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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TURN

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Discipleship1, 299:to bewilder him and he met each of them in turn with the enunciation of a clear-cut principle, andDiscipleship1, 303:I tread the Way: I enter through the door. I turn and radiate." You can then carry forward your ownDiscipleship1, 305:I tread that Way. I enter through the door. I turn and radiate the light. "Sound the A. U. M. asDiscipleship1, 313:forth: My brother, close the door, for each must turn the key with his own hand, and each mustDiscipleship1, 366:lifted to the light and a smile upon your lips, turn your back upon such failure and go withDiscipleship1, 386:how ancient the rhythm by which they hold you. Turn, instead, outwards in the effort to aid yourDiscipleship1, 391:that Light which reveals the Angel which, in its turn, veils and hides the vast unknown, yet aliveDiscipleship1, 406:have to learn to use the inflowing force, and to turn it into constructive channels. You need to beDiscipleship1, 414:with life and energy, and these - in their turn - galvanize the glandular system into activity.Discipleship1, 425:clear vision of yourself is needed, and at each turn upon the Way you have to face three realities:Discipleship1, 434:that in you they have someone to whom they can turn - detached and consecrated. Let them find inDiscipleship1, 451:civilization to profit by the long awaited turn of the tide in human affairs? I, a member of theDiscipleship1, 484:him right help in the right way. This, in its turn, involves an inner brooding upon the quality andDiscipleship1, 522:it. I taught you also how to dedicate it and to turn it into a shrine of consecration and connectDiscipleship1, 558:the nature of the spiritual Being and is, in its turn and in due time, imposed upon the rhythm ofDiscipleship1, 563:indicates self-centeredness, and this in turn militates against the needed inclusiveness which willDiscipleship1, 584:Naught [584] can then be hidden, and at each turn upon that Road a man must face himself. Upon theDiscipleship1, 597:each morning, eliminate again all forms which turn the attention to the Great Ones or to [598]Discipleship1, 599:That has a temporary value, provided you again turn your eyes to the soul. Forgetting the thingsDiscipleship1, 600:and to the group, confident that you can safely turn to the teacher for confirmation or correctionDiscipleship1, 630:it will never be destroyed and maybe it will turn into a haven of refuge for others. Its doorsDiscipleship1, 630:pour out the love of your heart upon those who turn to you for light and strength. Men today haveDiscipleship1, 650:That I wish not to see, and so will symbolically turn my back. Is not this what you wish, myDiscipleship1, 679:I hear with ear attentive, and, listening, turn my head. That which I visioned, yet visioning couldDiscipleship1, 679:sounds of earth shuts out the voice of God. I turn me on my forward path, and vision once again theDiscipleship1, 751:many people in the outer world who (on a lower turn of the spiral) are to him what he is to theDiscipleship1, 779:by the aid of the mind as that mind is, in its turn, illumined by the soul. Discipleship2, 17:- of all experiences and visions. Then in June turn in your full moon records along with your otherDiscipleship2, 17:the helping and informing of the group members. Turn them in, my brother, even if there is naughtDiscipleship2, 17:of their present importance, and this in its turn is determined by the group condition - for whichDiscipleship2, 42:for the will-to-good; I know that naught will turn you for any length of time from the pursuit ofDiscipleship2, 43:ancient event of individualization upon a higher turn of the spiral, this time entered into withDiscipleship2, 83:adhered to it in every land and have each in turn become distributors of light. The publication andDiscipleship2, 105:of the disciple-initiate, and it (in its turn) is a part of the whole hierarchical reflectiveDiscipleship2, 137:imagination of the disciple, and this, in its turn, will be conditioned and controlled by theDiscipleship2, 137:of your reflective consideration. You will now turn your attention to yourself, the soul, theDiscipleship2, 141:will from his. I implement that will by love. I turn towards the field of service. I, the TriangleDiscipleship2, 141:becomes more vital and real. This world, in its turn, is the antechamber to the world of causes,Discipleship2, 147:way the Masters work (though on a much higher turn of the spiral) in times of crisis, or when thereDiscipleship2, 162:are far more potent because they are, in their turn, a precipitation of energies which have beenDiscipleship2, 176:will from his. I implement that will by love. I turn towards the field of service. I, the TriangleDiscipleship2, 181:the forces of the disciple's own ray; that, in turn, colors somewhat the Ashram with which he isDiscipleship2, 194:active, expressive Will in emergence, and in turn, active Love in establishing relationships andDiscipleship2, 199:Nevertheless, I have only been endeavoring to turn your instinct towards spiritual expression intoDiscipleship2, 212:a love of their fellowmen; these, in their turn, work through the idealists who seek a better worldDiscipleship2, 212:inspiration of goodwill. This last group, in its turn, works with all who are emotionallyDiscipleship2, 216:and much which is disastrous in nature; in their turn, modern men have created this presentDiscipleship2, 218:Atlantean days, only this time on a much higher turn of the spiral and with the intelligentDiscipleship2, 223:of the evolutionary spiral, the Hierarchy in its turn impresses the New Group of World Servers withDiscipleship2, 229:being, the Power that can make all things new, turn to spiritual purposes the money in the world;Discipleship2, 233:senior Members of the Hierarchy. They, in their turn, make this impression the subject of theirDiscipleship2, 249:points of force, and thus the wheel begins to turn upon itself." Formula Five awakens the Will, butDiscipleship2, 260:the Hierarchy, so the initiate - upon a higher turn of the spiral - has to establish rightDiscipleship2, 287:(to express the idea in occult terms) "must turn his back upon the Central Spiritual Sun, and withDiscipleship2, 288:of flowering forth as perfect men and, in their turn, become the saviors of humanity. Then theyDiscipleship2, 288:Beings of power, wisdom and love who, in their turn, are under the supremacy of Sanat Kumara, theDiscipleship2, 325:of hierarchical effort. This is true, on a lower turn of the spiral, of the masses of menDiscipleship2, 340:new and spiritual causes which - in their turn - magnetically project the initiate onward until (atDiscipleship2, 348:to the initiate. They are also - on a higher turn of the spiral - the esoteric correspondence orDiscipleship2, 366:great formulas of living which, in their turn, will produce the essential creative patterns. ThereDiscipleship2, 387:the objective of territory. All this is, in its turn, founded upon the arrogance, the aggressiveDiscipleship2, 403:submission to the Law of Sacrifice. This, in its turn, brings his consciousness under the influenceDiscipleship2, 448:leading to a point of tension which will, in its turn, inevitably lead to a point of crisis. WhenDiscipleship2, 452:this same process on the highest possible turn of the spiral within the planetary rhythm - but thatDiscipleship2, 556:and on progress. Yet disciples have to learn to turn their spiritual habits into instinctualDiscipleship2, 561:heart, directed by his eye, penetrates in turn the outer gloom and is seen by those who wait.Discipleship2, 561:and know his light and mine to be the same. I turn and send my light into the dark, to guide someDiscipleship2, 563:periods get shorter and shorter. On the lower turn of the spiral, the Ashram is to the discipleDiscipleship2, 608:attention to which your group brothers can turn in years to come. Give out to others more and moreDiscipleship2, 620:a reaction that leaves you alone. This in its turn evokes a response from your personality which isDiscipleship2, 622:but a sublimation of the etheric, as that in turn is but the sublimation of the inorganic chemical?Discipleship2, 623:an emotional crisis. This emotion is, in its turn, the result of sensory perception. There can beDiscipleship2, 641:exercise with the meditation. Relax and turn the eyeballs upward. The Hindu system of rolling upDiscipleship2, 654:fire blends with and consumes the little one. I turn and pass back - out of the light and warmth -Discipleship2, 654:- into the world of gloom and mist and, as I turn, I hear a voice crying aloud: "Well done. PassDiscipleship2, 657:and achieve a deepening which will, in its turn, produce wisdom and truth. I do not urge you toDiscipleship2, 680:and run your own goodwill movement, which may turn out to be a big thing numerically but a poorDiscipleship2, 714:department of the group activity, and then you turn to something else; your basic purpose isDiscipleship2, 724:times a day, will suffice to calm your mind and turn the place where you abide into a shrine. ThisDiscipleship2, 724:the quality of your vibration, and this in turn, to a slight (a very slight) degree, affects yourDiscipleship2, 729:Can you begin to be one to whom the enquirer can turn for help, knowing that he will get enoughDiscipleship2, 735:faces many in this group today as it, in its turn, faces humanity, one of whose controlling rays isDiscipleship2, 736:initiating of new karma which will, in its turn, produce its inevitable effects later. I call thisDiscipleship2, 739:outer form. In these words I sought to have you turn your eyes away from the form aspect of theEducation, 4:leading to hypotheses which, in their own turn, lead to still more investigation and conclusions.Education, 6:parts of man, and also of linking him up in turn with his immediate environment, and then with theEducation, 17:which can use the mind, as the mind in its turn uses the physical brain, is overlooked. One of theEducation, 24:qualifying all forms, and that these in their turn are subdivided into forty-nine types ofEducation, 28:center of the head to the mind, which is in its turn a center of energy in the world of thought. AtEducation, 31:linking the soul and the mind, which in its turn is linked with the other two aspects. The soulEducation, 31:medium of expression, just as the soul in its turn is endeavoring to use its shadow, the threefoldEducation, 58:Personality can be brought about. All this will turn the man out into the arena of life with aEducation, 61:focusing through the etheric body which, in turn, motivates and galvanizes his physical vehicleEducation, 93:will constitute service, and this, in its turn, will do three things for the child who is taught toEducation, 123:to the world of spiritual values, evoking in its turn reciprocal action from Those Who are theEducation, 123:form in every realm of human thought and they in turn will gradually be absorbed into ever largerEducation, 129:the quality of self-sacrifice which is, in its turn, an aspect of the will nature of Deity. BeingEducation, 132:darkness of physical incarnation which - in its turn - is the foreordained preparatory processEducation, 135:of rapidity may not be yours) and this, in its turn, must produce certain automatic and inherentEducation, 136:transferring the whole concept on to a higher turn of the evolutionary spiral. This, when it is
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