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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TURNING

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Astrology, 7:at a later date to discover that key and then - turning it on behalf of humanity - reveal [8] theAstrology, 20:movement up and down the land. I may revolve and turning face the many different ways; I face someAstrology, 96:the scorpion are the beneficent gifts which the turning of the wheel gives to the man at theAstrology, 102:of the latent embodied ideas have - after the turning of the wheel in two directions - broughtAstrology, 103:It is this antagonistic movement of the wheel "turning upon itself" (as it is expressed in theAstrology, 172:astrologer is not sure which way the wheel is turning, it is the only decanate with its ruler ofAstrology, 198:is the great constellation which influences the turning point both in the life of humanity and theAstrology, 249:applied purificatory measures and the turning point [250] before Scorpio, which governs the path ofAstrology, 250:in Virgo, according to which way the wheel is turning for the man. The Sun "falls" in this signAstrology, 337:of the Zodiacal Constellations On the Wheel turning clockwise (Aries to Taurus, via Pisces) ForAstrology, 338:of the Zodiacal Constellations On the Wheel turning anti-clockwise (Aries to Pisces, via Taurus)Astrology, 346:is particularly potent during the anti-clockwise turning of the Great Wheel. This fact will emergeAstrology, 370:true meaning of the Biblical phrase: the "wheel turning upon itself." In reality, the wheel doesAstrology, 555:of his soul. From that decision there is no turning back. Astrology, 654:men. Pisces - I leave the Father's Home and turning back, I save. Atom, 123:a definite effect upon his surroundings. He is turning his attention from his own personal selfishAutobiography, 106:asked him if he was married. I well remember his turning to her and saying: "My dear young lady, IAutobiography, 133:indicated to me that thirty-five is frequently a turning point in many lives. If a person is everBethlehem, 66:consecrated" or set apart. "Galilee" means the "turning of the wheel" - that wheel of life and ofBethlehem, 67:to the birth the Christ in every form. When the turning of the great wheel of life has played itsBethlehem, 110:the problem in the spirit in which He met it, turning the light of the soul upon it, and restingBethlehem, 147:as the great wheel of life turns, and, turning, carries humanity onward), bring man to the pointBethlehem, 203:consciousness; and righteousness is the steady turning of the thought and life towards the soul,Bethlehem, 205:he places his love in the wrong direction, and turning his back on the love of God, which is of theBethlehem, 207:The Fourth Initiation - The Crucifixion III. In turning our attention to the story of theBethlehem, 272:need of the world at this time, and the general turning of men towards the world of ideas, wouldDestiny, 48:lower psychism are upon us again in the great turning of the wheel of life, but this time good mayDiscipleship1, 48:is so [48] dominant in the average person) , turning it into heart activity and the service of yourDiscipleship1, 50:not refer to what is so often referred to as "turning one's back upon the world." The discipleDiscipleship1, 490:argument. Ever the soul has to learn to be the "turning wheel" or the "moving lotus," contactingDiscipleship1, 584:And yet there is, with that great revelation, no turning back, no spurning of each other, noDiscipleship1, 762:has to offer and which has been slowly turning its attention towards the mind of the personality,Discipleship2, 74:to the life of the Ashram. But - in the turning of the wheel of life - lessons are learnt, andDiscipleship2, 126:have put your hand to the plow and there is no turning back for any of you, but the time factor isDiscipleship2, 168:so is he" is a basic law in nature; the constant turning of the mind to the need for light and theDiscipleship2, 199:the physical Sun and governs, for instance, the turning of planetary vegetable life towards the SunDiscipleship2, 391:his suggestions as to the immediate mode of turning the hierarchical ideas into ordinary humanDiscipleship2, 468:will embody, as a higher expression upon the turning spiral, the higher mystery of the astralDiscipleship2, 621:of which you need to make experimental use, thus turning them into the ascertained facts of yourDiscipleship2, 624:aeons, and - if I may so express it - it is the turning of the searchlight of the slowly developingDiscipleship2, 628:not fail in going on; for you there will be no turning back nor any real tendency to do so - onlyEducation, 124:my conclusion that men are everywhere turning towards synthesis, fusion, blending and mutualExternalisation, 41:the Hierarchy - Section I - Introductory Remarks Turning now to the work of the third group, weExternalisation, 80:race has made real progress. There has been no turning back, and there will be none. Mankind hasExternalisation, 125:expressed by the formula, "Thou shalt not," thus turning human attention to the material expressionExternalisation, 208:of unemployment is not unduly aggravated. The "turning of the cannon into plowshares" must beExternalisation, 240:and fearfully, men are seeking a solution and turning hither and thither for help and comfort.Externalisation, 288:to be a "Changer of Conditions" and a major turning point in the life of mankind if everyExternalisation, 348:Moon of May, many millions everywhere will be turning their thoughts towards the Buddha, seeking toExternalisation, 435:the new. Arousing the minds of the masses and turning them - each in his own place and manner -Externalisation, 513:last advent, and remember likewise that in the turning of the cyclic wheel, in the evolution of theExternalisation, 596:outside of them) is general and complete, and a turning to God is to be seen on every hand.Externalisation, 642:by His Own choice. Many today in all lands are turning their thoughts consciously to Him; othersExternalisation, 642:consciously to Him; others are aware of a vague turning towards some divine Person or Power WhoExternalisation, 665:in every country, and of industrialists, thus turning them towards the goal of right sharing, as aExternalisation, 689:is that the trend of human living and thought is turning steadily towards the subjective spiritualFire, xv:This fragment of the Secret Doctrine, in the turning of the evolutionary wheel, goes out to theFire, 15:Stone of Fire, and proceeded to the next. In turning next the Great Wheel launched the second.Fire, 16:now and unalloyed, of color rose and blue. The turning of the fifth wheel and its action on theFire, 50:off through cosmic friction, produced by the turning of the cosmic wheel, swept into temporaryFire, 109:In the human kingdom lies the key, but the turning of that key opens up a door to a widerFire, 124:the action of the centers. They become "wheels turning upon themselves," and from a purely rotaryFire, 126:and blocked, and therefore acts as a barrier, turning the flame backwards and downwards, and thatFire, 136:of the fire at the base of the spine and the turning of its attention to the two higher trianglesFire, 161:dimensional action or the wheel or rotary form turning upon itself. The swastika, or the fireFire, 161:until finally we have a blazing, fiery wheel, turning every way, with radiant channels of fire fromFire, 242:the planet called the earth is regarded as the turning point or the battleground between Spirit andFire, 309:desire and memory" "It is because manas is the turning point in the cycle that H. P. B. hasFire, 362:alignment brought about. It eventuates in the turning of the attention of the logoic kundalini fireFire, 383:to the student. The wheel turns, and in its turning sweeps into objectivity one of its sevenFire, 463:with his brothers of less degree. Thus by the turning by man of his thought force upon the animals,Fire, 530:Those centers from which logoic kundalini is turning. That which is not considered a principle.Fire, 664:of the Agnisuryans formed itself, and in the turning of the Wheel produced the third." This conveysFire, 720:of the vitality latent in it, and a temporary turning of that latent fire to the increase of theFire, 738:immediate incarnation becomes the rule in the turning of the wheel of life; this time it is broughtFire, 774:it is an indication that the entire lotus is turning its force downwards, and for the period ofFire, 774:the higher. There is at this stage very little turning of egoic energy in the direction of theFire, 862:in a fourth dimensional sense (or become wheels turning upon themselves) when the aspirant hasFire, 965:be seen in circulation; it then becomes a "wheel turning upon itself." The major etheric centersFire, 1031:system. Magnetism, or Divine Alchemy. 3. The turning of the wheel, The solar wheel, The planetaryFire, 1051:calculated, as it is dependent upon the occult "turning of the attention" by the planetary Logos inFire, 1057:by those with the "seeing eye," for it causes a turning of varying parts of the sphere to theFire, 1059:and holding back from incarnation until, in the turning of the great wheel, suitable and betterFire, 1083:Division E - Motion on the Plane of Mind IV. The Turning of the Weel 12 We come now to theFire, 1085:It must also be remembered that the turning of our tiny systemic wheel, and the revolution of aFire, 1089:- Motion on the Plane of Mind In the fact of the turning of the monadic Wheel covering the periodFire, 1090:and non-incarnating, Monads. All are turning upon the monadic cosmic wheel; each is being [1091]Fire, 1092:Ego is also seen. The egoic cycle, or the turning of the wheel of the incarnating Ego, is of theFire, 1092:and elucidation, this wheel may also be seen as turning in three cycles and as making three kindsFire, 1093:The lesser cycles deal with this; the greater turning of the wheel concerns also the appearance, orFire, 1093:are a few more remarks to be made anent the turning of the various wheels, and we can then take upFire, 1117:be gained of the unified purpose underlying the turning of the great Wheel of the cosmic Heaven,Fire, 1158:not only fully active but is rotating as "wheels turning upon themselves," when they are fourthFire, 1221:4. Here we have the angel with the flaming sword turning in all directions. This symbolism is heldFire, 1269:those who seek the beast. And thus He serves, turning His back upon the door of light. He is theFire, 1269:unseen by Him, a greater disk becomes apparent, turning unceasingly. He seeth not its movement forGlamour, 50:And yet there is, with that great revelation, no turning back, no spurning of [51] each other, andGlamour, 76:of speaking of the glamor of materiality) are turning their desire to their duty, theirGlamour, 82:to use the mind as a reflector of soul light, turning it upon the levels of glamor, and thereforeGlamour, 182:thinking, under the influence of the Angel. The turning of the mind to the formulation of those
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