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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNDERSTAND

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Rays, 156:by the initiate; I will endeavor to help you to understand somewhat more clearly what theRays, 161:previously are pertinent: [161] "The group must understand the nature of the Three." This will beRays, 169:and obvious meaning. It is not a case of "I understand because I love," or that "this," with love,Rays, 171:(the clue which will be the easiest for you to understand) is to be found in the words "blottingRays, 173:Be not discouraged at this inability to understand; remember that this state of being embraces theRays, 174:as the non-initiate and the unenlightened understand. It is a center or point of such intenseRays, 178:there is no such thing as consciousness as we understand it. There is only a state of being and ofRays, 179:maya, which is the etheric plane as we usually understand it, or upon the planes of the SpiritualRays, 179:and the cause of his outer manifestation. To understand more fully the function of the deva forces,Rays, 179:Mind, even though they are not mental as we understand that term. They are sometimes regarded asRays, 182:type of energy with which he has to contend, to understand the nature of the forces with which heRays, 195:other and higher than the physical, as you understand physical substance. If one might use a phraseRays, 221:and mystical spiritual focus is not so easy to understand. Forget not, I am not looking forRays, 226:and a truth which it is not possible for you to understand at this time. The stage of a groupRays, 240:and of this you can necessarily know and understand little. I could perhaps express the underlyingRays, 246:on to a vague groping forward in an effort to understand and acquiesce in the "will of God," as heRays, 247:these are four and yet are one. Let the group understand the Law of Synthesis, of unity and fusion;Rays, 248:expressed in the following terms: Let the group understand the Law of Synthesis. (This is the lawRays, 249:aspirants who have not taken initiation cannot understand or duly appreciate the inner meaning ofRays, 261:say, and even this you will only vaguely [261] understand. Let us pass now to the second of theRays, 264:this Rule XIII reads as follows: Let the group understand the Law of Synthesis, of unity andRays, 267:medium of our planet Earth. It is difficult to understand Their mysterious and peculiar functions.Rays, 276:the logoic and the monadic. I am aware that you understand brotherhood in terms of the One FatherRays, 282:told you elsewhere that consciousness (as we understand it) is being transcended, and a new aspectRays, 286:are indeed relatively simple. Most aspirants understand their meaning [287] to a certain extent.Rays, 304:- or even in terms of consciousness, as you understand it. Forget not that I have elsewhere toldRays, 326:our planetary life and divest Himself of all we understand as material existence. [327] Forget notRays, 329:revealers, and if the student truly seeks to understand and profit by what I am endeavoring toRays, 349:may condition the attitude of those seeking to understand the life of a man upon the Path, and theyRays, 351:the third time to the dark brothers. Evil, as we understand it, has absolutely no place on Sirius.Rays, 351:Having said this, even if you do not understand my meaning, you can, however, grasp the possibilityRays, 357:into that vortex of force which we know and understand as Love, or onto the cosmic astral plane.Rays, 390:advanced. There are those alive today who will understand; there are those coming into incarnationRays, 391:He must perforce make His decision, He comes to understand the nature of the energy which each PathRays, 403:interpenetrating. This has been somewhat easy to understand in connection with our seven planes, asRays, 403:and substance (if they are substantial, as we understand the term) we are totally ignorant; besidesRays, 409:the terms were so abstruse that few can understand their meaning. The true significance is only forRays, 409:than those who read (and claim, erroneously, to understand) A Treatise on Cosmic Fire. In what IRays, 438:of the human disciple today - exactly what we understand by perfection. The Masters know, however,Rays, 455:and of development, the mind of man has to understand, analyze, formulate and distinguish;Rays, 485:group form; it may also be simply an ability to understand and to make others understand certainRays, 485:an ability to understand and to make others understand certain spiritual and occult fundamentals;Rays, 508:the building process. Ray One - Will or Power To understand the first ray technique, the basicRays, 551:mean something to you, as you think and seek to understand. The great cosmic initiation throughRays, 560:in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire will help you to understand this. They will prove helpful, providedRays, 584:country (as a result of conscious effort to understand) will stand before the initiator and undergoRays, 602:yet easy for the disciple to appreciate or to understand. Much that I will have to say anent rayRays, 607:great spiritual crisis that conflict, as we understand it, ends. In the realms of formless livingRays, 649:difficult things for the average thinking man to understand and to interpret is the destructiveRays, 661:With them we have no concern, nor would you understand if I were to be in any way explicit. The LawRays, 661:life but are not essentially initiations as we understand the term, or as that word could beRays, 686:which has no relation to consciousness, as you understand that term. It might be regarded asRays, 692:process is one that eventually you will understand and in which you will participate. Rays, 723:for it is not something which we can consciously understand, nor is it a form of consciousRays, 723:matter. Disciples are not really able to understand the extensive significances of the thirdRays, 729:love and purpose, and all these three he can now understand and fully express. He is now anRays, 732:which only an initiate of the seventh degree can understand or convey. After the fifth initiation,Rays, 733:and intricate symbols into phrases which you can understand and which only dimly convey the trueRays, 736:the Initiate's last contact with what we understand as cosmic evil, manifesting on this planet andRays, 749:men everywhere are free to know and to understand. This is, of course, not true of those countriesRays, 767:of doors, lies life eternal. Know you and understand. Reappearance, 10:Avatars, They represent what humanity can easily understand; because They are of like nature to us,Reappearance, 24:and that both of them are difficult for man to understand. The fact of the synchronization of HisReappearance, 34:Christ, and embodied that love so that we could understand; the truth that both love andReappearance, 37:He spoke were few and simple and all men can understand them, but their significance has beenReappearance, 50:is not Yet full of love and few there are who understand the true meaning of the word. But -Reappearance, 68:threefold experience and - in order that we may understand more fully - let us apply these threeReappearance, 73:for. This is necessarily a statement hard to understand. A point of tension is, symbolically, aReappearance, 84:us look at these phases of His work and try to understand the significance of the responsibilityReappearance, 94:yet no name. It is neither love nor will, as, we understand them. Only a phrase of several wordsReappearance, 104:for those who had eyes to see and hearts to understand the nature of the problem to be solved uponReappearance, 108:well to consider each of them and do our best to understand and prepare the human mind for theReappearance, 114:circumstances and of a recognition which may not understand but which submits to that which isReappearance, 140:is asked to give unquestioning belief but not to understand; he is told that it is not possible forReappearance, 140:of other human minds who claim that they do understand and that they have the truth. He does notSouland that only the false conceit that we understand something of the one case, excites ourSoulthe one case, excites our astonishment that we understand nothing of the other." - Rudolf HermannSoulown idioms which are difficult for the West to understand. Untranslated, they make Eastern writingSoul, 31:and mentality - in short, for the man himself. Understand the glands, they say, and behold the man.Soul, 32:glands themselves, it is well to decide what we understand by "psychology." In the West at least,Soul, 98:only a lesser degree of manifestation, we may understand their teachings that Prana is everywhere,Soul, 146:he is now able, to some extent at least, to understand and use, and which are the glory of ourTelepathy, 6:the mind steady in the light will be able to understand the first law and comprehend that interplayTelepathy, 17:the human being was still unable to think, as we understand thinking. The whole lower part of theTelepathy, 24:you about this, and you would not and could not understand. The experiment we are now making, inTelepathy, 34:by disciples in three ways: By an endeavor to understand: The medium of transmission. The method ofTelepathy, 49:on to the levels of mental perception. You will understand, consequently, the reason why theTelepathy, 70:It might be said, in order that you may understand more easily, that "impression" governs andTelepathy, 74:(and this [74] I cannot expect the student to understand; if he thinks he does, he is being misledTelepathy, 103:they then learn to register human need and to understand thereby where help is possible and theirTelepathy, 106:aspects of the Path which it is his duty to understand and teach. There is no need for me toTelepathy, 141:time cycle or world period. If you are to understand clearly, it is essential that I lay downTelepathy, 189:the average human being finds it difficult to understand that the medium in which the mental
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