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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNDERSTANDABLE

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Autobiography, 120:worldly goods for tomorrow we die. All this is understandable but does not make for good relations.Autobiography, 186:must also be held accountable. It is somewhat understandable that these starving girls and theseAutobiography, 231:in the world today against astrology and this is understandable and also constitutes a definiteBethlehem, 198:theological doctrine will present the concept in understandable terms. "Calvinism is built upon theDiscipleship1, 359:chaotic and the ideas in it are not easily understandable. Will you make it more sequential,Discipleship2, 149:Earth. It has been difficult to translate into understandable and adequate phrases the very ancientDiscipleship2, 156:Invocation has been expressed in terms which are understandable, in a measure, to the averageDiscipleship2, 424:their expression upon the physical plane - as an understandable law - still lies ahead and isExternalisation, 489:[489] It has been difficult to translate into understandable and adequate phrases, the very ancientFire, 431:even though it may not be so immediately understandable wherein lies the relation between theseFire, 724:Reaper, and (to reduce the above to words of an understandable nature) He belongs to a group whichHealing, 15:eliminating from our quest for truth the quite understandable but equally futile desire toHercules, 137:yet not lose the direction of the goal; to be understandable and acceptable to those who need theMagic, 25:the spirit and its nature is also a rational and understandable subject, to be appreciated andPatanjali, xiv:term. It is an attempt to put into clear and understandable English the exact meaning, insofar asProblems, 40:races and nationalities? In the face of understandable hatreds and deep seated prejudices, how canProblems, 107:and the Negro, in spite of his natural and understandable antagonism, should recognize them as aPsychology1, 379:the coming race is most difficult to express in understandable terms. I can find no better name forPsychology2, 87:their objectives simple and their potencies understandable. Psychology2, 729:love by critics of the methods employed. This is understandable. But the time of the great nationalRays, 397:case of the Buddha, Who has expiated His most understandable mistake and will now move forward - inRays, 757:because it needed recording, expression in understandable terms, and adequate translation beforeTelepathy, 149:and formulate the Plan and then present it in an understandable form to the lesser initiates and
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