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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNDERGOING

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Astrology, 90:constellation, the general effect upon a soul - undergoing the experience - from the orthodox angleAstrology, 153:Himself and for which He and the Buddha are undergoing preparation. The experience of the CardinalAstrology, 223:Having determined [223] the ray of the man undergoing tests in Scorpio, the astrologer can thenAstrology, 668:present time a triangle of great interest. It is undergoing vivification. It is increasing theAstrology, 674:Saturn form a triangle of great interest. It is undergoing vivification. It is increasing theAstrology, 688:interest. It is a triangle that is at this time undergoing vivification through the action ofAutobiography, 86:responsibility for my years and, secondly, I was undergoing acute psychical disturbance. When thereBethlehem, 29:racial endeavor. The meeting of disaster and the undergoing of painful experiences is ever the lotBethlehem, 77:lived quietly in His home with His parents, undergoing that most difficult experience of home life,Discipleship1, 287:is ever to be found, and the ideal can be seen undergoing the process of materialization. TheDiscipleship1, 664:in a group - a group of fellow disciples who are undergoing the same experiences, who are orientedDiscipleship1, 683:intelligent brackets is constantly and steadily undergoing this training. The capacity to work inDiscipleship2, 64:the modern mind and needs. Senior disciples are undergoing a forcing process to enable them moreDiscipleship2, 70:of the Great White Lodge. What the disciple undergoing initiation (and I choose the wordDiscipleship2, 70:undergoing initiation (and I choose the word "undergoing" with deliberation) must and eventuallyDiscipleship2, 351:activity of the Hierarchy have undergone and are undergoing change. The nature or quality of theDiscipleship2, 384:during initiation if the individual members are undergoing different initiations? Is the groupDiscipleship2, 387:steadfastly by all those lives which are undergoing redemption and by all those who are the agentsDiscipleship2, 419:Logos in this particular world cycle is undergoing an initiation which will shift his focus intoDiscipleship2, 529:several of you. Several members of the group are undergoing the painful test of war, with itsDiscipleship2, 623:which enables the Observer to realize that he is undergoing an emotion, or passing through anDiscipleship2, 644:to interpret to others, no matter what he may be undergoing in his own personal life. In manyExternalisation, 582:is in the hands of disciples who are undergoing the process themselves, and it is not in the handsExternalisation, 663:into Himself streams of spiritual force, and undergoing a dynamic stimulation which is entirely newExternalisation, 686:a few of the Masters and higher initiates are undergoing a special and applied stimulation and areFire, 181:interest. It is a triangle that is at this time undergoing vivification [182] through the action ofFire, 323:of incarnation our particular Heavenly Man is undergoing on our planet. By this is meant that thereFire, 354:What is the nature of the incarnation He is now undergoing? What are the ten systems - the threeFire, 384:of pain, for through it our planetary Logos is undergoing that which the mystic calls "theFire, 829:called "sitting for yoga," and is definitely undergoing certain processes of training in order toFire, 952:desired on higher levels. Men, as a whole, are undergoing evolutionary development in order thatFire, 1076:World War, for instance, and the weight of metal undergoing violent disintegration the mineralHealing, 661:and many more millions underwent (and are still undergoing) the mental agony of insecurity,Initiation, 12:of Initiation Initiation, or the process of undergoing an expansion of consciousness, is part ofInitiation, 114:is first to be noted, so with the human unit undergoing spiritual unfoldment. The medium of theIntellect, 21:TWO The Purpose of Education " is undergoing important transformations. From aIntellect, 133:of intense feeling and longing. They are either undergoing the joy and ecstasy of realization thatIntellect, 254:talking, writing and working so that they end by undergoing a violent reaction, sometimes to theRays, 238:point of the initiation which He is now undergoing, His Ashram, the Hierarchy, must and does (asRays, 346:or decreased activity) have large groups undergoing their preparatory training for some oneRays, 375:souls which is, through its manifesting units, undergoing experience in the school of life, yetRays, 664:world to the one hitherto known, and the undergoing of entirely new experiences. If students wouldRays, 689:the effects of the initiation which they may be undergoing are not confined simply to theRays, 719:not wish you to infer that mankind is, in fact, undergoing these initiatory experiences. TheRays, 747:I have dealt constitute a triangle of schemes undergoing national and political experiments inReappearance, 82:then it is indeed true today that humanity is undergoing a true initiation as it enters into the
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