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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNDERLIES

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Astrology, 76:following triangles. The Science of Triangles underlies all astrological deduction as well as theAstrology, 77:ray type. This Science of Triangles of Energy underlies the new esoteric science both in astrologyAstrology, 96:him to become aware of the divine Plan which underlies all his fiery experience. Scorpio, whichAstrology, 98:of three kinds. This Science of Divine Dying underlies the well-known phrase. "the Lamb slain fromAstrology, 241:and the Not-Self, or the essential dualism which underlies all manifestation; the higher mind,Astrology, 317:the watery triplicity, and the symbolism which underlies the three water signs is most interestingAstrology, 348:how true is the occult teaching that love underlies the entire universe. God is love, we areAstrology, 371:to the cause of the threefold expression which underlies all events, all progress and allAstrology, 401:and individual struggle, for desire-will underlies the manifested activities of the Logos, theAstrology, 413:I have stated that the Science of the Triangles underlies the whole system of astrology and is onlyAstrology, 421:to grasp somewhat the relative synthesis which underlies all manifestation. Starting from thatAstrology, 684:and I pointed out that a similar relation underlies the relation of the Pleiades and the sevenAtom, 89:he is a part of a great universal life which underlies all groups, that he is not just a universalAtom, 133:when the great fundamental unity that underlies all the different religions, and the fact that eachAutobiography, 278:which the Hierarchy is the custodian and which underlies all planetary happenings, furthering theAutobiography, 290:and all events, And bring to light the Love That underlies the happenings of the time. Let visionDestiny, 58:self-expression, then the pattern which underlies the structure of the States may be seen in linesDiscipleship1, 68:(as the Hindus call it) or the mind-stuff which underlies and is the very substance ofDiscipleship1, 627:pressure and yet preserve the soul link which underlies all the differing personalities. TheDiscipleship1, 652:5th month - Radiance - "The Rest of God underlies all life. The fires of God blaze forth. Men warmDiscipleship1, 749:The Law of Positive and Negative Relationships underlies all these stages. That which is higher is,Discipleship1, 764:in the method of invocation and evocation which underlies the entire process, you have a hint as toDiscipleship1, 790:and all events, And bring to light the Love That underlies the happenings of the time. Let visionDiscipleship2, 88:clearly to grasp and that is the pattern which underlies the various aspects of the work now inDiscipleship2, 117:all events, And bring to light the love which underlies the happenings of the time. Let vision comeDiscipleship2, 136:spiritual organism? It constantly "substands" or underlies the world organization. See it as aDiscipleship2, 146:and all events And bring to light the love that underlies the happenings of the time. Let visionDiscipleship2, 159:any idea as to the nature of the purpose which underlies the Plan. Ponder on that phrasing. HavingDiscipleship2, 221:massed recognition of the spiritual truth which underlies all life; it is with this reorientationDiscipleship2, 224:of divine Transcendence and divine Immanence underlies all the mass recognition of spiritualDiscipleship2, 283:Formulas The idea of meaning, cause and being underlies the symbology or the significance of theDiscipleship2, 290:to the entire theme of vision, which necessarily underlies our consideration of the points ofDiscipleship2, 302:thus decentralize him. The theme of direction underlies the system of instructing by means ofDiscipleship2, 385:in nature. This theme of redemption (which underlies all the initiatory processes) is hidden in theDiscipleship2, 390:first one given. The concept of responsibility underlies the significance of this hint, and inDiscipleship2, 521:of motive will immediately enter in, for motive underlies will in a most curious manner, and motiveDiscipleship2, 584:given time, of correct perception of truth as it underlies relationship and impression, and of aEducation, 36:to the energy body, the etheric body, which underlies the nervous system and which galvanizes theEducation, 60:universality of that which moves the worlds and underlies the evolutionary process. The first taskEducation, 82:life unfolds) into that world of meaning which underlies the world of outer phenomena and who willEducation, 107:evasion of the hierarchical structure which underlies our planetary life. This control falls intoExternalisation, 142:all events, and bring to light the love which underlies the happenings of the time. Let vision comeExternalisation, 219:arising out of the basic idealism which underlies the activities of many people in many countries.Externalisation, 229:you to see with clarity the major dualism which underlies the present world conflict - mightExternalisation, 247:and having made clear the basic dualism which underlies this conflict, and pointed out the lines ofExternalisation, 250:of the divine Will-to-Good, the Love which underlies the efforts of the Hierarchy, and theExternalisation, 355:differentiated condition of the situation which underlies the realized dualism. Their approach toExternalisation, 385:problem of the children, as earlier pointed out, underlies the whole necessity for worldExternalisation, 548:thus demonstrating the true synthesis which underlies humanity. The atomic bomb emerged from aExternalisation, 699:families) and demonstrate the principle which underlies the perpetuation of the race of men; TheyFire, 74:or to that latent heat in substance which underlies its activity and is the cause of its motion. IfFire, 136:or fohatic power, the great pristine force which underlies all organic and inorganic matter." - H.Fire, 232:Thus, the thought of union and of fusion underlies the entire scheme of evolution; Man, theFire, 310:Yet it is something much more than that for it underlies all manifestation, and the very shape ofFire, 375:and I pointed out that a similar relation underlies the relation of the Pleiades and the sevenFire, 1028:consideration of the etheric substratum which underlies the tangible, then and only then will he beFire, 1211:One of the main things which, it has been said, underlies logoic purpose, is the working out ofGlamour, 161:differentiated condition of the situation which underlies the realized dualism. [162] TheirGlamour, 183:be revealed never ceases. This basic technique underlies both primary and secondary revelations. InHealing, 3:part of the vast [3] network of energies which underlies all forms whether great or smallHealing, 25:substance of the planet. This substance, which underlies all forms, is simply a transferring andHealing, 79:constructed. It is the inner scaffolding which underlies every part of the whole outer man; it isHealing, 141:the inner spiritual man and the subtle bodies, underlies the entire physical body. In it are to beHealing, 144:a clear picture of the energy body which underlies the dense physical vehicle. There are many focalHealing, 196:in the etheric body (the substantial body which underlies the dense physical body), and the spinalHealing, 196:of substance or of that which "substands," or underlies, every part and particle of the denseHealing, 197:the etheric body, the physical substance which underlies dense matter. When the centers areHealing, 274:of vital, pranic life, and "substands" or underlies the outer, familiar equipment of the nervousHealing, 627:channels within the etheric structure which underlies every part of the patient's body. ThisHercules, 5:quickly. The inevitability of human perfection underlies his willingness to make the attempt toHercules, 10:inner creative forces and it is this idea that underlies all symbology. A symbol is an outer andHercules, 31:it is the sign of creation, and this thought underlies the words in the Bible, "The Lamb slain fromHercules, Note t:produce the ultimate revelation of the spirit, underlies all mythological teaching and theHercules, 116:(Esoteric Astrology, p. 481).This statement underlies the spiritual theory of Triangles, which areHercules, 153:heavens; it symbolizes that red of desire that underlies every manifestation of divine life. InHercules, 178:because it was the most important, since desire underlies all sensations; it is what desire seeksInitiation, 124:himself. In these visions one great purpose underlies them all, - the revelation of essential unityMagic, 8:permeates all substance or objective energy; it underlies all forms, whether it be the form of thatMagic, 34:"web of life" or of the body of vitality which underlies every form and links every part of a formMagic, 49:It is the microcosmic "web of life" for it underlies every part of the physical structure and hasMagic, 49:This microcosmic symbol of the soul not only underlies the entire physical structure and thus is aMagic, 206:purified and pressure is relieved. A symbolism underlies this: - for as the blood is oxygenated soMagic, 460:of the presented idea, of the principle which underlies the outer manifestation. It is theMagic, 479:into the fire. This is the truth which really underlies the misunderstood Christian teaching anentMagic, 557:the length of a thought. This same basic truth underlies the creation of all forms on the physicalMagic, 557:some disciple's mode of helping humanity. It underlies group work, regarding a group as an entity.Magic, 591:different from the fire of matter itself, which underlies the entire nervous system and because itMagic, 591:the entire nervous system and because it so underlies it produces sensitivity and awareness. It isMagic, 592:body. A complete network of nadis and centers underlies and is the subtle counterpart of theMagic, 611:active form inherent in the one substance which underlies all phenomena. In this final rule forMeditation, 210:aforesaid, is the synthetic ray of indigo. This underlies all and absorbs all. But in the threeMeditation, 210:all. This orange emanates from the fifth plane, underlies the fifth principle, and is the effectMeditation, 259:the Secret Place, and knows the mystery that underlies consciousness itself. Patanjali, 329:and is the substratum of living substance which underlies the dense physical form. One term appliedPatanjali, 362:degree of initiation. This Law of Periodicity underlies all the processes of nature and its studyPatanjali, 362:an atom, a man or a God. It is this truth which underlies the great systems of mental science andProblems, 53:life unfolds) into that world of meaning which underlies the world of outer phenomena and who willPsychology1, xxiii:easily to grasp the significance of that which underlies the symbolism of words, or to see clearlyPsychology1, 11:of energy units and their mutual interplay which underlies the entire subject of the rays which wePsychology1, 234:sciences. I seek to indicate the synthesis which underlies the whole, and to point out the
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