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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ULTIMATE

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Astrology, 139:which nothing can arrest. The achievement of ultimate synthesis is inevitable, and this JupiterAstrology, 201:ray which fuses spirit and matter "to the ultimate glory" of the solar Logos are in the fullestAstrology, 212:form nature and the soul which seeks to be the ultimate controlling factor. The color assigned toAstrology, 223:lies the hope of the world and the surety of the ultimate solution of the world problem along rightAstrology, 242:the Soul, the eternal Son of Mind, becomes the ultimate synthesis, focusing and relating theAstrology, 296:bring consciousness to the birth and make the ultimate goal attainable; they make all forms ofAstrology, 324:of the plan. It is not the need for achieving an ultimate perfection which goads the ego on toAstrology, 331:individual and in order to guarantee the ultimate salvation of substance itself. Human beings,Astrology, 424:their being is to be found the inevitability of ultimate achievement, the unalterability of law andAstrology, 450:progress, through changing process, towards an ultimate revelation. Astrology, 580:nature of goodness and the inevitability of the ultimate triumph of good. This is notAstrology, 593:This will is the principle of victory, of the ultimate goal of life when fruition is achieved; itAstrology, 631:to God in the highest" is the enunciation of its ultimate perfection and triumph. Can more be saidAtom, 21:constructs, develops, and brings all to an ultimate perfection. This is that Perfection which isAtom, 22:which is gradually bringing order out of chaos; ultimate perfection out of temporary imperfection;Atom, 33:He defined the atom as "a hard, indivisible, ultimate particle," a something which was incapable ofAtom, 33:subdivision. This was considered to be the ultimate atom in the universe, and was called by theAtom, 34:It became apparent that what was considered the ultimate particle was not so at all. As you nowAtom, 34:what we understand as tangible substance. This ultimate particle of matter is now demonstrated toAtom, 41:be traced in all forms of life, from the then ultimate atom up through all forms of being. InAtom, 41:we must regard as in some form or other the ultimate factors in all physical or chemical processes,Atom, 65:we have looked upon it as the great and ultimate terror, whereas in reality it is the great escape,Atom, 69:for every atom in the solar system. Before the ultimate atom there lies a tremendous goal, and asAtom, 79:in its nature to the human atom, and to the ultimate atom of substance, being but the expression ofAutobiography, 49:are the answer and the guarantee of man's ultimate achievement and that as They are, so shall weAutobiography, 50:completely satisfied with their own. To me, the ultimate hell (if there is a hell, which I veryAutobiography, 262:the Path and (usually) takes the place of the ultimate and final authority. This phase in theAutobiography, 295:a step upon the way to that attainment. That an ultimate perfection (though relative in nature) isAutobiography, 300:we know, will be only the smaller part of the ultimate beneficial results. This rich prize has beenBethlehem, 8:life is meaning. But every symbol which is the ultimate expression of a state of consciousness isBethlehem, 8:"Therefore, no spiritual form can ever be an ultimate expression; every meaning, when it has beenBethlehem, 21:the guarantee to us of our own divinity and our ultimate achievement. The fact of the mythicBethlehem, 35:for divine expression and light, and for the ultimate achievement of the new birth which releases aBethlehem, 49:of divinity, but to all this will be added the ultimate revelation of the Presence of God in theBethlehem, 54:is never of the whole Plan. It is not of the ultimate experience nor of the unfathomableBethlehem, 74:of the pain drive us to offer it up as our ultimate gift to Christ. Pain is ever the accompanimentBethlehem, 81:it is not simply a symbolic expression of some ultimate goal - lying ahead of us in some dimBethlehem, 93:[93] it can recognize, even through Christ, the ultimate objectives of the divine Will? The historyBethlehem, 94:power, its capacity to grow, and its ultimate radioactivity; the vegetable kingdom, with itsBethlehem, 109:Him, we too can stand free, assured of our own ultimate victory. Christ as man achieved victory. WeBethlehem, 111:emerged victorious, thus guaranteeing to us our ultimate victory. Bethlehem, 116:and give the clue to the whole process. The ultimate temptation is doubt. The test we have all toBethlehem, 142:of the part with the Whole, of humanity with the ultimate Reality. Man's history has been one ofBethlehem, 147:The Bhagavad Gita, remain also true [147] as an ultimate statement concerning the transfigurationBethlehem, 183:individual, his perfecting, his service and his ultimate sacrifice in the interests of the whole.Bethlehem, 187:death. Its only rest lies in the belief that the ultimate victory is over death, and that some dayBethlehem, 198:who are his elect: they shall never fall from ultimate salvation (perseverance of the saints).Bethlehem, 250:and of man's divinity. He has intuited the ultimate possibility, and will not rest until he hasBethlehem, 250:of lives upon our planet, leading to an ultimate perfection, or the Buddhistic theory leading toBethlehem, 277:that it will not fail us. But revelation of the ultimate perfection, whatever that may be (and weBethlehem, 280:signifies that experience itself is the sole ultimate authority." (Quoted in Reality and Illusion,Destiny, 15:to this Shamballa influence will have the ultimate good of the group deeply enshrined in hisDestiny, 40:processes of evolution and is not a question of ultimate achievement but simply one of time; theyDestiny, 58:world condition, then to France may be given the ultimate glory of proving to the world the fact ofDiscipleship1, 32:potent means of work and of far more potency and ultimate value than any legislation or emphasisDiscipleship1, 271:they embody your needed lesson and your [271] ultimate achievement; and that they also indicate inDiscipleship1, 305:radiation hold for you the secret of your ultimate liberation. Discipleship1, 344:produce that definite drive which tends towards ultimate success, but also a drift towardsDiscipleship1, 424:the lower! They realize much more clearly the ultimate goal and ideal, but the intermediate stepsDiscipleship1, 478:there is not the slightest doubt. Of your ultimate success, I am equally confident. Of your presentDiscipleship1, 596:been divergent. Mistake me not, my brother: The ultimate objective of the physical plane life hasDiscipleship1, 720:itself upon a higher level. They dispense the ultimate fire of the Will. The fire which must, inDiscipleship2, 20:body. This vehicle of vitality or energy is the ultimate conditioning factor in the activity of theDiscipleship2, 209:(in the universal Mind of the Logos) the ultimate result of the divine Will-to-Good. 3. Shamballa,Discipleship2, 256:that which has hitherto been regarded as the ultimate goal. An illustration of this is the factDiscipleship2, 266:spirit and matter, into one living whole, the ultimate Reality. These are some of the more obviousDiscipleship2, 304:of all divine processes and to note the ultimate fact that such processes culminate in a spiritualDiscipleship2, 316:still behind the curtain of that which veils the ultimate truth. The great secrets of Sanat KumaraDiscipleship2, 349:(by the initiate) that they simply veil an ultimate possibility for which he must work and wait. Discipleship2, 587:and I have no question in my mind as to your ultimate success. I seek to change your rhythm ofDiscipleship2, 731:along the line of the first ray, and your ultimate goal must be a second ray personality, followingEducation, 22:they must do in the future from the angle of the ultimate [23] soul objective and not, as in theEducation, 141:the Christ consciousness, the Solar Angel. The ultimate fusion of humanity with the Hierarchy,Externalisation, 53:politicians of the period, but symbolic of the ultimate rule of the Hierarchy under the Kingship ofExternalisation, 186:ages, which appears to be leading all towards an ultimate good. Some definite direction has led manExternalisation, 202:instinctively to God, and that the hope of ultimate glory lies hid in the Christ-consciousness.Externalisation, 233:to profit by their death and sacrifice when the ultimate triumph of the Forces of Light comes toExternalisation, 234:fight, and for which they are ready to pay the ultimate price. Peace, when it comes, will be theExternalisation, 254:present aggressive activity of certain groups ultimate good may be engineered and the evil activityExternalisation, 339:Nations, and in spite of a basic trend towards ultimate victory, the powers of evil have had thingsExternalisation, 343:nature of goodness and the inevitability of the ultimate triumph of good. This is notExternalisation, 367:the Axis Powers. Other factors also ensure the ultimate victory of the forces of right and theExternalisation, 426:a war to a finish, and the reasons are the ultimate saving of millions of lives and theExternalisation, 432:of determining action on the basis of the ultimate good of the individual or the group, and thatExternalisation, 432:the final issue, with the future welfare and the ultimate well-being of humanity. They are not soExternalisation, 472:as men, thus guaranteeing to humanity the same ultimate achievement. We are apt to look upon theExternalisation, 486:and the power at their disposal ensures the ultimate triumph of their spiritual idealism. The majorExternalisation, 498:shut up within the atom and imprisoned in these ultimate forms of life, can be turned wholly intoExternalisation, 518:a secure eminence. In Their security lies your ultimate success, for They hold in Their hands theExternalisation, 532:and my words here will therefore serve an ultimate purpose. Those Who form the Council Chamber ofFire, 24:To the yellow and the red, to the purple and the ultimate is the vibration of the seventh adjustedFire, 69:answer is that the seventh principle is the ultimate state attainable by the self after crossingFire, 138:plane has its goal, its initiations and its ultimate triumph. Other angles of this subject, such asFire, 153:which we have somewhat dealt with, down to the ultimate physical atom and the molecular matter thatFire, 162:condition for training, fits himself for the ultimate application of the Rod of Initiation, andFire, 173:equivalent to mental discrimination), and its ultimate transmutation into intuition. All teachers,Fire, 183:The sevenfold head center in its turn finds ultimate expression in the gorgeous twofold centerFire, 199:matter, its identification with the One, and the ultimate rejection of form. The senses then areFire, 237:and all?"; by scientists in their search for the ultimate truth and in their endeavor to find outFire, 238:of hypothesis, and in the recognition of an ultimate something of such an elusive nature, that men
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