox religions, but which will be in tune with the hidden, spiritual factor in allTelepathy, 6:mind of the attentive world server who seeks to tune in on those mind processes which hold the clueTelepathy, 37 To:of sensitive understanding. If disciples cannot tune in on each other [38] with ease after longTelepathy, 38:of close relationship, how can they, as a group, tune in on some individual or some group ofTelepathy, 75:evidence a telepathic tendency or capacity. They tune in (a phrase they regard as more euphoniousTelepathy, 115:ability which the human mechanism possesses to tune out all contacts and impressions that it may
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