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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ULTIMATELY

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Astrology, 9:energies and their Source. These sources are ultimately responsible for the manifestation of theAstrology, 227:and of the goal towards which the disciple must ultimately direct his steps. This Path is theAstrology, 542:by Uranus, via the eleventh house, and will ultimately give place to group consciousness and groupAtom, 34:atom is (as Lord Kelvin in 1867 thought it would ultimately turn out to be) a "vortex ring," orAtom, 43:larger atom, the solar system? This brings us ultimately to the standpoint which the religiousAtom, 151:kind, and the all-pervading unity which must ultimately be recognized. If we have found that thereAutobiography, 22:often dismissed as adolescent fancies which will ultimately be outgrown. To me, they indicateAutobiography, 79:for his passage to Great Britain, where he ultimately recovered. Another manager got depressed andBethlehem, 12:them as evolutionary crises which we may not ultimately escape; and a right understanding of theBethlehem, 28:What is true of the individual will be true ultimately of the entire human family. The plan forBethlehem, 121:and therefore entitled to good health may be ultimately true when divinity is really expressed, butBethlehem, 249:In the last analysis, if perfection is to be ultimately achieved, the question is merely one ofDestiny, 40:know that the life within a man will bring him ultimately to his goal and that the experiences andDiscipleship1, 5:pursue its onward course and revelation will ultimately come. I exact, therefore, no blindDiscipleship1, 74:forces - those of good or those of evil - will ultimately prevail because even if the forces ofDiscipleship1, 74:triumph where the peace is concerned? Good must ultimately triumph but the Hierarchy does not knowDiscipleship1, 236:humiliating you may find it to be. If all is ultimately to be revealed as men develop the powers ofDiscipleship1, 367:recognized cannot be lightly set aside and must ultimately be worked out. The discipline of theDiscipleship1, 459:which is one of your dearest dreams can be ultimately developed, but you must proceed with care.Education, 122:of life upon the physical plane. This will ultimately produce a synthesis of human endeavor and anEducation, 129:and are held before the race as that which is ultimately ideal: The recognition of hierarchicalExternalisation, 61:forces will prevail. They know that good must ultimately triumph but They do not know what [62] theExternalisation, 102:the group influence and ideals. It is therefore ultimately very far-reaching in its effectiveness,Externalisation, 328:the human spirit, on a conviction that good must ultimately triumph because it always has, and aExternalisation, 475:experience and were preparing to obsess and ultimately possess the negative German people, ruled byExternalisation, 609:has surely no basis in fact. That He will ultimately lead His people, humanity, into Jerusalem is aFire, 166:the perfect blending of the three fires, which ultimately destroy the form. When the form is [167]Fire, 236:the Mahachohan. So the fusion will proceed until ultimately unity is reached in the system, and theFire, 241:that which is objective or the not-self, and ultimately to use with wisdom the form. Pure will isFire, 592:forms are but hindrances and limitations, and ultimately must go, but they have their needed placeFire, 610:of the Logos, and He is that vitality which ultimately brings about a divine synthesis in which theFire, 714:begins to blaze forth - a light or fire which ultimately burns through the three enshrining petals,Fire, 895:building in a response to a vibration which will ultimately swing them into the human family. InHealing, 110:spiritual healing will be divinely possible ultimately; but this is not materially possible atHealing, 295:its effect (which is karma) is the liberation ultimately of the perfect and the good. These thingsHealing, 311:that disease is often a mode of clearance and ultimately beneficent in its effects. It is theHealing, 368:many years ago when she spoke of the recognition ultimately to be accorded by science to anHealing, 506:aspect of death with which a human being is ultimately concerned is the death of the personality? IHealing, 545:In this law we have the clue to that which will ultimately sweep disease from the earth. Let me putHercules, 34:as he initiates the process of form-taking, and ultimately brings about the final episode ofHercules, 68:stages in this test, and visions the goal which ultimately he must achieve. Initiation, 7:to err, and staggers through a fog that will ultimately overwhelm him. Nevertheless, in theInitiation, 141:begins to blaze forth - a light or fire which ultimately burns through the three enshrining petals,Intellect, 24:of mass education. In this way, we may ultimately unify the methods of the past and of the EastIntellect, 50:personality, and that this personality is ultimately responsible." - Keyserling, Count Hermann,Intellect, 155:the laws which govern the spiritual realm may, ultimately, produce happiness, but that happiness isIntellect, 163:tamed and unified in the complete self, which ultimately forms one single personality." - Dibblee,Intellect, 185:of discipline, meditation and practice, and, ultimately, Illumination. We read as follows: "He wasMagic, 15:and incorrect formulations of truth are ultimately eliminated or corrected, and the steady focusingMagic, 17:or abstract mind can formulate and know. This ultimately merges in the intuition, which is theMagic, 104:wise that radiant glory, magnetic force and (ultimately) spiritual energy may be demonstratedMagic, 143:word which it is the function of mankind ultimately to utter. Wrong speech separates, and it isMagic, 148:feel himself deaf and dumb and blind, naught can ultimately defeat the purpose of the soul. AllMagic, 278:the birthing. [278] All new forms, if they are ultimately to carry weight and gather adequateMagic, 523:I am guilty of creating new prisoners who must ultimately be released. All books are prison housesMeditation, 88:and that may build up vibrations that will ultimately have to be offset. This entails delay and aMeditation, 335:body shifts its polarization gradually up until ultimately you will have a body composed of atomicPatanjali, 16:solve problems by hard mental labor has no part ultimately in the [17] unfoldment of the soul. ItPatanjali, 68:developing faculty of the human eye which ultimately will reveal the health aura of all forms inPatanjali, 280:concentrated meditation. The form which will be ultimately produced does not interest the seer. HePatanjali, 290:and can proceed upward with security, blending ultimately with the fire or light in the head, andProblems, 30:every community, in every church and nation, and ultimately in the international field. This willPsychology1, 36:the quality of love within all forms, and ultimately reveals the purpose of all creation. This isPsychology1, 243:It might be stated that three rays will ultimately affect each of the other three kingdoms. DuringPsychology1, 331:or divine sense of being. This can ultimately be done at will. We must now begin what reallyPsychology1, 377:of matter, clothing the life, which ultimately produced the early manifestation of the incarnatingPsychology2, 226:tendencies in the divine expression which will ultimately bring about the manifestation of thePsychology2, 227:of the Quality or Nature of God. They will ultimately lead to the full expression of the divineRays, 422:Path. Just as one of the seven Paths produced ultimately relationship to the Pleiades, so this PathReappearance, 56:has surely no basis in fact. That He will ultimately lead His people, humanity, [57] into JerusalemSoul, 70:personality, and that this personality is ultimately responsible. Now such a penetration canSoul, 100:forth. These are all forms of activity which are ultimately reducible to the Primordial Shakti
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