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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNDERSTANDING

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Psychology1, 361:systems. Education and the growth of the understanding of illumination in all fields willPsychology1, 362:the nursery stage and inaugurate that scientific understanding of the divine purpose which willPsychology1, 364:and body. Produce illumination through right understanding of the energy of Light. Evolve thatPsychology1, 367:rapidly bring about the needed international understanding. The question emerges in your mind as toPsychology1, 374:its earliest effects will be the increase of the understanding of brotherhood and its reallyPsychology1, 375:to the "soul as intellect", we find a growth of understanding as to "the soul as life", though itPsychology1, 378:of God can build those bridges and develop that understanding which will offset this law, thusPsychology1, 379:effect - than the words, the Law of Loving Understanding. This is a quite inadequate andPsychology1, 379:Law of Cleavages - Aryan race. The Law of Loving Understanding - next race. By a rightPsychology1, 379:of Loving Understanding - next race. By a right understanding of these laws we can gain an insightPsychology1, 380:nation are beginning to respond to the Law of Understanding, - a law which will eventuallyPsychology1, 380:evolution. The functioning of the Law of Loving Understanding will be much facilitated and speededPsychology1, 381:coming under the influence of this Law of Loving Understanding. Many in every nation are respondingPsychology1, 381:gradually, by the steady development in right understanding by their own nationals. Bear this inPsychology1, 383:the above will indicate certain lines of racial understanding. There is a natural rapport indicatedPsychology1, 383:Intelligence with the fifth Ray of Scientific Understanding. Hence their amazing contribution toPsychology1, 384:allied with the divine aspect of love and understanding, producing attraction and interpretation. Psychology1, 387:government, based eventually on just loving understanding. This, I say, is the ideal before her,Psychology1, 393:the potent factors in the restoration of world understanding and harmony. It cannot be solvedPsychology1, 394:Most High, there has not always been peace and understanding, but at times, war and disruption;Psychology1, 404:individual aspirant is therefore to arrive at an understanding of: His egoic ray. His personalityPsychology1, 405:what they make him. As he arrives at a clearer understanding, and can begin to discriminate, hePsychology1, 417:in Many, and let the word go forth in perfect understanding: 'I am the Worker and the Work, The OnePsychology1, 419:Buddhi. Intuition. Pure reason. Human Principle: Understanding. Vision. Spiritual perception.Psychology1, 421:of God. 7. The Intuition 2nd Ray Love-Wisdom Understanding of God. The Rays of Aspect and ofPsychology2man. As is often glibly said with little real understanding of the significance of the words used,Psychology2, 7:mechanisms, and with the aid of spiritual understanding and interpretation. With the biggerPsychology2, 9:find today such dominant emphasis laid upon the understanding of the Plan amongst esotericists;Psychology2, 11:limitations of personal liberty, without due understanding of the underlying reasons, and thePsychology2, 12:with the group, through the experience of understanding, service and sacrifice. This can wellPsychology2, 13:They are those well meaning people whose mental understanding outruns the power of theirPsychology2, 20:is simply the expression of the immediate understanding of a human mind. But a definition may laterPsychology2, 31:language serves only to blind and to hinder true understanding. The consciousness of the initiatePsychology2, 34:ourselves merged with all that is, in love and understanding. The isolation, a necessary stage, isPsychology2, 43:right magic; Power to cooperate with the Whole; Understanding of the Plan; The magical work ofPsychology2, 46:serve the Plan; I serve the Whole with love and understanding.' " Ray Three "The Angel of thePsychology2, 60:matter aspect, and are linked to an intelligent understanding of matter and to the power of thePsychology2, 60:the good of the world, unselfishness, intuitive understanding, cooperation with the Plan of God,Psychology2, 61:The developing of virtues, the cultivation of understanding, the demonstration of good characterPsychology2, 70:of the intuition, or spiritual love-wisdom or understanding (which demonstrates as sensitivity andPsychology2, 75:rapidity as is safely possible. Remember that understanding must always parallel the intellectualPsychology2, 75:and in the performance of service with love and understanding, - thus is this work carried forward.Psychology2, 83:and present. When man arrives at a better understanding of the etheric body and its seven forcePsychology2, 84:in Many, and let the word go forth in perfect understanding: 'I am the Worker and the Work, the OnePsychology2, 85:have been occupied with imparting to humanity an understanding of the nature of those qualities andPsychology2, 87:enter, is the golden one of group love, group understanding, group relations and group conduct.Psychology2, 88:of the divine Creator. It might help to a better understanding of the Law of Sacrifice if it werePsychology2, 91:life will convey to the earnest student a meagre understanding of the lowest aspects of the divinePsychology2, 92:esoteric literature), with deliberation and full understanding, took human bodies in order to raisePsychology2, 94:of God who down the ages, have arrived at an understanding of the significance of the divinePsychology2, 97:story of evolution. This needs psychological understanding. It is a governing principle of lifePsychology2, I can:Doctrine and A Treatise on Cosmic Fire with understanding know that our Earth is not a sacredPsychology2, 106:objective, of technique and method, or complete understanding and oneness of approach. That fluid,Psychology2, 110:call "the Kingdom of God." Through a right understanding of this law, the man arrives at aPsychology2, 115:Who wield it. Through its medium and the right understanding of the Law, it should be possible toPsychology2, 118:ensuing service to the race. If there is right understanding, there will necessarily be rightPsychology2, 120:equilibrium and balance. For this balance, the understanding of the Law of Magnetic Impulse hasPsychology2, 122:rendered. Humanity is on its way to a right understanding of services; it is becoming responsive toPsychology2, 123:must be based on right foundations and on sound understanding. Perhaps the simplest way in which IPsychology2, 124:same time. Indicate the need today for the right understanding of a technique which, when appliedPsychology2, 128:stage and attitude we can view with sympathy and understanding, for there are those who have soPsychology2, 128:fail to serve and also fail to comprehend with understanding the period of pain which ever precedesPsychology2, 128:family and group will be to demonstrate a real understanding and a true helpfulness. As the flow ofPsychology2, 130:an inner reality, and along the line of a right understanding of service will come much revelationPsychology2, 130:Recognition of the impetus coming from a right understanding of social relations and their study isPsychology2, 142:wording. By magnetic, attractive, sympathetic understanding, and the wise use of slow action, basedPsychology2, 144:is scientific because it is based upon a right understanding of the human material with which theyPsychology2, 149:It will be apparent, therefore, that our understanding of its activity will depend largely upon thePsychology2, 151:express their influence, they would arrive at an understanding of the human being far more rapidlyPsychology2, 152:laws are the basis of all true psychological understanding and, when their influence is betterPsychology2, 153:the soul", which makes the eighteenth center. An understanding of these symbolic relations will doPsychology2, 156:after another, with increasingly pointed understanding. Psychology2, 160:The Law of Repulse is equally difficult of understanding by the disciple as he enters upon thePsychology2, 160:and not desire for his own release. Through an understanding of the pairs of opposites, he begins,Psychology2, 160:as the spider weaves his thread. Service, an understanding of the Way, and the building of the truePsychology2, 161:of the Christ and of the Buddha. Through a right understanding of these, right choice can be made,Psychology2, 162:to write down for himself his own personal understanding of the four words: Discrimination,Psychology2, 164:Students would find it of interest to test their understanding of the esoteric relationshipsPsychology2, 171:faith in life, and light and God, in love and understanding... His tunnel disappeared. He noticedPsychology2, 175:wrong silences, right and wrong speech, right understanding and right indifference and theirPsychology2, 177:group lines, and when he is definitely and in understanding consciousness preparing himself for thePsychology2, 177:it. Later these will come back and with understanding take this obligation in the light. His eyesPsychology2, 187:felt. This leads to a greater inner facility in understanding and to a reciprocal interplay. It isPsychology2, 192:Today, unknowingly and without any true understanding, they bring about a concretization of thePsychology2, 199:from the dark depths of the cloud. Only an understanding of the law which elevates and lifts canPsychology2, 200:will find its way into "the peace which passeth understanding" because it will be a peace which isPsychology2, 200:and of joy - a serenity, based upon spiritual understanding; and a joy which is untouched byPsychology2, 216:scheme. However - owing to the lack of trained understanding - we shall have to confine ourselvesPsychology2, 216:here presented, but not to be quick to assume understanding. There are many ways in which the workPsychology2, 223:positions. On the life side, it leads to that understanding which tends to identification, throughPsychology2, 227:Modern science has done much to bring about an understanding of the Laws of Nature, and can bePsychology2, 227:which must be founded upon a broad and general understanding of the divine Psyche as it seeksPsychology2, 229:might lie beyond our immediate concrete understanding. The above statement is, however, relativelyPsychology2, 229:of view and approach, or is it right? Only an understanding of man as a divine expression in timePsychology2, 236:The moment there is knowledge and a flash of understanding, that moment a man's responsibilityPsychology2, 241:It is no part of my purpose to indicate my understanding of God's Plan. This is limited naturallyPsychology2, 245:life [245] of the Oversoul. Only through an understanding of this relation do we arrive at aPsychology2, 245:use in days to come and not merely for today's understanding. The relationship to the Plan of GodPsychology2, 250:expressed through the artistic achievement. The understanding of the significance and technique ofPsychology2, 252:truth. All this is made possible through an understanding of the factor or rule of analysis,
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