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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNDERGONE

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Patanjali, 421:nor with the knowledge gained nor the experience undergone. He knows the self; he identifiesPsychology1, 11:be achieved, and a certain preparation should be undergone which would lead to a liberation fromPsychology1, 11:of fact. The extent of the discipline to be undergone by a disciple is settled and known by hisPsychology1, 150:upon this subject. Disciples who have undergone the third initiation and have climbed the mount ofPsychology2, 31:Soul Influence After the major initiations are undergone, the state of consciousness of thePsychology2, 59:upon the number and quality of the crises undergone. All this takes place as the soul passes, timePsychology2, 69:constructed. By the time the third initiation is undergone, this way is completed, and the initiatePsychology2, 76:relinquishment. The stage of appropriation is undergone blindly and unconsciously. Man knows notPsychology2, 148:and perils of that initiation which must be undergone before he can pass through the five divisionsPsychology2, 212:very rarely and the tremendous stimulation then undergone by the sensitive forms of life (and ofPsychology2, 215:as occurs when the final initiation is undergone? How can the ascending energy of the fourthPsychology2, 248:The pain in all moments of intensity must be undergone and lived again and again until thePsychology2, 323:in the later stages, when consciously undergone and definitely self-initiated. Thus the field ofPsychology2, 327:out the effect upon the soul of the experiences undergone in the bodies, and the process wherebyPsychology2, 351:of Souls, proceeds until the third initiation is undergone. All these various integrations work outPsychology2, 466:and so he decides. These expansions which he has undergone as the result of successful meditationPsychology2, 701:today. It is one wherein a process is being undergone by humanity which is similar to that whichRays, 41:to bring the idea before you. The experience undergone is not related to form, nor is it connectedRays, 41:the two initiations of the threshold have been undergone the attitude of the initiate changes andRays, 46:that of the will. Until the fourth initiation is undergone, it is the soul as a "focal point forRays, 56:to another they go until the third initiation is undergone and points of tension (qualified byRays, 101:exist by the time the fourth initiation is undergone. What is left is the Monad and the thread, theRays, 123:then that the first initiation is justifiably undergone, and they will also see the same light inRays, 142:sixth degree, and a few of the Masters Who have undergone specialized training because They areRays, 153:completely covered when the fifth initiation is undergone. This all takes much time, but when aRays, 166:sensitivity in this sevenfold evolution has been undergone in order to enable the initiate toRays, 174:the process is still a group proceeding; it is undergone in the protective presence of initiates ofRays, 210:you until a close scrutiny of your own heart is undergone, and then I venture to predict that youRays, 278:of Initiation wherein the third initiation is undergone, wherein the personality is irradiated byRays, 279:Consider for a moment that the initiate who has undergone the first major initiation (theRays, 285:problems, transmuted our lower natures and undergone the lower aspects of both transformations, andRays, 499:of life from the soil of selfish desire must be undergone, and then the man stands free." So runsRays, 532:manner the rate of expansion as the disciple has undergone the process; the life aspect permits ofRays, 562:him during the initiatory process he has just undergone. He then moves into a new stage ofRays, 562:to enter into a relation with all those who have undergone a similar initiation. He thereforeRays, 565:of consciousness, each successive initiation undergone, understood and demonstrated upon theRays, 572:of the majority of its advanced people) has undergone the first initiation will be the appearanceRays, 575:life and awareness, the life of the initiate has undergone a pronounced reorientation. [576] He isRays, 580:[580] outlines when the second initiation is undergone by the world aspirant. The influenceRays, 585:administered and registered, and are undergone consciously and with an entirely awakened awareness.Rays, 585:group service, according to the initiation being undergone; it is from this angle we must study theRays, 601:taken place as one initiation after another is undergone; the effect of the energy involved will beRays, 665:lives, even though recollection may be lacking) undergone the birth experience and initiation, andRays, 667:greater beauty of life, are initiate and have undergone the first initiation. When they discoverRays, 675:understood. This second initiation - as now undergone - is to some extent one of the mostRays, 694:becoming group conscious when the experiences undergone have been rightly assimilated; and that theRays, 696:the last word simply emphasizes the suffering undergone by the initiate as he renounces all that isRays, 722:the seventh initiation. This can only be undergone when the will of the Master is completely merged
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