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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNDERSTANDING

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Magic, 573:through him. He can arrive, therefore, at an understanding of its type, its quality, its strength,Magic, 580:for the truer an impulse is and the clearer the understanding of the subjective purpose, so willMagic, 580:is correct direction, true orientation, exact understanding of purpose and recognition of the typeMagic, 582:not the case. It is the ability to arrive at an understanding of the next realizations which lieMagic, 587:externalization. This consequently involves an understanding of the centers and of their awakening.Magic, 587:of the centers and of their awakening. But understanding must come first, and the awakening at aMagic, 605:sons of God. The second thread leads us to an understanding of the growth of consciousness, andMagic, 608:we call the Will of God, for lack of better understanding. They know far more of the plan than doMagic, 612:existence. Yet - in time and space and to the understanding of the witnessing consciousness - it isMagic, 622:time there is a tendency towards synthesis and understanding in the world, every time the lesser isMagic, 630:The achievement of true vision, plus right understanding, brings about freedom from the instinctualMagic, 631:and produces a lack of brotherly love and understanding, it is discarded at once. When there isMagic, 631:which concerns them; their lives are colored by understanding and by love; their minds areMagic, 632:of the majority, and they meet often lack of understanding, frequent disappointment in their fellowMagic, 633:but they cannot apply it when it comes to the understanding of others. They think they have aMagic, 636:by loving all men more and through love and understanding contacting them with greater facility.Magic, 637:on the control of the astral body and a right understanding of its laws. Only mental control, plusMeditation, 19:that leads a man to liberation through the understanding and the intelligent application of the lawMeditation, 213:The dangers are too great, for in the right understanding of the laws of color and in the knowledgeMeditation, 235:through and on the bodies of a man with little understanding on his part, and small ability toMeditation, 276:the law of his own being and through that understanding brings him to a comprehension of theMeditation, 310:of the axiom "Know thyself" will come that understanding that enables man to wield the law and knowMeditation, 321:but upon the inner comprehension and the occult understanding of the student, upon the quality ofPatanjali, 17:perception; only thus will he arrive at a right understanding of this science. The process to bePatanjali, 30:to the occultist. For the purpose of a clearer understanding the following may be found to be ofPatanjali, 42:grades there comes to the aspirant, not only an understanding of what is his immediate problem andPatanjali, 61:of the soul, Realization of the obstacles, or an understanding of the things which prevent truePatanjali, 73:their emphasis in Book I. But a theoretical understanding of the obstacles and their cure is ofPatanjali, 73:intelligently and hence the necessity of a right understanding of the principles or qualities wherePatanjali, 74:yet still studying this treatise on yoga. Their understanding of truth in its [75] entirety is notPatanjali, 75:consciousness is functioning, as he comes to an understanding of the vehicles he must use in anyPatanjali, 79:of the Raja Yoga philosophy and the key to the understanding of this sutra is found in the wordPatanjali, 80:meditation upon any specific sense. Through an understanding of the laws of creation and of sound,Patanjali, 81:can be arrived at, and the man can achieve an understanding of the laws whereby all forms come intoPatanjali, 87:Logos. The student can only arrive at a very dim understanding of the nature of these dream statesPatanjali, 89:the constituents of form. He arrives next at an understanding of the aggregate of the energy of thePatanjali, 93:are used by the perceiver to arrive at an understanding of the lower mental levels. That only whenPatanjali, 95:clear. Always in the process of arriving at an understanding of nature, the occultist works inwardsPatanjali, 112:with that which the mind perceives, produces an understanding of the nature of that which isPatanjali, 112:from avarice is perfected, there comes an understanding of the law of rebirth. 40. Internal andPatanjali, 138:law of Attraction and Repulsion and through an understanding of the system of occult vibrations.Patanjali, 141:One thus addressed the brethren: "Through not understanding, though not penetrating the Four AryanPatanjali, 153:in their seven forms. Through an understanding of the nature and distinctions of matter he willPatanjali, 163:at a knowledge of God as He is and comes to an understanding of the nature of spirit. The mind thenPatanjali, 166:with that which the mind perceives, produces an understanding of the nature of that which isPatanjali, 168:leads eventually to three things: An understanding of the distinction between spirit and matter, APatanjali, 178:of the means, leads the aspirant to a scientific understanding of the distinction existing betweenPatanjali, 196:are the equipment of every adept. Through an understanding of, The law of vibration, The science ofPatanjali, 200:from avarice is perfected, there comes an understanding of the law of rebirth. This sutra gives inPatanjali, 223:brought about in three ways: By an intellectual understanding of the nature of the etheric body andPatanjali, 234:known in the vivid light of the intuition. 34. Understanding of the mind-consciousness comes fromPatanjali, 234:of bondage through their weakening and by an understanding of the mode of transference (withdrawalPatanjali, 252:in the various interpretations will come a full understanding of the Sanskrit terms. Briefly, thePatanjali, 254:sheath what it is. This insight is more than understanding, sympathy or comprehension. They are butPatanjali, 255:that the path is long and that an intelligent understanding of each stage of the path is of morePatanjali, 267:possible. Service is then based on complete understanding. Patanjali, 269:the would-be aspirant can undertake. An understanding of the stage reached and of the next step toPatanjali, 285:world, where the real man dwells. Through an understanding of three things: Numbers, Colors,Patanjali, 286:- compassion, tenderness and dispassion. Some understanding of this will come if the student willPatanjali, 287:to him. Through tenderness, that compassionate understanding works out into practical expression.Patanjali, 302:the moon." Either is correct and probably a true understanding of the Sanskrit is only arrived atPatanjali, 303:of the lunar mansions or of forms would give an understanding of the physical body, of the astralPatanjali, 303:an appreciation of its meaning will eventuate an understanding of: The relation of our solar systemPatanjali, 304:of our planet, gained by the adept through an understanding of the triplicity formed by: a. ThePatanjali, 308:The reason is this: when man arrives at an understanding of his emotional body and of the forcePatanjali, 310:more apparent than in this sutra. Through an understanding of the nature of the throat center and aPatanjali, 311:are here bracketed together, grows out of an understanding of the transmutative process and thePatanjali, 316:and explanations. It gives to him an understanding of ways, means and methods, and enables him toPatanjali, 318:- Book 3 - Union achieved and its Results 34. Understanding of the mind-consciousness comes fromPatanjali, 327:of bondage through their weakening, and by an understanding of the mode of transference (withdrawalPatanjali, 327:entire science of Raja Yoga is based upon an understanding of the nature, purpose and function ofPatanjali, 328:demonstration side of his work. It is through an understanding of the method of energizing thePatanjali, 336:this sutra and its clarification by an understanding of the nature of the planes, their symbols andPatanjali, 342:the thousand petalled lotus. The study and understanding of this sutra would result in the completePatanjali, 358:with the Father in Heaven, and a true understanding of the word of the Master of all the Masters,Patanjali, 362:succession. It has been said that a complete understanding of the Law of Cycles would bring man toPatanjali, 363:of energy. We shall also have reached a true understanding of the Eternal Now, and a justPatanjali, 383:light, Purification of the lower nature, The understanding of the dream state, [384] The way ofPatanjali, 387:in being. Gradually there dawns on him a true understanding of the significance of the words "madePatanjali, 392:an appreciation of the law of evolution and an understanding of the nature of consciousness and itsPatanjali, 407:works through the kingdoms of nature, and as his understanding of the nature of consciousnessPatanjali, 416:it gives him a broader vision and an inclusive understanding, revealing to him the fact that thePatanjali, 425:of the disciple are of small moment; his understanding and usefulness as a channel for spiritualProblems, 5:all human contacts and underline with understanding and perspective the reactions of the race ofProblems, 9:correct world objectives and true psychological understanding. Men and women everywhere are alreadyProblems, 18:can enforce that regimentation in a spirit of understanding and goodwill until such time as it isProblems, 30:movement will inevitably produce right understanding and correct attitudes and activities in everyProblems, 39:from them and appreciate them. The knowledge and understanding thus gained enable the man ofProblems, 39:both creative and historical, he adds an understanding of the spiritual and moral values, then weProblems, 40:wounds and to produce the warmth of love and understanding among those who believe that suchProblems, 41:believe to be good for them. These nations want understanding cooperation; they want the implementsProblems, 42:cultivated and which will bring about a closer understanding in the world of men. These areProblems, 48:usefulness in the world. 3. An atmosphere of understanding. So few teachers or parents explain to aProblems, 48:for injustice (based on the adult's lack of understanding his motivation), by an inability toProblems, 48:is not developed but if a child is handled with understanding, then the truly wrong things, theProblems, 49:of a few correct principles, and much loving understanding are the prune requirements in the mostProblems, 49:impose upon themselves a discipline of patience, understanding and love which will not be easy, forProblems, 53:in such a manner that sane living and an understanding point of view, plus an intelligent techniqueProblems, 53:for citizenship, for parenthood, and for world understanding; it is basically psychological andProblems, 53:is basically psychological and should convey an understanding of humanity. When this type of
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