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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNDERGOES

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Astrology, 91:the great tests which every disciple eventually undergoes as he reverses the wheel of life. Astrology, 143:spiritual goal of selflessness. In this sign, he undergoes preparation for the first initiation andAstrology, 143:soul. In Scorpio - In this sign, the disciple undergoes those tests which will enable him to takeAstrology, 447:hidden, spiritual Man. It is in Leo that man undergoes the preparatory stages of this firstBethlehem, 25:claim. Initiation is not a process which a man undergoes when he joins certain organizations, andBethlehem, 98:called that of "entering the stream," and he who undergoes it is regarded as having demonstratedDiscipleship2, 247:but through an inflow of the intuition. He undergoes, therefore, an expansion of consciousnessDiscipleship2, 406:third initiation - reaches the point wherein he "undergoes initiation" in his own right (as theFire, 292:in connection with all these Entities, and each undergoes a process, paralleling on His Own levelFire, 506:the stage analogous to that which the man undergoes when his astral sheath clothes itself withFire, 546:gradually opens, the astral permanent atom undergoes a similar process, leading up to the fullFire, 1102:of mental matter he first knows separation, and undergoes his first experiences of the threeFire, 1173:expansions of consciousness which an initiate undergoes, and his ability to attract to himselfFire, 1241:Path. It should also be noted that the Adept Who undergoes the discipline and who passes throughGlamour, 182:comes next. In that world of illusion, it undergoes the "fiery ordeal" wherein "some of the fireHealing, 182:It is the center where the "serpent of God" undergoes two transformations: The serpent of matterHealing, 496:past events in the light of the future and undergoes a sort of rest period, a kind of digestiveHercules, 185:to the top of the mountain in Capricorn and undergoes the transfiguration. In Aquarius the discipleMagic, 215:in. The elemental of the astral or body of water undergoes a similar activity plus a stabilizingMagic, 465:that one of the major experiences that a soul undergoes is the achieving of the stage wherein thePatanjali, 13:under consideration, with the modifications it undergoes as long as its versatility and activityPatanjali, 53:Each expansion of consciousness which a man undergoes fits him to be a Master to those who have notPatanjali, 75:we are dealing with the physical body, which undergoes experiences on the physical plane and whichPsychology2, 51:under divine impulse, comes into incarnation and undergoes racial experience in order to developPsychology2, 508:one person to another. Some friend or relation undergoes some experience. He seeks to communicateRays, 61:by remembering that all that the initiate undergoes and all that he enacts is the higher andRays, 339:by the initiate of the highest degrees when he undergoes the eighth and ninth initiations; theRays, 352:which the spiritual man must pass when he undergoes the first initiation. This provocative energyRays, 477:that it is the fourth kingdom in nature which undergoes all that is indicated above and isRays, 552:of the aspirant to initiation, for the microcosm undergoes - in his minute living process - whatRays, 552:minute living process - what the planetary Logos undergoes in a cosmic process. When - as is theRays, 592:the mental unfoldment of the disciple, as he undergoes the initiatory process which is our theme atRays, 650:the individual disciple as he prepares for and undergoes the fifth initiation, and keys himself upRays, 694:followed by five initiations which the Master undergoes upon the Cardinal Cross. It should beRays, 697:Each initiate who makes this renunciation and undergoes the consequent crucifixion is in a positionRays, 732:for him and he knows a new expansion of life and undergoes (if I may so express it) a new
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