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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNDERSTANDING

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Rays, 150:will, which is love. They work through love and understanding. Each is presided over by a ChohanRays, 153:success has been achieved, when the initiate's understanding is somewhat enlightened and hisRays, 157:group relations; these are based upon a growing understanding of the hierarchical mode of work andRays, 157:the soul, he passes into the positive phase of understanding and wielding the Law of Life. BecauseRays, 167:antahkarana tenuously constructed will be your understanding of my words. The difficulty becomesRays, 169:triadal consciousness. There the note of "loving understanding" predominates, but even these wordsRays, 170:the unfoldment of group awareness and of loving understanding, in order that the forms prepared andRays, 171:of their present point in evolution. The clue to understanding (the clue which will be the easiestRays, 179:of the deva forces, a man must arrive at some understanding of the forces in his etheric bodyRays, 201:The entire story of incarnation is hidden in the understanding of the Sound and its differentiationRays, 202:of the secret of negation, towards a true understanding of the basis of the ever-existent pairs ofRays, 203:faintly to dawn upon Their entranced and amazed understanding. It is of real value to us,Rays, 204:of God, the center of love and of mediating understanding (note these last two words). That thereRays, 210:of these phrases will seem paradoxical; but an understanding of the occult paradoxes tends toRays, 217:of Analogy, that we shall eventually arrive at understanding. I cannot hope to do more thanRays, 221:to understand. Forget not, I am not looking for understanding for I write for those who will comeRays, 230:and - as can already be seen - stir into new understanding the present Piscine consciousness ofRays, 231:vast knowledge and implemented with wisdom and understanding. It is the reaction of modern man toRays, 237:of consciousness. These expansions in the human understanding will, in the next [238] one hundredRays, 239:place in a blind, acquiescing manner, but with understanding and "fortitude." This receptiveRays, 245:earth and aiding mankind to work with a fuller understanding of the divine design. Here again isRays, 249:of his own life experiment and to arrive at understanding through direct experience. Then noRays, 249:and therefore synthetic effort, synthetic understanding and synthetic activity are possible to aRays, 256:relationships, as they work out in harmony and understanding. I am considering something farRays, 257:have created their own "rainbow bridges" with understanding and accuracy, and all can now work inRays, 263:conveyed in the rules for initiates. The understanding and the expressing of the four rules forRays, 264:of these laws is necessary and preparatory to an understanding of the Law of Synthesis, and underRays, 267:which the microcosm can arrive at a glimmer of understanding of the more obvious aspects of theRays, 269:has little meaning to you and lies beyond your understanding, but so was much that I gave you in ARays, 270:this, each initiate will embody his individual understanding of the divine purpose as the Plan hasRays, 271:rapidly at this time. The importance of understanding the function of triangles is a primeRays, 276:terms of the One Father and His children. That understanding is in itself so limited and inaccurateRays, 277:opening remarks because it is this elevated understanding of brotherhood which conditions divineRays, 280:how inadequate is language to express the understanding and the intention of the Hierarchy. To theRays, 283:sentiency and in relation to the world of loving understanding, He stands the Master. It is at thisRays, 286:the soul lives and moves with intention and understanding; the world of significance is the worldRays, 297:in the fresh attitude to the developing esoteric understanding of the initiate there is implicitRays, 304:for you a most difficult problem. The true understanding is, I realize, not possible for you butRays, 308:on which the grosser structure is built. Some understanding of this will come if you consider theRays, 310:of this form of destruction, and seek better understanding. This higher form of destruction doesRays, 310:plane. This statement again may aid you in understanding. If this is so, it will be apparent to youRays, 311:as higher or lower, for all are equally divine. Understanding of these ideas may come if, forRays, 318:through the process of livingness, of loving understanding, and of intelligent activity. Therefore,Rays, 323:bring this whole subject much closer to public understanding. In the instructions now to be given,Rays, 324:subject of healing because of the necessity of understanding the limitations - psychological andRays, 329:concluding pages to fire his zeal, deepen his understanding, stimulate his capacity to love, andRays, 348:now has a measure of self-control, of mental understanding and of purity. I would point out alsoRays, 351:Nevertheless, as science arrives at a better understanding of the human being as an electrical unitRays, 357:not as yet achieved that state. The key to your understanding lies in the realization that ourRays, 359:3, of love and [359] intelligence, and produces understanding and intuitive perception. AllRays, 366:and have touched upon topics too high for the understanding of the average student or probationaryRays, 374:radiating (after due absorption of light, understanding and power from Shamballa, and this inflowRays, 390:any real and true measure of clear thinking and understanding. Their significance will emerge as weRays, 392:undertaking; it is related to the development of understanding the Will, and concerns the spirit orRays, 396:initiates who - reading between the lines and understanding the symbolism involved - willRays, 413:His decision, faces intelligently and with some understanding of the choices to be made, the sixthRays, 417:in order to learn to wield this law with full understanding, in full consciousness, and yet at theRays, 418:changes to be worked by Masons with spiritual understanding. The present Jewish coloring of MasonryRays, 420:and secondly, every Master has to develop an understanding of the world of cosmic Purpose. It is aRays, 425:to control the mind and to achieve loving understanding, lays the foundation for right decision atRays, 433:to clarify these points, if there is to be true understanding as to what constitutes the dual lifeRays, 437:Eternal Now is beginning to penetrate into their understanding, then the past, the present and theRays, 442:which expresses interpretively the spiritual understanding, conveyed by the awakening intuition -Rays, 445:of the intuition or spiritual love-wisdom or understanding (this demonstrates as sensitivity andRays, 452:to realize that in time they will arrive at understanding, but that at present all that they can doRays, 457:to assess his condition and arrive at some understanding of his point in evolution. He canRays, 458:effort at divine creative work. The clue to understanding lies perhaps in the thought that hithertoRays, 464:Love Aspect The nature of relationship Wisdom. Understanding The method of evolution Consciousness.Rays, 465:reflection of the divine nature. Intuitive love, understanding, inclusiveness. The head center.Rays, 467:right living and thinking, love and intelligent understanding. It is all that, but it is somethingRays, 468:the transmutation process (with its stages of understanding, analysis, recognition and application)Rays, 469:must be superseded by intuitive [469] understanding; this is, in reality, inclusive participationRays, 469:words describing the orientation produced by the understanding of the two processes ofRays, 473:Self-consciousness which would produce in you an understanding reaction. I simply, make theRays, 476:a human spirit can say with intention and with understanding: "I and my Father are one." The aboveRays, 480:may be useful and lead to increased insight and understanding: "The physical plane is a completeRays, 482:energies, or as magnetic, attractive forces. An understanding of this statement will substantiateRays, 484:recognition for humanity. Therefore, again, the understanding of the method of building theRays, 487:energy, and second, towards the Triad. A mental understanding of the task to be carried out. ThisRays, 492:by both the soul and the personality. It is understanding and recognition of the will-to-good whichRays, 495:strands at the beginning, but time and active understanding will slowly weave thread after threadRays, 500:the religious interpretation is but one mode of understanding Reality. There are others of equalRays, 510:you to make real progress in the preparatory understanding required by all who hope some day toRays, 511:antahkarana must be done with as much conscious understanding as possible. [512] II. The six stepsRays, 512:the soul Towards the Spiritual Triad. A mental understanding of the work to be done is necessary. ARays, 513:the registered feeling anent the words, and the understanding of their significance which are ofRays, 515:on these words will show that if uttered with an understanding of their meaning, they are ofRays, 517:and only the concentrated thought, based on understanding comprehension, can achieve the results.Rays, 520:then cooperates with that purpose in full understanding and intention. He no longer simply reactsRays, 520:himself to the divine Intention through an understanding of the doctrine or Science of Tension; heRays, 530:have to call in what measures of enlightened understanding you may possess. Initiation is only aRays, 535:and spiritual integrity. It is through his understanding of the word "process" that the discipleRays, 537:Inclusiveness is the supreme key to the understanding of consciousness. At the same time, theRays, 554:voicing their aims and stimulating their understanding. The new group worked in and through everyRays, 556:been pictorially and symbolically presented; the understanding of the process was dependent uponRays, 556:and its comprehension lead to expanded understanding. Through energy the worlds were made andRays, 556:fail to express the truth. The extent of your understanding will be based upon your point inRays, 557:Initiation is (in its simplest definition) an understanding of the Way, for understanding is aRays, 557:definition) an understanding of the Way, for understanding is a revealing energy which permits youRays, 557:of those energies; each initiation gives him understanding of the related energy and of its field
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