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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNDERSTANDING

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Astrology, 602:because the recognition of the Will (leading to understanding cooperation) will produce majorAstrology, 613:his thought processes and his achievements. Some understanding of this will come if the discipleAstrology, 613:go, but it holds for him the cosmic seed of understanding. It is necessary to remember that on theAstrology, 619:to produce such beneficent effects of intuitive understanding and the activity of Mercury as theAstrology, 621:the incentive towards a new beginning. In the understanding of the significance of the distinctionAstrology, 665:II, 48) "The moon is the mind and the sun is the understanding." (Vol. II, 675, Note) (QuotingAstrology, 670:647) "The moon is the mind and the sun is the understanding." (S.D. Vol. II, 675) "The Trinity isAstrology, 683:(C. F. 182) "A clue tending towards the correct understanding lies hid in the words: 'Venus is theAtom, 27:should see us playing our part with intelligent understanding. Our first aim should surely beAtom, 50:[50] when philosophy will add its quota to the understanding of the truth. The use of theAtom, 121:unit within a still greater body, we may get an understanding of the radical difference betweenAutobiography, 2:when I did, it always meant a step forward in understanding and a greater ability, therefore, toAutobiography, 3:little. Where there is deep and abiding love and understanding, respect and unbroken comradeship,Autobiography, 3:often ask myself. could I have done without the understanding [4] friendship, affection and staunchAutobiography, 5:The world trend towards federation, towards understanding and cooperation, and towards those thingsAutobiography, 15:I shall never forget. He wrote me helpful and understanding letters and made me feel that thereAutobiography, 21:upstairs where I met much comforting - but no understanding. As I went on in life, I made two otherAutobiography, 23:occult phase, with its greater assurance, its understanding and its unalterable convictions. Autobiography, 29:her death. The other person who always gave me understanding was Sir William Gordon of Earlston. HeAutobiography, 31:was older) that I personally needed her care and understanding. I have been fortunate in myAutobiography, 31:primarily because people are so lovely, good and understanding. I want to go on record that she andAutobiography, 45:that some very fast men are very nice and have understanding. With this background and thisAutobiography, 48:on to vaster reaches of wisdom, achievement and understanding. It is a process of living growth.Autobiography, 59:for her knowledge of the Bible, for her understanding of humanity and also for her rippling senseAutobiography, 61:that by her life and her love, her wit and her understanding. Autobiography, 71:man's thinking, but goodwill and international understanding will matter more. ReligiousAutobiography, 74:I proved to myself, with much surprise, that understanding and love will work with individuals whenAutobiography, 75:of Jesus could save them, but simply by loving understanding. I had not believed that that wasAutobiography, 114:convey in these pages the kindness, goodness and understanding of Bishop Sanford. The first time IAutobiography, 118:they are, and I depend upon them for counsel and understanding and they [119] do not fail me. IAutobiography, 123:all, theology is simply man's interpretation and understanding of what he thinks God means. But itAutobiography, 124:charge in a mining village in Montana, with the understanding that part of his stipend should beAutobiography, 127:that their healing quality lay in their lack of understanding. The climax of this came on a dayAutobiography, 144:the kindness, the expansiveness and the understanding of the leading movie people. I have met manyAutobiography, 158:I had found a center of spiritual light and understanding, I discovered I had wandered into anotherAutobiography, 202:and girl at the age of adolescence taken to an understanding physician and told the bald facts. IAutobiography, 211:the contact this life and for the friendship and understanding that were established. [212] A lifeAutobiography, 213:is only the presentation of truth and its [213] understanding. There has been a great deal ofAutobiography, 214:of us who really studied it and arrived at some understanding of its inner significance have aAutobiography, 230:inspiration and in a spirit of true humility and understanding are contributory to the factors in aAutobiography, 234:cessation for the promotion of international understanding, economic sharing and religious unity.Autobiography, 237:of technical knowledge which lies beyond the understanding of the ordinary reader. It is also aAutobiography, 245:it contained truth, whether it evoked intuitive understanding and recognition and whether it had inAutobiography, 249:and certain students of vision and spiritual understanding. She made it a condition that I shouldAutobiography, 256:purification and the acquiring of an intelligent understanding of brotherhood and human need. To beAutobiography, 256:and illumined minds" - illumined by love and understanding, by deep compassion and inclusiveness,Autobiography, 262:and mental unfoldment but frequently little real understanding. Esoteric schools are occupied withAutobiography, 262:are occupied with promoting the growth of understanding. Certain elementary rules, intendedAutobiography, 264:Teachers will later appear who, will have a true understanding of the spiritual nature ofAutobiography, 267:and direct his lower nature through a technical understanding of its constitution and to pourAutobiography, 276:soul awareness, [276] spiritual knowledge, and understanding of the higher forces, direct andAutobiography, 276:adjustment to God and man, to his unfolding understanding of divine purpose and to his knowledge ofAutobiography, 276:and a period of ascertaining the measure of understanding possessed by the student, plus some basicAutobiography, 281:of questions and clearing the way for an understanding progress. These principles are unchangingAutobiography, 293:to carry their spiritual knowledge, energy and understanding into the affairs of humanity and to doAutobiography, 298:of the most extreme conservative pattern, her understanding of religion and her allegiance to theAutobiography, 302:planet. The implications are too deep for our understanding. The choices that humanity has beenBethlehem, 3:His uniqueness, His basic profundity and His understanding of the hearts of men. They recognize theBethlehem, 10:and awakened there to a world of being and of understanding which is, to the multitude, a sealedBethlehem, 11:unrevealed. It is therefore possible that an understanding of some of the deeper significances ofBethlehem, 12:which we may not ultimately escape; and a right understanding of the interrelation of these greatBethlehem, 12:religions may eventually bring about a truer understanding of all of them. The religion of theBethlehem, 13:perhaps be found in a clearer interpretation and understanding of these five outstanding episodes,Bethlehem, 14:upon our world problems, and this intelligent understanding of the causes of world distress HeBethlehem, 16:of the Christ with humanity, resulting in an understanding of the value of the individual and hisBethlehem, 19:so He also pointed to that future of unity and understanding which is our inevitable goal. We areBethlehem, 21:to the aspirant certain tasks which lead to his understanding, and produces an inclusiveness andBethlehem, 24:to these qualities must be added an intelligent understanding and a mental unfoldment which willBethlehem, 36:leaving the [36] race with an expanded understanding. Today mankind is being prepared for just suchBethlehem, 38:be characterized by newer awareness, a deeper understanding of the vital realities, and a truer andBethlehem, 40:joy of physical life is changed into the joy of understanding, and new values, new desires and aBethlehem, 44:He is a man who has added a sound intellectual understanding to the basic qualifications of a soundBethlehem, 53:following prayer: "There is a peace that passeth understanding; it abides in the hearts of thoseBethlehem, 72:peace on earth, of universal goodwill, of divine understanding, and of the deep recognition of God.Bethlehem, 76:found in the Temple, astonishing them with His understanding and His answers. His mother,Bethlehem, 77:will and need, with its lessons of sacrifice, of understanding and of service. This is ever theBethlehem, 79:in their first responsibility, they find no [79] understanding reaction to their demand for time toBethlehem, 81:torn between the splendid urge to go on towards understanding, and the craving to go back toBethlehem, 88:can Love be revealed. When through right use and understanding the mind is definitely directed andBethlehem, 98:profit the seeker in all countries, and an understanding of the significance of the symbolsBethlehem, 106:human being will come "the peace which passeth understanding." (Phil., IV, 7.) Standing there inBethlehem, 120:the lower man. This is the first essential for understanding. Upon that soul life and upon thatBethlehem, 123:IV, 5, 6, 7.) It is essential for the right understanding of this temptation that we remember ourBethlehem, 129:His reply indicates it clearly, but needs understanding. What intervened was His knowledge that GodBethlehem, 140:in every man we are steadily approximating an understanding of divinity. Behind the manifestationBethlehem, 141:that realm of being in which there is not only understanding, but peace, through unity. Rules andBethlehem, 143:the power of His purified nature and His divine understanding and wisdom, Christ blended in HimselfBethlehem, 144:will give place to the radiance of love and the understanding of goodwill and light which ChristBethlehem, 151:process goes forward, we shall come to a deeper understanding of the significance of light inBethlehem, 151:consecrated. We desire profoundly the light of understanding, which expresses itself in wisdom, andBethlehem, 154:because theirs is the authority of love and of understanding. We find also this basic triplicity inBethlehem, 163:two mysteries, and our entrance into a fuller understanding of God as life. The true Church ofBethlehem, 163:of achievement, and can later share with Him an understanding of the nature of world service. ThisBethlehem, 164:be acquired. The task of the disciple is the understanding and the use of his divinity. TheBethlehem, 164:of Krishna, says to him, with tenderness and understanding, "Let not fear nor confusion overcomeBethlehem, 184:only then can they arrive at a full and clear understanding of what, in His cosmic nature, ChristBethlehem, 212:men fail us. In the moment when He most needed understanding, and all the strength whichBethlehem, 213:place in the human mind between the yearning for understanding, and the nearer more immediate pullBethlehem, 222:with its strength and power, its light and understanding, had also to be laid upon the altar. HeBethlehem, 244:all previous effort of thought, development and understanding? The wonder of Christ's Resurrection,
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