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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNDERSTANDING

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Rays, 560:is an unfolding inclusiveness, a developing understanding, and a heightened spiritual [561]Rays, 562:must be paralleled by a demonstration of his understanding of the initiatory process upon the outerRays, 564:Logos. Nevertheless, he does respond to a mental understanding of the lowest objective aspect ofRays, 567:is called the Initiation of Revelation. Some understanding of the first or will aspect isRays, 567:four initiations he slowly arrives at a dim understanding of the purpose of creation; the trueRays, 576:attitude (without the developed and inclusive understanding manifested by the Christ) can be seenRays, 577:energies which will dissipate glamor, plus an understanding of the technique whereby illuminationRays, 582:mental adherence to mass ideals, with no understanding of their relationship to the need of theRays, 589:operate from that level of consciousness, the understanding of this type of consciousness is one ofRays, 595:closes it to world contact, world news and world understanding, and when he refuses to admit newRays, 602:words towards the end of this century with great understanding. Rays, 611:ideologies. The awakening of humanity to better understanding. The growth of goodwill which leadsRays, 622:of these sources of control, the growth of true understanding is prevented, distorted or stunted.Rays, 624:and has returned to the old ways of spiritual understanding and of enlightened wisdom whichRays, 630:and once there is a free circulation and a true understanding established between them, then worldRays, 630:will be assured and the Christ can come. This understanding and this free harmony (if I may useRays, 633:prove less exacting and evince a more understanding spirit. The bridge between these two greatRays, 637:It is this process of developing mental understanding and a sound rational yet spiritual attitudeRays, 638:always a calm, dispassionate and loving understanding; let them demonstrate in their environmentRays, 653:or of separation. It is a right knowledge and understanding of those karmically linked to him, aRays, 656:has built, thereby letting in the [656] light of understanding and clearing the way for a fullerRays, 656:has not yet been developed to the point where understanding is possible; it would therefore be aRays, 661:breaks down at a certain point upon the path of understanding, and something new and utterlyRays, 669:you should aim at achieving a measure of real understanding. You have been taught that the activityRays, 684:working under the action of the logical and understanding mind, but seldom under the influence ofRays, 691:the ajna center and consciously and with right understanding to work with, absorb, transmute andRays, 692:and direction, he discovers, require [692] understanding of occult, scientific knowledge. He worksRays, 700:the East and of the West to arrive at the true understanding of the experience. The concept of aRays, 703:these will not necessarily meet with your real understanding. These factors are: The factor ofRays, 706:but also that right choice depends upon right understanding, right perception, right willingnessRays, 709:which he has attempted to serve with love and understanding. All disciples of any standing gatherRays, 713:is the first essential. He then comes to the understanding that the next step is for Him toRays, 714:which are of real importance to its correct understanding. They are: Emergence. Will. Purpose. WithRays, 714:the will in some clear measure, though complete understanding is not possible. The Lord of theRays, 715:implements Purpose. To produce this, a direct, understanding and powerful expression of this firstRays, 715:Let us list a few of them and thereby get understanding. 1. This energy of the will is the mostRays, 719:final four initiations (which are far beyond the understanding of even the advanced disciple), itRays, 723:has in it the germ of comprehension and an understanding (deeply hidden) of the various steps whichRays, 726:the sixth initiation the Master is brought to an understanding of the nature of creation, of theRays, 732:and undergoes (if I may so express it) a new understanding of living. The seventh initiation isRays, 742:fear, by a sense of futility and by a too acute understanding of the nature of the forces of evilRays, 743:The steady awakening of men everywhere to better understanding. The growth of goodwill, as itRays, 748:- Appendix 2. Man's steady Awakening to better Understanding The general effect of these clashingRays, 750:in deprivation; this has led to a consequent understanding participation in human difficultiesRays, 751:United, League, Federation, Commonwealth, Right Understanding, Kindness, Human Welfare and manyRays, 752:which have created cleavages and hindered right understanding. Rays, 759:mankind today - the need for light and love, for understanding of the divine will and for the endReappearance, 7:need of humanity for divine contact, help and understanding. Subject to those incentives, all trueReappearance, 11:for preservation and help. Humanity needs love, understanding and right human relations as anReappearance, 11:His stupendous achievement - along the line of understanding - transmitted to [12] humanity anReappearance, 12:theological doctrine, and not love and loving understanding as Christ exemplified it. The ChurchReappearance, 14:Then will the will-to-good flower forth as understanding, and understanding blossom as goodwill inReappearance, 14:will-to-good flower forth as understanding, and understanding blossom as goodwill in men." [15] Reappearance, 18:methods of transmuting knowledge into wisdom and understanding, all that expands the consciousnessReappearance, 24:in their true meaning, are simply some man's understanding of a series of Aramaic, Greek or LatinReappearance, 32:matters; as a prayer for the inflow of love and understanding among men, so that they may live inReappearance, 33:minded people will have a deeper and more understanding approach. To them it will convey theReappearance, 34:average as possessing a deeper insight and understanding; they occupy a no-man's-land, intermediateReappearance, 39:of God is known." The public should possess some understanding of this highest spiritual center toReappearance, 46:in daily living, right human relations and an understanding of the underlying Plan. It is theseReappearance, 53:the Father's House (Shamballa), passed into the understanding custody of the Kingdom of God and,Reappearance, 57:such confidence, correct attitudes and an understanding of the divine spiritual "push" orReappearance, 67:human and immediate angle; they have little understanding of the problems, decisions andReappearance, 69:the Will of God. It was also made with the full understanding and cooperation of the Masters andReappearance, 70:and within the bounds of our human [70] understanding, it must be remembered that there is nothingReappearance, 71:of their present point in evolution. The clue to understanding is to be found in the words,Reappearance, 84:the responsibility which He has undertaken. Some understanding is necessary if the New Group ofReappearance, 88:humanity a gradual response to truth and mental understanding. That is why, at the end of the cycleReappearance, 92:from the Heart of God and are related to divine understanding and can, therefore, reach andReappearance, 94:Purpose." This principle involves three things: Understanding - intuitive and spirituallyReappearance, 94:in man. Capacity to direct energy (through understanding and intent) towards a recognized andReappearance, 97:and wisdom, of right relationship and intuitive understanding. In order to make this possible andReappearance, 102:nature, and have attained mental understanding and finally enlightenment. The problem of theReappearance, 109:teaching. Nowhere is there peace today or understanding; only a small minority in relation to theReappearance, 111:work successfully. This active energy of loving understanding will mobilize a tremendous reactionReappearance, 114:Acquiescence has in it the element of an understanding intelligence, and this marks a great stepReappearance, 114:and, therefore, the selfless sacrifice, the understanding compromise and the comprehension of theReappearance, 115:will help humanity to accept with enthusiasm and understanding. This will produce happiness.Reappearance, 116:as well as the clarifying agent for a better understanding of world affairs. When Christ was here,Reappearance, 119:mentality, wisdom, practical service and understanding - a man has learnt to ask nothing for theReappearance, 128:transmitter of higher values and of spiritual understanding. Thus the individual becomes aware ofReappearance, 130:of its Head, the Christ. A tremendous growth of understanding and of relationships will be theReappearance, 131:the Christ, will its true nature reach correct understanding and the love of God be spread abroadReappearance, 132:either; the goal of all human effort is loving understanding, prompted by a program of love andReappearance, 134:of love." I have here given a clue to the true understanding of the work of these Avatars - a thingReappearance, 134:power of the soul, whose nature is love and understanding, can function, and fusion of these twoReappearance, 143:and the cry of the Hindu for spiritual understanding - along with the cries of all those who haveReappearance, 149:name or word, and of which we have no slightest understanding. Each of the three present conceptsReappearance, 152:to voice their demand for light, liberation and understanding. There will also be the skilled workReappearance, 157:unfoldment that [157] could be given through an understanding of these influences and in order toReappearance, 161:He will need all that he has of patience, understanding and goodwill. At the same time, the clearerReappearance, 163:us should be faced with courage, with truth and understanding; as well as with the willingness toReappearance, 164:no divine frustration but growth of spiritual understanding; the forces of the spirit areReappearance, 167:does not realize that - given tact and loving understanding - his home environment can and must beReappearance, 171:required is that of working, with strength and understanding, to bring about right human relationsReappearance, 180:in the way of an appeal for funds, courage or understanding. If the courage of the Christ, as HeReappearance, 180:of sufficient clarity to enable him to work with understanding and sincerity. He must discover thatReappearance, 183:and intelligence who are trying to increase understanding and right human relations among men. ThisReappearance, 185:ideas, men everywhere must be brought to the understanding of the fundamental ideals which willReappearance, 187:Even those with only a faint glimmer of understanding as to what the call truly signifies are
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