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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TURMOIL

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Astrology, 161:because, Humanity, as a whole, is in a state of turmoil, prior to a great step forward inAstrology, 162:and advanced humanity are equally in a state of turmoil. They are being tested and tried, prior toAstrology, 409:We are, therefore, not yet free from incidental turmoil. The passing of our Sun out of the signAutobiography, X:forces so rampant in this time of world turmoil and how amazingly she transmuted them, thusBethlehem, 253:synthesis and cooperation. The present world turmoil is simply [254] the result of this process ofBethlehem, 268:place in which to live. The present chaos and turmoil would then more rapidly disappear. Love isDestiny, 6:evoke response - good and bad - and produce the turmoil [7] and chaos, the warring forces and theDestiny, 12:of the [12] forces which are producing the outer turmoil may serve to clarify your vision andDestiny, 33:world is embroiled in the chaos [33] and the turmoil incident upon the clashing of the forces ofDestiny, 52:It is for this that there is so much preparatory turmoil in four of these countries. The sixth RayDestiny, 55:dangerous in these days of difficulty and world turmoil to express myself more definitely as to theDestiny, 109:of the human soul. The first result of all the turmoil has been to shift the focus of humanDiscipleship1, 6:within the Eastern zone. They call for peace in turmoil; for power in fatigue; for persistence inDiscipleship1, 6:be attained in the very midst of intellectual turmoil and the work of cooperation with theDiscipleship1, 27:leads to a constant condition of fighting and of turmoil. It negates all peace and fruitful workDiscipleship1, 419:feel and no matter how acute may be the inner turmoil. You are emerging from the condition ofDiscipleship1, 422:with steadfastness, my brother, and let the turmoil of life and the noise of affairs pass over youDiscipleship1, 424:This, in the early stages again, may call forth turmoil. I give you these hints, because when youDiscipleship1, 449:the ---. For several days I watched your inner turmoil and distress until you escaped by the doorDiscipleship1, 450:side (who possess the eye of vision) can see the turmoil and the whirlpool of terrific forces,Discipleship1, 505:is the word I wish to [505] use) that the astral turmoil permits not the clear light of truth andDiscipleship1, 534:the quiet which is achieved by the mastering of turmoil and not the quiet of a stagnant pool. IDiscipleship1, 646:and rhythm in your environment; in these days of turmoil and difficulty, every rhythmic center isDiscipleship1, 649:the world who are in the midst of the strife and turmoil (I mean a participating suffering and notDiscipleship1, 653:of the pressure in the world and the current turmoil, or else he can count for a very great deal.Discipleship2, 4:It can and does produce at times a surface turmoil, but this, if rightly handled, need cause noDiscipleship2, 69:in this group, it has led to a seething inner turmoil accompanied by an over-emphasizedDiscipleship2, 163:and initiated the seething emotional and psychic turmoil in which humanity today finds itself. TheDiscipleship2, 464:no matter whether you are here or there; the turmoil on the other side is so great - as great asDiscipleship2, 464:on the other side is so great - as great as the turmoil on the physical plane. Whether you are inDiscipleship2, 526:with more than usual care. I know the inner turmoil, the self-recriminations and theDiscipleship2, 527:forth. This you rejected, owing to the emotional turmoil in which you found yourself. Yet I had aDiscipleship2, 570:stages after reading my instructions) produce a turmoil in your consciousness? I cannot, nor can IDiscipleship2, 703:and let pity rule your acts. The noise and turmoil of the way of life is great and you respond withDiscipleship2, 703:much responsibility. To this must be added the turmoil and the chaos of the war. This has madeDiscipleship2, 749:setback. The astral plane is in a great state of turmoil today - but that is a theme upon which IDiscipleship2, 749:is nevertheless something to bear in mind. This turmoil is caused by an increasing descent of theEducation, One of:and various implications. The seething turmoil in which the masses of the people are now living andEducation, 103:surely apparent that behind all the surface turmoil and chaos so devastatingly present today in theExternalisation, 70:and various implications. The seething turmoil in which the masses of the people are now living andExternalisation, 71:World Picture The Hidden Source of the Outer Turmoil January 1939 Another angle from which theExternalisation, 71:is to look for the hidden source of the outer turmoil. This is seldom what men think it is, for theExternalisation, 180:powers should conquer, it would mean years of turmoil and revolt; their victory would result inExternalisation, 199:pursue their little lives, unaffected by the turmoil to be found in the more highly civilized partsExternalisation, 317:to carry on their work in the midst of chaos, turmoil, questioning, pain, and distress. TheyExternalisation, 333:of the workers is neglected. In the dust and turmoil and noise of the fight, grow not insensitiveExternalisation, 623:men" - a center at present full of chaos, [623] turmoil and confusion, a humanity full of pain,Fire, 413:failure. Herein lies another clue to the world turmoil. [414] Fire, 540:on to the physical plane in many lives of turmoil, of endeavor and of failure as a man strives toFire, 832:This is the period of the fiercest strife and turmoil, and the battlefield wherein the adjustmentFire, 1076:liberate the human spark. Out of the chaos and turmoil of the World War, for instance, and theFire, 1080:felt as disturbing, and only when the dust of turmoil, and the noise of clashing forces have diedHealing, 123:by the disciple's energy. This produces constant turmoil in the disciple's life, until he hasHealing, 172:below the diaphragm is in a constant state of turmoil, where average man is concerned; this is dueHealing, 328:true physical healing, on account of the astral turmoil produced. On this matter, I cannot hereHealing, 566:resistance upon the physical plane so that the turmoil thus engendered in the consciousness of manHealing, 592:of the etheric vehicle, setting up an emotional turmoil, and thus producing serious solar plexusHercules, 21:express itself, which produces the condition of turmoil and the difficulties which characterizeHercules, 187:dogma. In the field of economics a tremendous turmoil is brought about by Saturn, between those whoInitiation, 60:Out of the democratic unrest, out of the present turmoil and chaos, will arise the future worldMagic, 262:he works. Hence eventuates that constant turmoil and frequent ill-health of the beginner in theMagic, 277:is progressing, are in a state of violent turmoil. The vortex of conflicting desire in which menMagic, 440:done, but it is evident that the tremendous turmoil incident to these transitions affects theMagic, 584:his own clear note in the very midst of the turmoil of the world. He is one who has the eye trainedMagic, 587:the meaning of speech in the midst of life's turmoil. He wastes no time in self pity or selfPatanjali, 72:effect produced in the etheric body by the inner turmoil. These life currents (for the student ofPatanjali, 206:"a turning round" with its consequent temporary turmoil, but eventual quietness. In the mentalProblems, 173:the upheaval of labor everywhere which feeds the turmoil and forces unnecessary suffering upon thePsychology1, 343:are the guarantee of attainment, but also of turmoil and temporary duality. Harmony, expressingPsychology1, 378:function as a soul, independent of the cyclic turmoil of terrestrial life, and free from thePsychology1, 384:it is for this that there is so much preparatory turmoil in the [385] three European countries. ThePsychology2, 205:experience. Their lives are spent in an astral turmoil, but they have steadily increasingPsychology2, 280:approach is the cause of much of the present turmoil, for the Avatar is on His way. Psychology2, 468:restlessness that he is forever in a seething turmoil. Throughout it all, he is conscious ofPsychology2, 530:organization produce normally and naturally turmoil and conflict in the life of the mystic, causingPsychology2, 542:to the solar plexus. This leads inevitably to turmoil, over-stimulation, revolt and many otherPsychology2, 545:thus set up, involving the physical body. In the turmoil consequently evoked by these clashingPsychology2, 672:in both hemispheres, have reduced the world to turmoil and complete disunion and feebleness. Psychology2, 701:is aware of conditions of difficulty and of turmoil. It has, however, had in the past moments ofPsychology2, 706:life might be stated to be as follows: Conflict, turmoil, opposed loyalties, inner warfare and aRays, 32:to aid His disciple, always produces transitory turmoil - transitory from the angle of the soul,Rays, 237:evil and reactionary forces), and the seething turmoil reaching throughout all levels of the humanRays, 401:problem to all aspirants. The tormenting turmoil and chaos of the astral plane are due largely toRays, 618:relief and with a longing to escape from further turmoil, towards right human relations; this willReappearance, 74:and static calm, bringing to an end the turmoil on the Earth and instituting an era of peace. HeReappearance, 74:slowly and gradually until that time: The chaos, turmoil, emotional disturbance and mentalReappearance, 108:phase of human life is in a state of chaotic turmoil; every aspect [109] of daily living isReappearance, 170:of men" - a center at present full of chaos, turmoil and confusion, a humanity full of pain,
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