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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNDEFINED

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Autobiography, 61:fellowmen. Loving our fellowmen is evidence - undefined, maybe, but just as sure - that we loveEducation, 34:sense and know, but which remains a truth yet undefined. It is my purpose to assist you towards aExternalisation, 201:and revelation, but their eyes are on the undefined larger wholes in which they seek to merge andHealing, 196:an inner sensitive response apparatus is still undefined and unrecognized by modern WesternHercules, 225:he starts out upon his career, beginning with an undefined spiritual urge to righteousness andProblems, 150:a living soul". As the yearning urge towards an undefined and unrealized good made itself felt inPsychology2, 77:desire and its satisfaction to a general and undefined desire for release. The processes, inPsychology2, 398:activity by those who can function as souls. Undefined Attributes are those of which the Christ,Psychology2, 411:nothing more than a vague diffused awareness, undefined, unidentified and free from any definiteRays, 353:are not thought-forms; they are drifting, undefined and exceedingly fluid. Of this type of energyRays, 536:highest we call the will-to-good and leave it undefined because it is in no way possible, even forReappearance, 145:in the human consciousness - inchoate often and undefined - is a sense of divinity. "We are all the
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