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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNDERLIE

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Astrology, 84:third initiation mounts a third Cross. It will underlie our thought and all that I have to say. AAstrology, 107:four words and their significance which will underlie all that I have to say to you anent the dualAstrology, 197:expressions of divinity in manifestation which underlie the Science of Triangles. This I will laterAstrology, 330:present, except in so far that love and purpose underlie all manifestation. But they are notAstrology, 496:and transmitting light triangles which should underlie (and eventually will underlie) theAstrology, 496:which should underlie (and eventually will underlie) the manifested universe. I have pointed outAtom, 77:idea of one of the fundamental principles which underlie evolution, and which can be seen workingAtom, 157:and find out some of the reality which may underlie what appears at first sight to be a senselessBethlehem, 169:ideals and ideas which today, without exception, underlie every one of the great experimentsBethlehem, 239:of the unseen, subjective world, which seems to underlie the tangible and visible, frequentlyBethlehem, 250:them that slept." (I Cor., XV, 20.) Purpose must underlie pain. An objective must be sensed underDiscipleship1, 306:at this time, and the intention that should underlie the life pattern of every disciple - that theDiscipleship1, 709:and also the importance of the truths which underlie all platitudes. This is perhaps the mostDiscipleship2, 39:[39] pattern of light and of goodwill which must underlie or "substand" all exoteric work ofEducation, 23:instill certain of the basic ideas which should underlie the educational tendencies. TheseEducation, 37:that there are central units in man which underlie the tangible and visible mechanism, and willEducation, 115:build true to the great thought patterns which underlie the outer structure of our world. TheExternalisation, 348:new world religion. This theme will eventually underlie all religious observances, color allExternalisation, 380:It is founded also on the knowledge, which must underlie all future reconstruction work, that atExternalisation, 456:human integrity and human relations as they underlie the entire problem of the brotherhood of man.Externalisation, 591:truth, and the revealing truth which will underlie all information anent the Hierarchy, and thisFire, 395:instructs us in the principles which equally underlie the methods of the World-process, and of theFire, 512:incentive for the subjective Life and Eves that underlie the form. If the student will ponder withFire, 918:springs of action, and upon the impulses which underlie the creative processes. Hitherto scienceFire, 1028:in this case, only those physical causes which underlie the grossly objective; he will not reallyHealing, 85:of the network of nerves and the "nadis" which underlie this network. These nadis are the threadsHealing, 85:These nadis are the threads of life force which underlie every part of the body and particularlyHealing, 141:of nadis or the prototype of the nerves which underlie the more substantial body. These nerves andHealing, 241:(the entire subjective system of nadis which underlie the nerves throughout the body), and willHealing, 273:the body, via the "nadis"; these, as you know, underlie and feed the needed energy to the nervousHealing, 333:radiate out from every part of the network and underlie every part of the triple nervous system.Healing, 373:and a better grasp of the principles which underlie the true healing art, before the schools,Healing, 455:force centers and nadis or force threads. These underlie or are the counterparts of the nervousHealing, 474:of the [474] entire nervous system, and they underlie every single nerve in the entire physicalHealing, 528:(the essential truths, nevertheless) which underlie all that I have said above. People, however,Healing, 530:I mean his nervous system, plus the nadis which underlie it) is not yet adequate to the demandsHealing, 589:and love, into great impulsing energies which underlie the entire evolutionary process and motivateHealing, 627:channels and communicating lines of energy which underlie every part [628] of the human body. TheHealing, 628:etheric channels or tiny threads of force which underlie the entire nervous system; they underlieHealing, 628:which underlie the entire nervous system; they underlie every type of nerve and every type of nerveIntellect, 219:nerves, called by the Hindus, the nadis, which underlie the nervous system as recognized in theMagic, 115:further expression. Hence, this principle should underlie all activity, and the government of theMagic, 285:system of lesser chakras and the nadis (which underlie the nerves and are the cause of theirMagic, 365:propensities and discover the ideas which underlie the divine thought-form, the world process, andMagic, 455:the carrier of his intent. The mathematics which underlie the construction of a bridge, such as anyMagic, 456:consciousness far higher still. These formulas underlie a world of forms and must be contacted byMagic, 500:force centers and nadis or force threads. These underlie or are the counterparts of the nervousPsychology1, 173:those principles of national relations which underlie a world state or federation, and theirPsychology1, 180:build true to the great thought patterns which underlie the outer structure of our world. ThePsychology1, 192:service. These relationships, as we well know, underlie the principle of Brotherhood, which thePsychology1, 295:down for you here the basic premises which will underlie the best thought of the future on thePsychology1, 301:originating in the misuse of the sex function underlie a large percentage of our physical ills, andPsychology2, 55:deal primarily with the world of patterns which underlie all the activities of the Oversoul and thePsychology2, 63:by the status of the soul. These threads underlie and interpenetrate the entire body and thePsychology2, 104:endeavor, and such is the spirit which must underlie all creative work. In this thought lies thePsychology2, 434:outer man. The nadis (lines or threads of force) underlie every nerve in the human body and thePsychology2, 591:millions and are minute channels of force which underlie the entire nervous system of man. Of thisPsychology2, 592:body which this network of energies does not underlie or "substand". This is the true form orRays, 711:revelation of the purpose of the ideas which underlie all hierarchical activity on behalf ofReappearance, 103:several of the minor concepts which today underlie the teaching of all the world religions, andSoul, 111:the same time to the arteries; they apparently underlie the corporeal nervous system. In Man andTelepathy, 47:and of religion. The fundamental ideas which underlie these great areas of human thought allTelepathy, 65:but is revealing the lines of relationship which underlie all manifestation and of which theTelepathy, 114:Aspects of Relationship Certain basic concepts underlie every phase of the Science of Contact, andTelepathy, 139:a general idea and the basic concepts which underlie the teaching - or should I say, the fact? IfTelepathy, 162:words are equally true) the lines of force which underlie the nadis. A while ago I used the word
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