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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TUNES

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Astrology, 192:does the way of the esotericists. He usually tunes in on the esoteric significances but not always.Astrology, 269:upon our planet. To these energies, the initiate tunes his consciousness and thus becomes aAstrology, 595:just as the Hierarchy upon our little planet tunes out or steps down the energies from Shamballa.Autobiography, 76:hymn book which, from its really lovely, lilting tunes, has its points but as literature and poetryDiscipleship1, 182:know whereof I speak. It is allied to fear and tunes you in on that potent and well developed worldDiscipleship1, 332:casts its clear light upon the personality) she tunes in on the illusion of human failure - aDiscipleship2, 682:Your sensitivity and your reaction to glamor tunes you in very frequently on a certain section ofDiscipleship2, 739:are in so many other ways so eminently fitted, tunes you in at this time too rapidly on worldDiscipleship2, 740:As [740] you keep that chain in mind, it tunes in on the Ashram, and therefore on the Hierarchy,Glamour, 29:things: Controls the life activity or output. Tunes the aspirant in on the mass thought-forms,Healing, 339:to be considered a factor. Sometimes a person tunes in on a state of massed melancholia, such asPsychology1, 107:of the ray group to which his soul belongs. He tunes in on a reservoir of thought, and his mind andPsychology2, 570:or are built up around his health. The sensitive tunes in on these, connects them with theRays, 259:to group conditions and group problems; he tunes in with facility on the consciousness of those inTelepathy, 37 To:you develop impersonality so that when a brother tunes in on a weakness or a strength, upon a
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