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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNAVOIDABLE

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Astrology, 195:will, which has been esoterically described as "unavoidable directed purpose." Within our solarAstrology, 208:[208] wherein the trials and the discipline are unavoidable and inevitable. When the mind hasAstrology, 223:or "relationship" and analogous phrases. This is unavoidable for the reason that the entire ScienceAstrology, 350:certain great Points of crisis which are unavoidable and present definite opportunity. Saturn isAstrology, 371:not involve the hitherto blind acquiescence and unavoidable acceptance of the inscrutable dictatesAstrology, 372:and making certain major changes inevitable and unavoidable. This argues well for the future inAstrology, 458:of these forces and energies and, therefore, unavoidable. The use of the energy may be along wrongAstrology, 525:in these interrelations is no inevitable fate or unavoidable destiny. The aim of the individualAstrology, 602:of the will, and lead consequently to certain unavoidable events as well as to definite andDestiny, 93:energies and as, therefore, to a certain extent, unavoidable. The use of the energy may be alongDestiny, 100:in these interrelations is no inevitable fate or unavoidable destiny. The aim of the individualDiscipleship1, 184:recognize and regulate those relations which are unavoidable and which are those definitelyDiscipleship1, 408:effectiveness. Let nothing but that which is unavoidable interfere with your quiet time in theDiscipleship1, 492:perhaps even more strongly. It means an intense, unavoidable (from your point of view)Discipleship1, 498:the right way for you. But you must offset its unavoidable difficulties through a self-imposedDiscipleship1, 726:here to the chela in the Light: He works off unavoidable karma as intelligently and consciously asDiscipleship2, 90:of his Ashram, is himself governed by certain unavoidable factors: The fact that the aspiration andDiscipleship2, 312:the consequent condensation of truth, produce an unavoidable precipitation which occurs in a flashDiscipleship2, 380:as God's Will; this presentation involves the unavoidable imposition of the will of aDiscipleship2, 490:of the soul. Study these planes of possible and unavoidable contact (for the aspiring disciple) andDiscipleship2, 571:of others, naturally suffer and this is quite unavoidable though it can be controlled. I refer toDiscipleship2, 736:main causes: the working out of karma which is unavoidable but which presents opportunity, or itDiscipleship2, 750:continued circumstance." This leads to an almost unavoidable construction of a wall of small andExternalisation, 65:This reorganization seems now to me to be unavoidable. It is not final. It does not touch theExternalisation, 114:or intelligently, regarding it as a natural and unavoidable process, but normal and inevitable. WeExternalisation, 138:experience may produce deep psychological and unavoidable changes in human thought and action. ThisExternalisation, 221:seeds of its own eventual elimination and the unavoidable results of pain, suffering, war, diseaseExternalisation, 259:selfishness, then the "fiery ordeal" might be unavoidable. There are also sleeping hosts which mayExternalisation, 382:platitudes. But they are the essential and unavoidable preliminaries for the man who wants to workExternalisation, 397:of war - a war which proved inevitable and unavoidable. This last Invocation was not so popular andExternalisation, 574:analogy is not entirely accurate, owing to the unavoidable degeneracy of Masonry, but with theExternalisation, 607:tests and major adjustments, plus painful and unavoidable experience. He does not come as theExternalisation, 654:who cannot, therefore, apply the necessary and unavoidable compromise. The coming or the advent ofFire, 304:(by action) of causes which necessitate certain unavoidable effects, so a Heavenly Man at one stageFire, 978:can be made, and this process is karmic and unavoidable. Third, speech is very largely a mode ofGlamour, 6:upon the first ray, a destructive tendency is unavoidable. Such is not the case. Builders, such asHealing, 53:and the period in which he lives) are, for him, unavoidable. The astral plane is a center ofHealing, 92:of a condition which seems at present unavoidable. This leads to an avoidance of the waste of timeHealing, 427:I present them to you as factual in nature, as unavoidable in practice, and as familiar a [428]Healing, 562:of great devitalization with a consequent and unavoidable ill health which attends that type ofHealing, 623:system is simply an effect - inevitable and unavoidable - of the centers through which the soul isMagic, 11:by a force which acts apparently with an unavoidable pressure and thus produces group results, atMagic, 135:peacefully and steadily. Friction is oft unavoidable. They must watch for the creeping in ofMagic, 409:experiments, the ultimate good is inevitable and unavoidable. Temporary discomforts, passingMeditation, 154:and upsets somewhat the plans, but this is unavoidable and can seldom be offset. 3. The Use ofPsychology1, 213:truths is entirely lacking. This is quite unavoidable. Their comprehension lies hid in the capacityPsychology2, 318:the center of experience - the soul, there is an unavoidable, though temporary, distortion of thePsychology2, 624:connected with group or ray problems. This was unavoidable and inevitable. The new age groups are,Psychology2, 743:and life, and are emphasizing the future and unavoidable expression of such love - unavoidablePsychology2, 743:future and unavoidable expression of such love - unavoidable under the evolutionary law. It is theRays, 197:of evolution, blindness is natural, innate, unavoidable and impenetrable. For ages man walks in theRays, 348:the point of facing discipleship; they are unavoidable developments and connote simply the reactionRays, 474:of the desired results are inevitable and unavoidable. There is much that I could say which wouldRays, 522:had other possibilities. This was perhaps an unavoidable omission owing to the fact that the ideaRays, 602:fact that the world war (1914-1945) was quite unavoidable, though the conflict might have beenRays, 638:Today, the conflicts are numerous, vital and unavoidable; they are present in the individualRays, 718:along three lines which, in spite of the unavoidable abstruseness of the subject, have meant muchRays, 753:from a previous solar system. That is something unavoidable and something that provides mankindReappearance, 55:tests and major adjustments, plus painful and unavoidable experience. He does not come as the
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