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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNDERLYING

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Rays, 464:the sutratma: 1. The Father Aspect This is the underlying Plan of God The Will Aspect The essentialRays, 507:of man and all that breathes into the purpose underlying all, and towards that purpose and itsRays, 533:you only in this connection. It demonstrates the underlying solar synthesis which was theRays, 566:within upwards. It is this which formulates the underlying significance of the energy of free willRays, 571:sex relationship of all forms; it is the potency underlying the marriage relation, and hence asRays, 588:in a progressive manner, of the Purpose underlying the Plan. The stage wherein pure monadic energyRays, 595:and warped the initial divine impulse underlying the ideology of that country, is the determinationRays, 625:separate nation of the German people, and the underlying emotional and sentimental unity (using theRays, 665:of men, revealing more and more of the reality underlying the phenomenal world (the only worldRays, 678:play a potent part in his life expression, but - underlying these and subordinating them - will beRays, 726:by divine love, and that will also be the underlying quality of all that they may later create whenRays, 727:is shown not only the eternal good [727] underlying planetary purpose, but he is allowed "to seeRays, 730:reactions, and not upon that which is the basic underlying reality; men deal with effects and notRays, 757:developed soul-infused personality, and the underlying unity existing between all beings in allReappearance, 33:necessity for a widespread expression of these underlying facts will be apparent and an era ofReappearance, 46:human relations and an understanding of the underlying Plan. It is these physical happenings whichReappearance, 51:that they have evoked little recognition of the underlying truth, nor have they portrayed a kingdomReappearance, 66:from death to immortality. These are the great underlying truths which are distinctive of theReappearance, 147:response to the Law of Cause and Effect, are the underlying factors governing all human conduct andSoul, 60:Newton recognized the facts of the etheric body, underlying all forms, including the human. Telepathy, 31:of quality, of beauty, of desire. Study its underlying purpose and teaching value, and its mentalTelepathy, 31:very being and identify yourself with its divine underlying idea. When you have reached this finalTelepathy, 128:to make clear to you the basic synthesis underlying all manifested life upon our planet, and alsoTelepathy, 142:This is the etheric body. This energy form - underlying the solar system, the planets and all formsTelepathy, 143:interlocked "lines of forceful energy") the underlying etheric body, as a whole and in relation toTelepathy, 152:which science does recognize. It is this system underlying the nerves which is the true response
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