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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNCONSCIOUSLY

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Astrology, 331:happenings to which man will consciously or unconsciously respond according to his point ofAstrology, 342:the soul with its environment - consciously or unconsciously carried on - which leads to theAstrology, 434:emerges from the "furthest center" at first unconsciously employed and later consciously directedAstrology, 525:fighting at intervals (consciously seldom but unconsciously often) against the evil influence, andAstrology, 569:a process of invocation is instituted - at first unconsciously, in which case it is in the natureAutobiography, 146:this autobiography was the fear that perhaps, unconsciously and without deliberate intent, I wouldAutobiography, 251:of the Hierarchy and are, either consciously or unconsciously, fulfiling the duties of agents ofAutobiography, 304:disciples everywhere who, consciously and unconsciously, are a part of that worldwide group ofBethlehem, 100:We pass through the Birth initiation somewhat unconsciously. The full significance of what we haveBethlehem, 266:all so eager to be loved, because we realize, unconsciously if not consciously, [267] that loveDestiny, 100:the evil influence (consciously seldom but unconsciously often), and the second group - the leadersDiscipleship1, 53:by us but its effects have only been registered unconsciously by man. We have (speakingDiscipleship1, 53:the rays and under the guidance - consciously or unconsciously recognized - of the Masters who areDiscipleship1, 63:you are doing it all the time, consciously or unconsciously, and without skill or purpose or - ifDiscipleship1, 128:experience, even if that experience is as yet unconsciously registered. There is a proffering ofDiscipleship1, 143:by other people though they do this quite unconsciously. Therefore, for you, close contact withDiscipleship1, 173:of those who are spiritually selfish (oft unconsciously) and over-eager for development andDiscipleship1, 272:are the three things which - consciously or unconsciously - attract money. But they must allDiscipleship1, 284:of late, carried forward both consciously and unconsciously. The enriching of your life experienceDiscipleship1, 330:cycle at the [330] end of this year but does so unconsciously. Disciples enter upon cycles or,Discipleship1, 334:not, stimulation is an impersonal force and is unconsciously applied in your case by them and itDiscipleship1, 545:years now you have been tested, consciously or unconsciously, and this climaxed in the illness ofDiscipleship1, 636:upon the astral plane. You endeavor - largely unconsciously - to work as an astral magician works,Discipleship1, 706:this may be realized. They are - consciously or unconsciously - under the "impression" of theDiscipleship1, 740:in the result. The power they normally and unconsciously wield has a dual effect. It draws out theDiscipleship1, 746:in service. It is simply the silent and almost unconsciously achieved result of that selfDiscipleship1, 769:who respond to the call. Most of them do so unconsciously but react sympathetically, becauseDiscipleship1, 769:yet care enough to do what they can to help. Unconsciously, they can be used by the Hierarchy to doDiscipleship1, 783:of the Hierarchy and are, either consciously or unconsciously, fulfiling the duties of agents ofDiscipleship2, 38:the world; the average man and woman, responding unconsciously, will express goodwill. Disciples,Discipleship2, 108:cyclic era because they refuse - usually quite unconsciously - to form part of any group; they seekDiscipleship2, 161:This appeal has been, on the whole, projected unconsciously, but more and more it will beDiscipleship2, 206:to bring their meditation work-consciously or unconsciously - into a state of positive universalDiscipleship2, 221:will be a massed effect, and usually wielded unconsciously. Under the influence of disciples on theDiscipleship2, 361:task - the first group consciously and the other unconsciously - of bringing the pattern of thingsDiscipleship2, 374:of advanced humanity, working - consciously or unconsciously - in our modern world. Down upon theDiscipleship2, 408:all soul-infused personalities (or constructed unconsciously by all struggling to attain spiritualDiscipleship2, 414:A high point in evolution can be reached unconsciously and the disciple is frequently not trulyDiscipleship2, 533:you. You had, if I may so express it, wandered (unconsciously to yourself) to the very edge of theDiscipleship2, 617:exception of those few who are - perhaps as yet unconsciously to themselves - associated with myEducation, 32:connected (do not forget that it is always unconsciously linked), an extension of this fivefoldEducation, 40:nature, consciously sometimes, but mostly unconsciously. Their attitude to each other, asExternalisation, 15:and whose workers are linked, consciously or unconsciously, with such Masters of the Wisdom as theExternalisation, 31:to which humanity can become sensitive, even if unconsciously so, is part of the task which theExternalisation, 39:along similar lines, either consciously or unconsciously. The second task of this group ofExternalisation, 362:dependent also upon the tendency of the many who unconsciously aspire towards the spiritualExternalisation, 362:all brought into line - either consciously or unconsciously - then a great reorientation can andExternalisation, 476:and are able thus to work - consciously or unconsciously - under the inspiration of the Hierarchy.Externalisation, 481:of the world have made - consciously, but mostly unconsciously - long preparation. They have,Externalisation, 492:ferment, and this happens either consciously or unconsciously. They become "impressed," and theExternalisation, 494:all those upon the side of the will-to-good and unconsciously by all men of goodwill. Owing toExternalisation, 564:invocative work carried out both consciously and unconsciously by humanity itself, which has beenExternalisation, 623:of financial insecurity and - consciously or unconsciously - invoking the Father of all on behalfExternalisation, 657:and in every land are today - consciously or unconsciously - responsive to these four energies; theExternalisation, 685:It is this cooperative participation, even if unconsciously rendered, which has made it possibleExternalisation, 689:but which have been used instinctually and oft unconsciously by humanity for purely material ends,Externalisation, 693:Hierarchy. This direction may be consciously or unconsciously registered. The Science of RedemptionExternalisation, 694:This present activity, carried on now largely unconsciously, will be redoubled and carried forwardFire, 137:This is the work that all advanced thinkers are unconsciously doing now. When the gap is [138]Fire, 468:the active builders, who work consciously or unconsciously upon the plane. Here I would point outFire, 468:touched, we have lesser grades of devas who work unconsciously, with the following exceptions, whoFire, 472:builders and elementals in their myriads, work unconsciously, being guided and directed by wordsFire, 535:progress as the tide of evolution progresses, unconsciously and not self-consciously, We have dealtFire, 540:on the physical, much of this is undergone unconsciously and without any realization of what isFire, 553:with form-building (either consciously or unconsciously) call in these two types of force orFire, 563:sinned. That is to say, they had committed evil unconsciously by producing an effect which wasFire, 567:Do I work in mental matter consciously or unconsciously? Do I vitalize my thought-forms with a highFire, 621:builders in man's body work automatically and unconsciously, producing the cells and energizing theFire, 628:and creates his thought forms - consciously or unconsciously - within the planetary spheres in theFire, 632:degree, but in consciousness. Man works usually unconsciously. The Heavenly Men, on cosmic levels,Fire, 713:the physical plane. At first their influence is unconsciously assimilated, and the man responds toFire, 757:own; he will proceed to put them into action, unconsciously helped by the force flowing in. This isFire, 786:thought-forms all the time, and is following unconsciously the same method as his Ego pursues inFire, 786:this time, man sets up these mantric vibrations unconsciously, and in ignorance of the laws ofFire, 871:dealt with, assimilated, and used, at first unconsciously and finally with full intelligence. InFire, 888:Aspect. Man in the three worlds, consciously or unconsciously, recapitulates the logoic process,Fire, 955:vision brings about an ability to read, even if unconsciously at first, the akashic records, andFire, 974:its purpose, every creator, consciously or unconsciously, turns his attention elsewhere, and hisFire, 977:result: Of thought forms built consciously or unconsciously. Of self-initiated thought forms or ofFire, 983:somewhat the effect of sound as it is emitted unconsciously in everyday speech, and [984]Fire, 987:as the bigger purpose is involved) blindly and unconsciously. The white magician, as is well known,Fire, 992:black magicians are swept into activity, often unconsciously, but rising to power as they workFire, 994:towards it with greater readiness, until (almost unconsciously) he will find himself in the ranksFire, 1007:the object of contemplation, and this produces (unconsciously in most cases) a steady stream ofFire, 1063:alchemists for hundreds of years consciously or unconsciously. We must, therefore, consider: ThatFire, 1065:kingdoms of nature, the process is undergone unconsciously, according to the human connotation ofFire, 1160:in mental matter of a caliber different from the unconsciously working average man. He constructsFire, 1234:day, but who as yet works blindly and largely unconsciously. Nevertheless, he merits the name ofGlamour, 87:conform to human control, are wrestling (even if unconsciously from our point of view) with theGlamour, 96:directed energies. Here the man discovers (unconsciously at first and later consciously), theGlamour, 154:of the Angel. His forces are inchoate; he works unconsciously in his environment, the victim ofGlamour, 169:dependent also upon the tendency of the many who unconsciously aspire towards the spiritualGlamour, 170:all brought into line - either consciously or unconsciously - then a great reorientation can andHealing, 122:them. In the early stages, they produce this unconsciously, and hence frequently the results onHealing, 139:ills. The objective before the average man (unconsciously effective) is to respond fully toHealing, 139:before the primitive or undeveloped man (again unconsciously effective) is to live a full animalHealing, 207:him to effect his own cure, consciously or unconsciously. You have, therefore, the healer, theHealing, 248:the will of the soul is either consciously or unconsciously followed, where the decision of deathHealing, 323:made by doctors with occult tendencies are based unconsciously on a feeling that there [324] shouldHealing, 357:and the one to be healed. Soul energy functions unconsciously and is wielded by those who are in
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