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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNDERSTAND

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Glamour, 19:your main group objective, which is to study and understand the significance of glamor and the lawsGlamour, 28:an adequate technical knowledge with which to understand that whereof I speak. First, the unitedGlamour, 39:occult fact and will ask you to endeavor to understand that whereof I speak. The Dweller on theGlamour, 68:if you submit to training and, as individuals, understand and master your personal glamors. Just asGlamour, 68:the dissipation of the world glamor, you have to understand better and master more definitely theGlamour, 73:for a human being to become aware of it or to understand it; it is the result of the agelongGlamour, 85:glamor, and maya, and to do this he must understand the means to freedom which are: Intuition,Glamour, 99:"glamorous weakness" but regard your effort to understand the problem and your ability to arrive atGlamour, 99:aspirants so frequently do, by saying, "Now I understand," whereas all that they do (and many ofGlamour, 107:only surrounded the more advanced people. To understand what I mean by this statement, I would callGlamour, 111:day, but which they themselves do not mentally understand. That which they demand of beauty, and ofGlamour, 146:which the Jew and the anti-Jew must eventually understand and, through understanding, bring to anGlamour, 169:wrongly, that not enough people know about or understand the nature of the opportunity or what isGlamour, 178:world intuitives learn to use and control and understand the faculty of spiritual perception, ofGlamour, 221:phrases which the disciple has to learn to understand and which is descriptive of manifestation. Glamour, 262:indifference? I wonder, brother of mine, if you understand the significance of this wordGlamour, 268:is a hard problem for all disciples to solve, to understand and to make effectively practical. OnlyHealing, 7:knowledge and a trained mind. The healer must understand also how to radiate, for the radiation ofHealing, 11:us to admit that it is not possible for man to understand the deep seated causes of that which canHealing, 11:as they exist for our present realization, and understand that just as man can enter moreHealing, 15:illumined, why should man arrogantly expect to understand everything? Let him work at theHealing, 20:in them much of the truth anent karma, will you understand? I question it. When I say to you thatHealing, 22:the stupidity of attempting to state that you understand these laws towards which you are gropingHealing, 22:which you are groping and which you seek to understand. Nowhere in human thought is the darknessHealing, 53:constitutes a "hard saying" for the student to understand in relation to his own physical conditionHealing, 58:and with right interpretation, they will understand the way out, because they will see more clearlyHealing, 65:is to be a true overcoming of disease. Will you understand me if I say that the true overcoming mayHealing, 85:If you grasp this sequence of contact, you will understand more clearly the occult significance ofHealing, 106:This is in many ways most important for you to understand, for it controls paramountly the ethericHealing, 158:and which cannot be called consciousness - as we understand the term. The heart center becomesHealing, 162:but these are the ones you will most easily understand if you will regard them as symbolic and notHealing, 299:loved and sought abstraction." As far as we can understand the significance of this stanza inHealing, 304:imperfection, is a bringing together (if you can understand the implications) of Life, the livesHealing, 306:could make much progress in learning to know and understand each other. Threads of intercourseHealing, 306:foreign to me. Your questions would help me to understand your background and your limitations, andHealing, 332:plus love-wisdom, and which constitutes what we understand as the consciousness, with its powers toHealing, 347:but to no true pain or distress as we normally understand it. Healing, 358:be greatly developed, it will be of value to understand group situations and problems, and then toHealing, 360:of Him because He is ours, as we are His. Do you understand that whereof I speak? He is the worldHealing, 367:we may become aware of areas of light (as we understand it) shining forth upon the physical plane.Healing, 390:new lines must (as a preliminary effort) seek to understand something about the factor of death toHealing, 392:life, and he is never alone as human beings understand loneliness; he is also conscious of thoseHealing, 412:years will see the abolition of death, as we now understand that great transition, and theHealing, 425:cyclically undergone. Men will eventually understand the significance of Christ's words when HeHealing, 432:is, to Them, not death in the sense that we understand it, but simply and solely a process ofHealing, 440:our passing over to the other side, and to understand somewhat the technique of transition. - PageHealing, 491:by the physical brain) is now non-existent as we understand the term, and - as the man turns hisHealing, 497:or concise. Attrition is relatively easy to understand; the kamic body dies out because, thereHealing, 504:When, in our thinking and in our effort to understand, we enter this realm of pure abstraction, itHealing, 512:it is friction. You will, therefore, better understand the meaning of the statement that the lastHealing, 513:spiritual energy can pour. Irritation, as you understand it, takes place when your personal,Healing, 579:Lemurian was not in the least magnetic as we understand the word, but in Atlantean days a certainHealing, 611:hopeful approach. Men are learning to know and understand each other; nations are arriving at aHealing, 633:real abstraction; it will not be easy for you to understand much of what I may say. This Law VIIIHealing, 634:of reabsorption has arrived. Return to me." To understand the reference, I would remind you that aHealing, 669:men, who are found in every nation, thoroughly understand each other and are working together inHealing, 674:effects. This, consequently, enables Him to understand the Purpose, as it emanates from Shamballa,Healing, 677:nature of pure love, or endeavor too ardently to understand how pure reason and pure love areHealing, 684:again consider words and phrases if we are to understand their true meaning. [685] Healing, 705:has not the appropriate technique or does not understand the formulas given later in thisHealing, 709:abstruse. There is little of it that you will understand; it is entirely related, as far as ourHercules, 29:him with certain tendencies. These we must understand if the meaning of the test is to emerge.Hercules, 87:and sometimes so indefinite, that it is hard to understand him or to pin him down. The CardinalHercules, 100:interesting labors numerically, and in order to understand it thoroughly and grasp its trueHercules, 105:an unfolding drama vaster than even they could understand, the constellation conveyed three majorHercules, 117:by whom it comes, and so Hercules failed to understand his spiritual mission, though he obtainedHercules, 118:all men excluded. It was left for Hercules to understand the nature of the labor, and he did not.Hercules, 118:and Mars, the god of war; they too did not understand their true function, for Mary is picturedHercules, 121:Hercules committed in Virgo, when he did not understand that the queen of the Amazons was to beHercules, 127:is said to be one of the most difficult signs to understand. It is the first sign that has neitherHercules, 134:the desire to be a peacemaker. He can usually understand both sides of an issue, and this abilityHercules, 139:veils so that we find the sign difficult to understand. But the keynotes of the sign are clear andHercules, 149:by those who refuse to take the trouble to understand them; husbands and wives are dailyHercules, 166:sentimentally, but through beginning really to understand human beings, to identify ourselves withHercules, 177:be initiated into the mysteries. As far as I can understand it (and I may be wrong) this means thatHercules, 183:outlook upon what is happening and to understand and look for certain occurrences. Perhaps for theHercules, 193:to try to express to yourself what you understand by the river of life and the river of love which,Hercules, 229:and yet outside. If not within us, it could not understand us; if not outside, it would be subjectInitiation, 5:of the human being in the three worlds seek to understand somewhat the macrocosm. We know not howInitiation, 80:well to remember that disciples on the first ray understand discipleship largely in terms ofInitiation, 80:or activity, whilst disciples on the second ray understand it more in terms of consciousness orInitiation, 81:with some form, and in their inability to understand the different points of view of others. AsInitiation, 117:fashion, but now all aspects of the mind, as we understand it, are lacking. The solar angelInitiation, 170:his karma, to work off his obligations, and to understand how karma in the three worlds can beInitiation, 170:to profit by this greater revelation, and to understand somewhat the following facts: The creativeInitiation, 172:the knowledge imparted, is now in a position to understand his own triple lower nature, andInitiation, 172:relation to the higher, to read the records and understand his place within the group, toInitiation, 177:discrimination in the choice of matter, and to understand the laws of vibration and ofInitiation, 195:Secondly, to study the constitution of man, to understand the method [196] of functioning in theInitiation, 215:words used in this book, so that the reader may understand their connotation. The majority of theIntellect, 4:and each will have to make an effort to understand the underlying spirit which has produced aIntellect, 14:them to do more than sense and enjoy. They understand; they know, and have become identified withIntellect, 31:"We are aware of the limits of human reason; we understand the significance of our striving; we areIntellect, 76:are messages in cipher of which we shall not understand the ultimate significance until we haveIntellect, 92:as a whole, and with our inability to grasp and understand the divine Reality which we hope exists.Intellect, 148:accept them; when things come to us, we must understand them from the ground up. If the occupationsIntellect, 170:experience. As far as I have ever been able to understand it, the phenomenon seems to have to doIntellect, 181:fierce as the intellect develops) to know, to understand, and answer the questions of Why andIntellect, 187:we cut up realities into elements in order to understand them; but when they are put together toIntellect, 229:every stage followed there must be the will to understand and a mental activity of a one-pointed
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