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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNABLE

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Statement:offers to the Guru and Master Whom he is as yet unable to contact. Nor will he make that desiredAstrology, 122:constantly aware of all impinging contacts, but unable as yet to interpret them correctly, for theAstrology, 122:adequately in Virgo. This hidden Christ is unable to free itself from "contact with the Water."Astrology, 126:angle of relationship and the two fishes are unable to escape from each other; in Gemini there isAstrology, 134:influence is intangible and must, therefore, be unable to produce the desired results; yet the factAstrology, 255:all the signs, which is a statement I am quite unable to prove to you. In that first system, theAstrology, 581:is so different that even Christ Himself was unable to express it with facility and understanding.Astrology, 596:something which the average astrologer will be unable to prove because the cycles involved are tooAtom, 13:truth by the average man, even though he may be unable to explain why he knows it to be true. MenAtom, 64:aspirations, longings and ideals, which he seems unable to express or to satisfy. Then comes theAtom, 126:is something still lacking in us, so that we are unable to realize or feel their particularAtom, 143:anything about, and consequently we are utterly unable to express ourselves upon it. Nevertheless,Atom, 150:an interview with the planetary Spirit, I am unable to tell you whether He is as yet cooperating inAutobiography, 42:He agonized to save them but seemed quite unable to save them on a large scale and had, therefore,Autobiography, 86:only true failure is being beaten and then being unable to keep on going on. But what mattered toAutobiography, 150:which do not belong to them but which they are unable to distinguish from their own innate fears.Autobiography, 168:books, they are due to the fact that He is quite unable to be clearer, owing to the limitations ofAutobiography, 171:got out, feeling frustrated and handicapped and unable to work. I, personally, never resigned fromAutobiography, 253:order, to the Piscean age and who are therefore unable to see the emergence of the new ways of lifeBethlehem, 92:Otherwise God would be limited and static, and unable to do more than He has already done. How dareBethlehem, 93:reached an impasse which God Himself would seem unable to transcend. This we cannot accept. TheBethlehem, 150:were three disciples prostrate upon the ground, unable to look upon the glory which had beenBethlehem, 196:owing to Adam's fall, and that God, being unable with justice to take Satan's subjects from himBethlehem, 239:been with us, but that we have been blinded and unable to recognize its presence. Always some haveBethlehem, 241:them unawares; they are left helpless and unable to do more than simply die. The ChristianDestiny, 41:apparatus remains inadequately developed and so unable to respond to these higher divine qualities.Destiny, 44:enhanced or else true spiritualism will be unable to express itself and - through the presentDestiny, 127:devotees of some idea who were, nevertheless, unable to see the broad implications and theDiscipleship1, 79:sooner we discover this the better. If you are unable to retain a silent tongue - even amongDiscipleship1, 106:of focus was on mental levels. There you are unable to judge for yourself of its success orDiscipleship1, 132:part of the world glamor. This brother was thus unable to cooperate and valued his "personalDiscipleship1, 372:But there is ever a point beyond which you seem unable to go - a point at which the physical bodyDiscipleship1, 503:to express them as you would like. You feel unable to demonstrate and to be what you know you are.Discipleship1, 732:in a Master's [732] group are themselves unable to react to the idea and to preserve, amongDiscipleship1, 732:inner circle of workers (pledged disciples) are unable to establish and hold among themselves theseDiscipleship1, 785:and to the Piscean Age. They are, therefore, unable to see the emergence of the new ways of lifeDiscipleship2, 65:mechanism of the disciple because he is, as yet, unable to achieve that "quiescent waiting" whichDiscipleship2, 102:aspirant is that the Hierarchy is completely unable - under the law of the freedom of the humanDiscipleship2, 177:some of the repercussions, and A.A.B. has been unable to deflect all of it. I have had, therefore,Discipleship2, 200:a new creation, or which can open up (for those unable thus to meditate) a new field of possibleDiscipleship2, 233:unaccustomed to ashramic patterns of thought and unable to carry much weight in the general groupDiscipleship2, 263:in mind that you are [263] individually quite unable to grasp the extent of your own comprehensionDiscipleship2, 271:that Way is I cannot tell you, for you would be unable to grasp its meaning; it is related to theDiscipleship2, 594:him for some brief job, and found himself unable to understand them or to do anything with them. ItDiscipleship2, 728:and the illumination of the soul is then unable to penetrate. You need to learn to bring thatEducation, 99:It is of no service to you to do so, and I am unable to really aid your thought if I jump youEducation, 127:world today. Even the most imaginative man is unable to visualize a state of mind wherein theEducation, 127:self-engrossed in the physical sense, and unable to register any wider contacts than those of mate,Externalisation, 149:it was as yet controlled by the lower values and unable to lay hold upon the soul aspect and toExternalisation, 217:from all criticism and partisanship. You seem unable to love with steadfastness the offender andExternalisation, 224:of well-nigh invincible potency, but they feel unable to arouse within themselves the slightestExternalisation, 247:unhappy fate which has overtaken them. They are unable to think or pray or even to summon faith toExternalisation, 256:and work on the spiritual side of life have been unable to do much up to date except spirituallyExternalisation, 343:is so different that even Christ Himself was unable to express it with facility and understanding.Externalisation, 384:for he sees only one side of a question and is unable to appreciate the various points of view. HeExternalisation, 462:all who truly love their fellowmen. They are unable to influence the minds of the closed egocentricExternalisation, 496:were impressing the negative German people were unable to attain the point of tension which theExternalisation, 510:or is dominated by the concrete mind and is unable to grasp abstractions. It is the form whichExternalisation, 548:such as the Church of Rome, who are as yet unable to leave politics alone and attend to theExternalisation, 629:do not? Why do truly spiritual workers seem unable to materialize what they need? The answer is aExternalisation, 654:who sees nothing but the ideal, and who is unable to work successfully with situations and thingsExternalisation, 659:of men and women everywhere, energies hitherto unable to penetrate deeper into substance than theExternalisation, 688:weaken and the Forces of Evil will be unable to reach the planet with their present easy effort. ItFire, 237:one exists by means of the many, and who yet is unable to solve the problem as to who thatFire, 286:an embryo anticipation, but (lacking mind) he is unable to adjust them to circumstances in theFire, 362:the form, and the breaking of the limiting form unable to bear the cosmic action. Again within theFire, 384:by his physical body, [384] and finds himself unable to express through it the entire content ofFire, 384:particular chain, is also handicapped, and is unable to express in perfection on the globe the fullFire, 392:in the driving out of certain groups as yet unable to shake themselves free from the trammels ofFire, 472:form, and the nourishers of that which is as yet unable to guard itself, any return of man to aFire, 726:twice in the history of a scheme, and though unable to take physical bodies of grosser materialFire, 757:He will be conscious of this, though perhaps unable to explain it, and will seek more and more toFire, 770:use of the physical brain, and is, therefore, unable to think in group terms. This egoic impulse inFire, 1075:a vast period of time that the human mind is unable to follow the process. The radioactive periodFire, 1093:to [1093] incarnate and the Egos who were unable to take bodies in the Lemurian or third root race.Fire, 1147:This group, for a long time, was unable to express itself, and was most carefully nurtured by theFire, 1236:Gods," each in their degree and therefore unable to express fully that which is the spiritualGlamour, 45:however, carries with it its own problems, so unable is the average disciple to free himself fromGlamour, 207:with people and find them set in their ideas and unable to see the truth as you see it. They are asGlamour, 222:ray people almost inevitably prove themselves unable to teach. Both these groups must, therefore,Healing, 65:which the victim (with his limited knowledge) is unable to investigate, nor can he arrive at theHealing, 198:diseases and epidemics). These, the subject is unable to resist, owing to the lack of developmentHealing, 218:cannot protect the body from disease, and are unable to pour into the blood stream what theHealing, 218:needs. Owing to their inadequacy, the body is unable to resist infections, is in a constant stateHealing, 243:system; the modern physician is at present unable to distinguish between the diseases arising fromHealing, 253:people; they refuse all compromise and seem unable to recognize that the knowledge accumulated byHealing, 256:illness or accident, the patient is physically unable to affirm or claim divine healing and isHealing, 295:of origins - a world into which man is as yet unable to penetrate. It is for this reason that IHealing, 317:thereto by the Lords of Karma when the soul is unable to grip its vehicle - as is the case in theHealing, 364:faced with the emergency. They find themselves unable to see what lies beyond the doors of death,Healing, 540:come through from mind or soul bodies are quite unable to do so. What then must the trained andHealing, 554:of a conscious contact with his body. When he is unable to focus his attention, either through painHealing, 567:does manage to express there is much that he is unable to manifest; of this his soul remainsHealing, 581:the disease. When this dispelling radiance is unable (because of the destiny of the patient) toHealing, 650:rhythm. They pass through the hands, but are unable to focus themselves there, owing to theHealing, 701:he should refrain from the attempt to heal. When unable - from lack of this knowledge - to carryHealing, 705:under its influence, are, however, totally unable to work on a patient who is spiritually orientedHercules, 24:Therefore, when an infant in the cradle, unable to speak, he symbolized the high water mark of hisHercules, 48:satisfy an animal craving; when he finds himself unable to resist the lure of his polar opposite,Hercules, Known:high into the air, it became utterly weak and unable to defeat him. Gemini is an air sign, a
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