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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNBALANCED

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Astrology, 333:Libra, Keynote: Libra relates the two in Gemini Unbalanced fiery passion The weighing of theBethlehem, 203:An iniquitous man is therefore technically an unbalanced man, one who tolerates some unevennessesDestiny, 135:may, therefore, produce undue sensitivity and an unbalanced unfoldment of characteristics. It isDiscipleship2, 531:idealism. Ponder a little on the effects of this unbalanced condition and consider what it [532]Discipleship2, 564:your equipment of energies is therefore somewhat unbalanced, and this will require the process ofDiscipleship2, 658:This constitutes an interesting and somewhat unbalanced triangle of energy, for the sixth rayEducation, 58:imaginative faculties have not been dulled by an unbalanced, enforced [59] curriculum, and if heFire, 909:Through the mismanagement of men, and their unbalanced development, the sounds of earth, such asFire, 1151:times; they are so one-pointed and apparently so unbalanced that their sole attention is given toHealing, 129:and therefore over-active; he becomes unbalanced, and when I say this I do not refer to mentalHealing, 162:cases produces disease and difficulty; it is the unbalanced unfoldment of the centers, theirHealing, 201:This deficiency or this stimulation, if unbalanced or if misapplied, will produce some definiteHealing, 204:[204] where there is lack of development and an unbalanced situation, where the centers areHealing, 217:and sluggish, and to an over-stimulation or an unbalanced activity. If one center is prematurelyHealing, 218:through wrong relationship and incorrect and unbalanced development, are not adequate to the task;Healing, 339:of the full moon has a definite effect upon unbalanced people, upon the dreaming state andHealing, 341:at the time of the full moon upon all who are unbalanced. This lack of equilibrium, which it reallyHealing, 341:these full moon cycles; those who are definitely unbalanced, positively astral, and emotional, andHercules, 22:sways the aspirant and he becomes destructive, unbalanced and, usually, exceedingly difficult toHercules, 134:activities that prevent the continuance of an unbalanced condition. The catastrophes that befall aInitiation, 197:lacking, and students do well to remember that unbalanced fanatics are not desirable members of theIntellect, 222:asylums for the insane or in sanatoriums for the unbalanced. Much experience of these cases leadsIntellect, 239:is a step in the right direction, but devotion, unbalanced by good sense and brains, leads to muchMagic, 193:of credulous followers of leaders, of fanatical unbalanced idealists, and of those warped mindsMagic, 251:created will be distorted and incorrect, unbalanced and "out of drawing". Magic, 305:use of narcotics and of drugs by hysterical and unbalanced people, but to the judicious use ofMagic, 490:he becomes the obsessed fanatic and so mentally unbalanced, even if the world regards him as sane.Meditation, 93:and by a one-pointedness that may lead to an unbalanced development. One-pointedness is a virtue,Meditation, 117:under their leaders (even when misguided and unbalanced) for the betterment of the condition of theMeditation, 282:discrimination that mind affords is apt to be unbalanced and unwise. Both love and mind must bePsychology2, 13:it indicates an uneven unfoldment and an [13] unbalanced condition. There is frequently the theoryPsychology2, 250:an impulse. Again it indicates an uneven, unbalanced development which results from the fact that,Psychology2, 456:a group problem, or is regarded as peculiar or unbalanced. It is, nevertheless, definitely aPsychology2, 510:brain and recorded experiences of the mentally unbalanced to the wise and measured teaching of thePsychology2, 510:should be remembered in both cases (the mentally unbalanced and the trained disciple) that a
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