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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNDERSTAND

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Discipleship1, 698:Academic explanations do not help the student to understand this. When the mind (the instrument ofDiscipleship1, 709:against true apprehension. The effort to understand has been focused upon the disciple and hisDiscipleship1, 710:This growth in sensitivity is difficult to understand. The members of a Master's group and of hisDiscipleship1, 719:in all our discussions and in all your effort to understand, I am endeavoring to decentralize youDiscipleship1, 729:a result of the failure of his group brothers to understand or to arrest the fire of their minds,Discipleship1, 736:they are wrong and I am right; here they do not understand and I do; I know them but they don'tDiscipleship1, 744:until after due effort to help that individual understand and demonstrate right relationship; butDiscipleship1, 767:reaches this stage he is no longer what you understand by an accepted disciple. He is an initiateDiscipleship2, 19:acquired use of the antahkarana. You will understand, therefore, why the study of the Science ofDiscipleship2, 20:for there is no physical activity as we understand it unless impulsed by some energy emanating fromDiscipleship2, 39:you and should be read by you in an endeavor to understand him and work with him, but that they mayDiscipleship2, 43:you in this group - that the Oriental does not understand the demands upon the Occidental disciple.Discipleship2, 48:and write, act and live so that others too may understand. Humanity has never really lived up toDiscipleship2, 77:other members of the group, and you will then understand more clearly the reasons for theDiscipleship2, 103:which may present a difficult point for you to understand. I would like to arrest any tendency toDiscipleship2, 104:unity. The major ones, and those which you can understand, are as follows: The most importantDiscipleship2, 126:for initiation when you may temporarily fail to understand the reasons for the requests I may makeDiscipleship2, 128:do not rest satisfied with just attempting to understand some of its significances. It has aDiscipleship2, 131:One word I would add: Seek not to interpret and understand your brother's instructions. TelepathicDiscipleship2, 160:It was not intelligence, however, as we understand the term. In our Aryan cycle, another greatDiscipleship2, 167:Christ, and embodied that love so that we could understand; the truth that both love andDiscipleship2, 196:no questioning as to effectiveness, you will understand far more clearly the projection - realisticDiscipleship2, 259:are on the immediate verge of initiation will understand; the others will prefer to interpret theseDiscipleship2, 263:therefore, to cease gauging your capacity to understand and instead simply to brood and reflect.Discipleship2, 272:grasping the need for right human relations to understand more than that a great possibility liesDiscipleship2, 276:present effort of the distant future. Can you understand this statement, brother of mine? Into thatDiscipleship2, 276:as I will give you are superficially easy to understand and have an apparently obvious meaning; butDiscipleship2, 283:is to give you a meaning (as far as I myself can understand and you can grasp) of these greatDiscipleship2, 296:I would have you try to ascertain and understand my reasons. As this curriculum is firmlyDiscipleship2, 306:of the intuition which will enable you to understand and move forward into the new impulsive causalDiscipleship2, 312:- is working outside of time and space, as you understand it. His consciousness is free, asDiscipleship2, 318:seem upon superficial reading, and the effort to understand and to interpret should lead you far onDiscipleship2, 326:More than this I cannot say, for you would not understand; what I have said above you can accept asDiscipleship2, 328:and in the three worlds. This is not easy to understand. Perhaps I can make it clearer to you if IDiscipleship2, 328:secret which will not be known, and you can understand that the discovery of the factual nature ofDiscipleship2, 334:theoretically, it is not possible for you to understand. The experience, the failures and theDiscipleship2, 338:this question with another one. What do you understand by vision? I refer, of course, to visionDiscipleship2, 366:I have already given you more than you can understand, but not more than you can begin slowly toDiscipleship2, 405:process (in a sense which you cannot possibly understand) influencing the work of those who laborDiscipleship2, 414:which will clarify his way. He begins to understand that the lower mind, with its multiplicity ofDiscipleship2, 419:this I need not further refer, for you could not understand. Nor do I to any great extent, brotherDiscipleship2, 435:revelations. The fact that I want you to understand can perhaps be best expressed by the followingDiscipleship2, 436:brother, speaking symbolically as you can well understand. So much of human thought anent religionDiscipleship2, 437:attempted to reduce to words which you could understand some pages out of the Rules for DisciplesDiscipleship2, 449:mean (speaking in a symbolism which you ought to understand) that moment of exquisite sensitivityDiscipleship2, 459:which will cause the anxiety. Can you understand the distinction? Racial, national, and personalDiscipleship2, Esoter:for reasons which I am confident you will understand... I have, as you will have noted, said littleDiscipleship2, 473:have proved most helpful in aiding me to understand the occidental mind. I am an Oriental of theDiscipleship2, 473:incarnations I still at times fail to grasp or understand the Occidental reaction. But the [474]Discipleship2, 475:in your life-work as teacher, and you know and understand in some measure those who have respondedDiscipleship2, 477:attracted for very long, because they do not understand the reason for this facility and ascribe itDiscipleship2, 480:of people for world service; seldom do they understand the problem with which he is faced, evenDiscipleship2, 488:me?" My reply is quite simple and I know he will understand: Were you twenty years younger, myDiscipleship2, 514:into the light of day," watched by those who understand and by those who do not understand. ThisDiscipleship2, 514:by those who understand and by those who do not understand. This causes much suffering to theDiscipleship2, 522:under those circumstances. You need, however, to understand better than you do the "distortions"Discipleship2, 533:life is today conditioned as it is. You will understand whereof I speak and there is no need for meDiscipleship2, 539:or personality decision, and that you should understand the reasons why you think so. You haveDiscipleship2, 541:taken and may not be ignored or denied. Will you understand me, my brother, if I say to you: TakeDiscipleship2, 545:I refer. None of your group brothers will understand to what particular condition I now makeDiscipleship2, 557:(This is not the same as question a.) Do you understand clearly the difference between the "as aDiscipleship2, 574:You should consequently (if you are truly to understand the mechanism through which your soul hasDiscipleship2, 580:is something that the average man can understand. The work has hitherto been complicated by theDiscipleship2, 594:for some brief job, and found himself unable to understand them or to do anything with them. ItDiscipleship2, 595:the Ashram of the Master Morya. This few people understand. Any other form of meditation would beDiscipleship2, 614:was something which A.A.B. had to learn both to understand and use; you must learn also, brother ofDiscipleship2, 619:for that is proven; it is not your effort to understand, for that is evident; it is notDiscipleship2, 644:[644] situation and is strenuously attempting to understand and at the same time to interpret toDiscipleship2, 659:Think about this statement and seek to understand it and make it practical. If you can learn thisDiscipleship2, 662:and the plan. They form the world of meaning. To understand impels the heart detached. And withDiscipleship2, 663:true; friends who have consistently failed to understand; lack of appreciation from those whoDiscipleship2, 672:I would have you take your stand. Will you understand me if I say that one of the guarantees to youDiscipleship2, 681:for the third initiation; therefore, I understand and with this thought I leave you and will notDiscipleship2, 684:be interpreted by you as harshness, failure to understand or a detachment so cold that my veryDiscipleship2, 696:made to you by A.A.B., but you probably did not understand its significance. A stable vibration isDiscipleship2, 701:friend and teacher, know you as you are, and I understand; that understanding forces me to stand byDiscipleship2, 704:as I believe you are) begin to master them, to understand their need and to apply them to yourselfDiscipleship2, 707:will you do when your chosen workers fail to understand or prove disloyal or criticize withoutDiscipleship2, 708:counts much on you. Fail her not, and seek to understand the problems with which she is faced. YouDiscipleship2, 712:Secondly - and here you must endeavor to understand my meaning without any elaboration from me -Discipleship2, 719:life free from physical brain awareness (as you understand it) such a "catching up" isDiscipleship2, 722:located and found to be at peace." I trust you understand, and I would have you ponder on theseDiscipleship2, 728:do more to free you than any violent endeavor to understand and combat glamor. You do not yet evenDiscipleship2, 737:I am here telling you and I beg you to strive to understand my meaning. I would ask you (in orderDiscipleship2, 743:center. Speaking in symbols which you easily understand, "the lighted triangle of soul and mind andDiscipleship2, 753:is to indicate direction, but it is for you to understand rightly and then react. Your initialDiscipleship2, 759:of you and your nature, and how well I understand your problems, your limitations and your assets.Discipleship2, 759:what is in a disciple's heart and mind; he must understand what motivates his action. When alsoDiscipleship2, 761:The Masters have no personalities as you understand personality. Their conditioning factors are theEducation, vii:world must include, through our own efforts to understand and appreciate, an appeal to the OrientEducation, 21:it to those who are taught, so that they can understand themselves and work intelligently. 5. TheEducation, 40:The Atlanteans had no educational system as we understand the term. The kings and priests intuited;Education, One of:presented to him; he must accept them and understand clearly the nature of his problem and of theEducation, 53:being the result of Christ's action. Can you understand the significance of what I am attempting toEducation, 77:and based largely on parental failure to understand and occupy the child, are of no real moment. IfEducation, 78:met with understanding and therefore does not understand or when circumstances demand too much ofEducation, 79:and understanding of the child. He will understand because he is understood and consequentlyEducation, 81:developed from the attempt to seize upon and understand ideas. Both of these are implemented byEducation, 100:diverging world idealism. If we are properly to understand these ideas and are to lay a rightExternalisation, 16:will meet with each other and learn to know and understand each other. Some day this recognition
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