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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNDERSTANDING

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Discipleship2, 579:forward through realization, silence, loving understanding and inner synthesis. That is why it isDiscipleship2, 580:light and its uses, or even to bring them to an understanding of goodwill - though the latter isDiscipleship2, 581:your attention that will give you strength and understanding? For those are two qualities whichDiscipleship2, 582:is different from the wisdom which comes from understanding as the result of action. Once this factDiscipleship2, 589:has been transmuted into gained experience and understanding. Compassionate lovers of humanity canDiscipleship2, 589:you are responsible; a potent note of love and understanding must express the desire and sensitiveDiscipleship2, 594:a more general and genuine liking (as a means to understanding) of your fellowmen, particularly ofDiscipleship2, 594:With true failures you are ever kind and understanding and have demonstrated this often, but youDiscipleship2, 599:to your question. She replied: "You trust in his understanding, self-discipline and consecration."Discipleship2, 603:all else give love with impersonality and true understanding. It must not be the impersonality of aDiscipleship2, 607:needed and will be increasingly required. An understanding heart and a steady application to theDiscipleship2, 610:you. By your effort, your determination and your understanding you can form part of the group whichDiscipleship2, 611:this moving, forward in the growth of increased understanding, in a sense at times of a greatlyDiscipleship2, 613:you need to handle with more conscious understanding. Shrink not from the results, but see to itDiscipleship2, 621:barrier) be transmuted into that loving understanding which comes because its possessor isDiscipleship2, 628:details, techniques and methods; you may err in understanding or in prompt reaction to spiritualDiscipleship2, 629:for the next twelve months, come to a clear understanding of my injunction to you, given earlier,Discipleship2, 629:there will always be some truth, some aspect of understanding and some immediate revelation whichDiscipleship2, 631:I also need their individual cooperation and understanding of the problems to be met. It isDiscipleship2, 631:the answer. With you, this is a fixed belief and understanding, and that is good. The question inDiscipleship2, 633:"advance." By this I do not refer to progress in understanding. That is inevitable in time andDiscipleship2, 636:which I have given you. I count upon your understanding because I am not speaking idle words; IDiscipleship2, 640:and unaltered; therefore my love, strength and understanding are factors upon which you can at allDiscipleship2, 641:this time through giving them increased loving understanding. As regards certain problems ofDiscipleship2, 642:of mine, that I hesitate (because I have an understanding of much that you are enduring) to layDiscipleship2, 645:so be able to handle it with increased poise, understanding and triumph. Behind you lies a crisisDiscipleship2, 650:real insight into the problem. Men must wait for understanding until they can no longer be hurt orDiscipleship2, 650:the implementing of the soul to arrive at true understanding. You have made much progress alongDiscipleship2, 653:and surety upon my presence there and my understanding welcome. Your natural diffidence andDiscipleship2, 655:constancy thoughts of strength and sustaining understanding. Long years have taught you that myDiscipleship2, 660:which is the first expression of buddhic understanding. Identification with others, which isDiscipleship2, 662:impels the heart detached. And with that understanding there awakes the will to dissipate the painDiscipleship2, 662:know and see. The pen, when dipped in love and understanding, must be used by you for several yearsDiscipleship2, 663:no situation in which your deep knowledge and understanding could be made available. Learning andDiscipleship2, 667:picture) as the initiate can grasp, plus an understanding of the part which he, as an individualDiscipleship2, 667:materialize the vision and work at intelligent understanding of the Plan. Let naught - fatigue,Discipleship2, 667:love will be deepened and your heart become more understanding. [668] Discipleship2, 671:thorny crown is won. The moment of perceptive understanding. The quality of the perceptive race ofDiscipleship2, 672:also enable you to bring a fuller tide of loving understanding. You will thus enhance yourDiscipleship2, 672:BROTHER: I approach you today with such complete understanding that I believe you will immediatelyDiscipleship2, 673:for she has for [673] you a very deep love and understanding as well as a clear perception of yourDiscipleship2, 674:I assure you that it makes no difference in our understanding, love and appreciation of you. It mayDiscipleship2, 674:to contact you, and this with love and willing understanding. This is hard for you, but it isDiscipleship2, 674:is essential for the development of that loving understanding which is the complement of wisdom.Discipleship2, 681:- as your vision quickens - you will arrive at understanding. Contribute your ideas and suggestionsDiscipleship2, 681:love can accomplish once you see clearly an with understanding the true nature of your glamor.Discipleship2, 684:may be, have ourselves to rest back on the understanding selflessness of our disciples. We have notDiscipleship2, 691:6th month... Identification. The key to Understanding. These words are probably not what you mightDiscipleship2, 698:with the earthly role of life, save learning understanding. To that attain. There are three soulsDiscipleship2, 698:to you, because she needs a guiding, loving understanding heart; one you will meet and needs mustDiscipleship2, 700:I can do but to stand behind you with love and understanding. Discipleship2, 701:know you as you are, and I understand; that understanding forces me to stand by you (withDiscipleship2, 703:She is not a member of my Ashram. You have my understanding and her unfailing support. Inevitably,Discipleship2, 704:And finally, a need for a more loving understanding at times isolates you from your fellowmen,Discipleship2, 708:love of your co-disciples with you. You have the understanding and loyal affection of A.A.B., andDiscipleship2, 709:work. You must learn to set up a helpful and an understanding relation with all who come your way -Discipleship2, 711:right time comes, returning to it with a wider understanding, a more expressive love, and a moreDiscipleship2, 712:the unfailing love of F.B. and the developed understanding of yourself, of R.S.U. and F.C.D., sheDiscipleship2, 716:month - As I am strength and power and love and understanding, I bring these gifts into the havenDiscipleship2, 716:love to all I meet, and to these gifts I add an understanding heart. 8th month - The cry goes outDiscipleship2, 718:physical plane expression I would have you add understanding - an understanding based upon love andDiscipleship2, 718:I would have you add understanding - an understanding based upon love and not upon any mentalDiscipleship2, 718:qualities - simplicity from the mental angle, understanding from the emotional and astral angle,Discipleship2, 721:when you can penetrate there with simplicity, understanding and dignity. Discipleship2, 724:I can attract the gifts which I must give - an understanding heart, a quiet mind, myself. I neverDiscipleship2, 728:brother of mine, given in all [728] love and understanding, and with a real appreciation of yourDiscipleship2, 729:certain risks of over-stimulation. The love and understanding and gratitude of your group brothersDiscipleship2, 735:glamors hold you not in truth but you need more understanding of their nature. Discipleship2, 743:unless you enter it voluntarily, freely and with understanding. [744] The final thing which callsDiscipleship2, 744:place to the use of what you have acquired of understanding and wisdom. I suggest for your helping,Discipleship2, 744:energy - the energy of love, of strength and of understanding. Imagine next that divine flowDiscipleship2, 750:And for this nausea, you will find no real understanding in your environment. For this also youDiscipleship2, 751:depth and purpose you have as yet but little understanding. You must remember that rebellion may beDiscipleship2, 757:essential quality which you should radiate is an understanding holding of those for whom you areDiscipleship2, 758:to hold others steady by the nature of your understanding; this they feel, even if you do notDiscipleship2, 759:your assets. Every Master needs to have such an understanding and to know infallibly what is in aDiscipleship2, 763:it is to develop the true practice of loving understanding which leads to the seeing of all peopleEducation, ix:As the elements of unfamiliarity diminish, understanding is facilitated. That the research projectEducation, xi:[xi] "Since unified interpretation and understanding is not a science in its own right but aEducation, 2:intuitive perception, of spiritual insight and understanding. Methods of Building the Antahkarana.Education, 3:the age of synthesis, of inclusiveness and of understanding is upon us, and the new education ofEducation, 6:the bridge the man builds - through meditation, understanding and the magical creative work of theEducation, 6:between mind and brain through a correct understanding of the inner constitution of man,Education, 17:also of creative activity and the right understanding of what we call genius will likewise be madeEducation, 22:directed purpose. He must be brought to a truer understanding of the underlying purpose of being,Education, 29:process that today the time has come for a group understanding of this emerging technique, for aEducation, 29:effort. That always must be met; but the group understanding will increasingly aid the individual. Education, 40:mystical and devotional, devoid of any mental understanding. They were significantly emotional inEducation, 48:values of history and literature and give some understanding of art. They should begin to train theEducation, 51:The gauging of ability will be based upon an understanding of the ray types (the science ofEducation, 52:to transmute it into wisdom by the aid of the understanding, and thus to become "fullyEducation, 54:second case you will have: Cooperation - Loving Understanding - Group Love. There are higherEducation, 54:the forces released through civilization. Loving understanding should be the hallmark of theEducation, 56:PHILOSOPHY II. Love Petals Cooperation Loving Understanding Group Love The Intellectuals WorldEducation, 57:inaugurating an era of true cooperation, loving understanding and group love. This will be done byEducation, 57:closest cooperation, and it is for this planned understanding and this intelligent activity ofEducation, 59:fortunate enough to have a wise teacher and some understanding senior friends. It will be apparentEducation, 67:move among these inner realities with skill and understanding. Esotericism, involves alsoEducation, 69:urge such steps are often made without any understanding of the true objectives, or any real graspEducation, 69:First: The development of more adequate means of understanding and studying the human being. This
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