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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNDERSTANDING

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Fire, 1275:their way through mind to mind and thence to understanding. (Manas to mahat and thence to buddhi.)Glamour, xi:spiritual illumination, true psychological understanding of one's fellowmen, and a development ofGlamour, 2:forth of love to people and, therefore, an understanding of them. Much that is called the intuitionGlamour, 2:group-conscious soul. Intuition is the synthetic understanding which is the prerogative of the soulGlamour, 4:in the eternal persisting Existence. Understanding. This must be appreciated in its literal senseGlamour, 4:to identify themselves with others. To have true understanding involves an increased ability toGlamour, 4:use emotional sensitivity in the right manner. Understanding involves contact with life as anGlamour, 4:of the indwelling Christ principle. Intuitional understanding is always spontaneous. Where theGlamour, 4:is always spontaneous. Where the reasoning to an understanding enters, it is not the activity ofGlamour, 5:will work out in your life as love, light and understanding. When the theory is grasped and theGlamour, 8:on the physical plane as illumination, understanding and love. In the first instance, the objectiveGlamour, 9:exoteric reading of a symbol and the conceptual understanding. There is later another intermediateGlamour, 9:another intermediate stage between conceptual understanding and esoteric comprehension andGlamour, 15:the intuition, and when your interrelated understanding is firm and true. The Hierarchy will beGlamour, 15:that intuitional knowledge and that intelligent understanding of glamor, both individual andGlamour, 15:most definitely to work at its dispelling. That understanding will necessarily be only relative,Glamour, 18:in the world consciousness today: The growth and understanding of telepathic work. A comprehensionGlamour, 23:and hence the vital necessity for right understanding of the way of mind control. Another pointGlamour, 23:is bringing about a more spiritual understanding and a reorganization of human values, and this isGlamour, 24:own words and as the result of meditation, your understanding of the four expressions with which IGlamour, 25:into the following heads and express your understanding of the phenomena: As to any real contact.Glamour, 25:we may all go forward into greater light and understanding, and that the light may shine upon theGlamour, 28:but with due care and caution and with right understanding. Thirdly, you must remember that as IGlamour, 31:emotional with occasional flashes of real mental understanding - very occasional, my brother, andGlamour, 36:in clear precise action, and in strengthened understanding. In the process of dissipating glamor,Glamour, 39:which I have already stated so as to enrich your understanding of the various phases of the worldGlamour, 60:down into futility. The [60] mechanism for right understanding is lacking, and though the man mayGlamour, 62:You will note therefore the great need for right understanding of that which is contacted as wellGlamour, 67:struggle. They have then an intuitive flash of understanding. The outline of the future and theGlamour, 68:fresh courage and determination and with fresh understanding, and to carry on for another year.Glamour, 76:wherein the men of good intention, of some real understanding and owning a measure of freedom fromGlamour, 76:effects upon others, and to their sentimental understanding of the nature of love. Love, for manyGlamour, 89:and memorize it if possible, for in its right understanding lies for you much of real usefulness. IGlamour, 93:it be brought about? Define maya and give your understanding of inspiration as a factor inGlamour, 97:they have no control and of which they have no understanding. They would like to assume controlGlamour, 104:and disciples of the world have gone in their understanding and in their handling of this problemGlamour, 106:forms must struggle, gaining strength and understanding thereby and eventual liberation. These areGlamour, 108:the secrets of initiation consists in the right understanding and use of the consciousness which isGlamour, 111:senses and sees in terms of glamor, of emotional understanding, of a sentient fanaticism. HeGlamour, 114:offer the opportunity to the man of evoking the understanding and point of view of the soul, forGlamour, 118:ray influence is one of the first steps towards understanding the nature of his problem and theGlamour, 121:responsibility. The glamor of too complete an understanding, which negates right action. The glamorGlamour, 124:to become established. But they all worked with understanding, perseverance and enthusiasm, and itGlamour, 126:the former processes - briefly and with understanding - after which he proceeds to master theGlamour, 128:at all times for it holds the clue to the true understanding of the lower nature. We will study,Glamour, 135:revelation. Through the intuition, progressive understanding of the ways of God in the world and onGlamour, 146:anti-Jew must eventually understand and, through understanding, bring to an end. I mention thisGlamour, 149:It is for this reason that the study and understanding of motives is of such value and importance,Glamour, 156:is, however, of more importance where the human understanding and consciousness is concerned. TheGlamour, 158:or will the Dweller be sacrificed with love and understanding to the Angel? This is the majorGlamour, 164:will form no barrier to international understanding, and the Axis order of master races, determinedGlamour, 166:and that the goal of all human effort is loving understanding, prompted by a program of love forGlamour, 168:Moon, 1942. I have also given a clue to the true understanding of the work of these Avatars - aGlamour, 168:power of the soul (whose nature is love and understanding) can function, and fusion of these twoGlamour, 175:values, of unified being and of intuitive understanding. This involves a consequent moving of theGlamour, 181:we are concerned with the effort to achieve an understanding of that which through the medium ofGlamour, 189:will be better "protected by the spirit of understanding" than any previous one. This is theGlamour, 194:to the three worlds of experience. It produces understanding just as the light of soul producesGlamour, 201:their own individual glamors and can bring understanding to the task. Are focused upon the mentalGlamour, 205:of the process of meditation, based on the right understanding of the nature of concentration. IGlamour, 211:because enough people are now the product of understanding and can work wisely and alsoGlamour, 212:if I might so call it. They must have an understanding of the apparatus of thought, of the creationGlamour, 224:- with an all round appreciation of humanity, an understanding heart, plus a critical mind, whichGlamour, 225:time and usually without any very real conscious understanding. An illustration of this would beGlamour, 232:I am anxious for you to start it with a clear understanding as to how the task is to be carriedGlamour, 232:silent Place and bring from thence the gift of understanding. Thus with the light we work and turnGlamour, 234:will do this in his own way and according to his understanding and capacity. This is the Act ofGlamour, 235:A willingness to cooperate with the soul. Understanding the nature of the particular glamor. TheGlamour, 238:silent Place and bring from thence the gift of understanding. Thus with the light we work and turnGlamour, 240:mind. Illusion is the mode whereby limited understanding and material knowledge interpret truth,Glamour, 244:or God, and in the effort to arrive at some understanding of the nature of divinity, the formula ofGlamour, 246:advising the student to endeavor to extend his understanding of the microcosmic situation to theGlamour, 248:expression. In this way, he will arrive at a new understanding of the conditioning factors whichGlamour, 249:and the disciple can work with knowledge and understanding. He becomes a scientific worker in theGlamour, 254:the fourth or fifth initiation, has no true understanding of the [255] occidental or of hisGlamour, 257:there is true idealism, right thought, plus an understanding of the vehicle of expression and theGlamour, 262:Ending of Glamor When he also adds to this an understanding and the practice of the Technique ofHealing, 6:in love and to work towards group unity and understanding. I would like to point out here the needHealing, 6:for people to learn to work together in perfect understanding and impersonality, and at the sameHealing, 11:of a greater objective than he, with his finite understanding, can grasp. The whole intent, as itHealing, 11:revealed on earth shall we enter into some real understanding of the general widespread disease toHealing, 15:of his intuition and at achieving illumination. Understanding may then come his way. He will haveHealing, 16:general idea is grasped, we shall have a clearer understanding of our problem and can then proceedHealing, 17:so that he may arrive at a proper [17] understanding of himself, and so learn to eradicate thoseHealing, 21:more closely than has been believed; towards an understanding of this, mental science has beenHealing, 21:open mind as far as may be, realizing that your understanding of these laws is limited by: OldHealing, 24:which he gives obedience, through discipline and understanding. You will have noted that I listedHealing, 28:causes; that man has made as vast strides in the understanding of the effect of these causes asHealing, 28:outer garment of man, as science has made in the understanding of the outer garment of God, theHealing, 41:about the inner forces and energies and has some understanding of the basic causes of the exotericHealing, 58:and even that may convey but little to your understanding. Of the three major diseases which haveHealing, 61:from tuberculosis. In the secret of right understanding of times and cycles, and of periodicHealing, 64:and commiseration to the humanitarian and the understanding psychologist. They face a difficultHealing, 64:make those of you who read more efficient in understanding. You will note also from the above howHealing, 65:conditions, and the necessity for astral understanding and control on the part of the patient, ifHealing, 76:cure of disease or through death) lies in the understanding of the condition of the centers in theHealing, 84:centers themselves. Only when there is a right understanding of force and its reception andHealing, 90:of malignant disease. When humanity regains an understanding of the right use of time (whichHealing, 96:particular forces as is deemed advisable, by an understanding of the rays and their types ofHealing, 99:themselves, both theoretically and from an understanding of yourself. You should be aware of some
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