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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ULTIMATE

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Psychology2, 169:onwards toward his dream, the vision of an ultimate discovery. He sometimes found the thing hePsychology2, 206:and propositions and work with them for the ultimate benefit of the human family. They are thePsychology2, 344:and esoteric. The other is the period of ultimate perfection which is finally achieved as a resultPsychology2, 363:a healing force which brings all forms to an ultimate perfection through the power of thePsychology2, 404:sadistic attitudes, self-righteousness and an ultimate despair which is the negation of truth. WhenPsychology2, 427:for orientation, the bridging process and the ultimate sense of achievement are identical in bothPsychology2, 431:idea of hope, the thought of fulfilment and of ultimate achievement. It will also be essential thatPsychology2, 599:the soul, which [599] portray pictorially the ultimate destination and the final purpose, are thePsychology2, 652:on upon our planet. It is therefore assured of ultimate success. The work that the New Group ofPsychology2, 713:react, or the quality or the capacity of its ultimate achievement. I have endeavored above,Rays, 131:divine connections and the possibility of his ultimate highest spiritual attainment; it steadilyRays, 224:truth and goodness, and which has seemed the ultimate goal of all aspirational effort. The endeavorRays, 297:and gives the great gift of light, knowledge and ultimate illumination. Such are the goals for theRays, 312:our being; it is also [312] the guarantee of our ultimate and inevitable attainment, perfection,Rays, 318:Logos as He orders all things toward the ultimate goal of life itself through the process ofRays, 369:the guarantee and the assurance of humanity's ultimate success. The three major Executives of theRays, 428:is such that it will produce another and perhaps ultimate world crisis, or else such a speeding upRays, 429:if rightly handled, need not again reach the ultimate horror. The area of difficulty - as is wellRays, 434:in the brain), the soul which seems at first the ultimate goal of attainment but is later seen asRays, 486:divine expression and bringing man nearer to his ultimate goal. Disciples must always remember thatRays, 497:building of the antahkarana is the great and ultimate service which all true aspirants can render. Rays, 679:theme be rendered practical. There is perhaps an ultimate opinion that it is the realm of theRays, 681:humanitarian reasons. But the people hold the ultimate triumph in their hands, for the heart of theReappearance, 70:divine perfection - an absolute, sovereign and ultimate perfection to which He Himself never madeSoul, 10:has its value only as it leads to an ultimate integration. Is not the time ripe for bringing EastSoul, 67:degree of consciousness. We may conceive the ultimate purpose of the life force to be theSoul, 84:- the life, the mind, the soul, the spirit. The ultimate force which lies at the root ofSoul, 95:from 'matter' as known by the senses. This ultimate substance is stated to be Ether in a state ofSoul, 95:this is due to the action of Shakti as Maya. The ultimate and simplest physical factor from whichSoul, 95:notwithstanding the diversity of its forms. Its ultimate element is on the final analysis of oneSoul, 95:of matter depend on the various movements of the ultimate particle and its succeeding combinations.Soul, 118:digestion, cardiac action, and respiration in ultimate relation with the Muladhara, Svadhisthana,Soul, 152:intelligence. Science has even recognized this ultimate possibility and noted that the trend of theSoul, 155:in its practical effects, but that, in its ultimate nature, is incapable of formulation. Herein theSoul, 155:to account until he is sure he has grasped its ultimate nature is very much on a level with the manTelepathy, 6:on those mind processes which hold the clue to ultimate world salvation. The thought-directingTelepathy, 81:in the Council Chamber. This high spiritual and ultimate impression moves outward along the sevenTelepathy, 119:by the Agents of the divine Will; They know the ultimate purpose of Sanat Kumara and hold itTelepathy, 120:possible. This purpose will constitute the ultimate revelation to the final root-race of men; itTelepathy, 159:of Decision, one of the seven Paths of Ultimate Destiny, the Masters function in Their cosmicTelepathy, 183:lesser forms of which it is composed, on to the ultimate glory which He alone visions and knows. It
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