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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - UNDERTAKING

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Astrology, 189:some form of sensuous experience or of spiritual undertaking and consciousness. The result of allAstrology, 251:study that sign of the zodiac, which is our next undertaking. The words or keynotes of this signAstrology, 253:the serpent of matter and started the long human undertaking of experiment, experience andAstrology, 318:or the "wheel of living action or of conscious undertaking" as it is called in the Old Commentary.Astrology, 392:crisis in His life) some definite, active undertaking which embodies that aspect of the will of GodAstrology, 598:consciousness but with the sumtotal of that undertaking which makes matter subservient to andAtom, 116:are tied until we have done our share of the undertaking. Nothing therefore that we do to increaseAutobiography, 280:the work depends, both yours and ours. You are undertaking a task for which your life and allAutobiography, 299:for them found and trained. This arduous undertaking in many ways is as difficult a task as oneBethlehem, 11:may embody some experience and some initiated undertaking through which many Christians may nowBethlehem, 28:and social - are only preparatory to this undertaking. We are on our way to "that which is within,"Discipleship1, 11:fruit. But in this group effort which we are undertaking, the fact that all in the group are madeDiscipleship1, 94:one thing be grasped by all of you, prior to undertaking work with me. It is that in a group ofDiscipleship1, 96:of true vision. This experiment which I am undertaking has its dangers. The disciples in a Master'sDiscipleship1, 97:my disciples and with this experiment which I am undertaking, you need to arrive at a point inDiscipleship1, 138:years you should have achieved the difficult undertaking of becoming the sannyasin [139] in theDiscipleship1, 168:task which your soul assigned, and the undertaking upon which you are engaged in the aiding of theDiscipleship1, 204:of benefit to others. Such work as you are now undertaking brings with it its own difficulties andDiscipleship1, 329:and one's responsibilities. It is an arduous undertaking to deal clear-sightedly with the lowerDiscipleship1, 408:work in which you are engaged and not simply undertaking a mode of personal training... TheDiscipleship1, 413:for the sake of group integrity and the purposed undertaking of healing - it will be necessary forDiscipleship1, 442:note how thoroughly equipped you are for your undertaking in this life. This, it is of assistanceDiscipleship1, 443:This will, in itself, constitute an arduous undertaking and will serve to stabilize yourDiscipleship1, 593:serious instability, of fluidity of thought and undertaking, of violent experimentation and of whatDiscipleship1, 683:right habits of thought which are the major undertaking of an aspirant's life are not the majorDiscipleship1, 683:of an aspirant's life are not the major undertaking of the disciple. [684] They are regarded asDiscipleship1, 714:part of the karma of his group. This dual karmic undertaking sets up a veritable vortex of force inDiscipleship2, 13:the Masters throughout the world are engaged in undertaking and which you also should consciouslyDiscipleship2, 19:forward. In this group experiment which I am undertaking, I propose to change this somewhat and IDiscipleship2, 104:evolutionary task which the Hierarchy is undertaking. He is not called Master by the initiates inDiscipleship2, 105:plane of buddhi or of the intuition. The joint undertaking and the united adhering to the desiredDiscipleship2, 107:anxious to see the group, with which I have been undertaking an occult experiment for theDiscipleship2, 121:the aspirant to grasp somewhat the nature of the undertaking to which he is committed. CertainDiscipleship2, 159:task. From that point, humanity takes over the undertaking. This Invocation is also unique in theDiscipleship2, 219:postwar period is carrying forward the planned undertaking. It is nearing its desired finish, ifDiscipleship2, 226:success) to stand with those Servers who are now undertaking the work of Preparation? This is theDiscipleship2, 402:building process, and is related to a mysterious undertaking which is carried forward under theDiscipleship2, 411:background [411] of this present hierarchical undertaking (I had almost said, adventure) and fulfilDiscipleship2, 465:your fixed psychic determination adequate to the undertaking? Can you do it with your presentDiscipleship2, 479:and deed." Stage II. The Robe of Rose. The next undertaking is a conscious establishing of relationDiscipleship2, 495:to realize the full significance of this undertaking. Then dismiss it. Again face your soul andDiscipleship2, 499:workers to move forward in this spiritual undertaking. Your link with the Master R. should help youDiscipleship2, 504:Catholic America and southern Europe is no easy undertaking. It will be slow. Your foundation mustDiscipleship2, 586:and a consequent and in time almost automatic undertaking (with speed) the required task. It is aDiscipleship2, 638:and of established character, and prevents the undertaking of any new spiritual adventure. ADiscipleship2, 693:social group - is a very difficult and subtle undertaking. It must definitely be learned, prior toDiscipleship2, 715:What that work shall be, what phase of the undertaking you can do, and what responsibility you canEducation, 89:the requirements for citizenship, whilst undertaking research work connected with correct socialExternalisation, 13:upon the world of illusion in which they are undertaking to work; from their high and pure positionExternalisation, 323:to be found everywhere, or with the more general undertaking of raising the mass consciousness. TheExternalisation, 332:comes to the server immersed in the thick of the undertaking is that of preserving contact with theExternalisation, 360:useful hint as to the method and purpose of the undertaking staged for the June Full Moon, 1942. IExternalisation, 378:and futility in the face of this gigantic human undertaking. He asks himself many questions. OfExternalisation, 521:physical bodies, something of the scope of the undertaking of externalization, something of whatExternalisation, 686:a special and applied stimulation and are undertaking work for which the united Ashrams, in theirFire, 223:one or two points clarified. The subject we are undertaking to elucidate is one of profoundFire, 993:the factors requiring adjustment prior to undertaking the work of magic, we are dealing with thatFire, 1242:the apparatus of thought necessary for its safe undertaking. It is as if one tried to force a childGlamour, 127:ahead of him and the true significance of the undertaking to which he has pledged himself. LittleGlamour, 168:useful hint as to the method and purpose of the undertaking which was staged for the June FullGlamour, 229:- outside the meetings and for a month prior to undertaking the task of dissipating the glamor willHealing, 215:his personality life, there is a scientific undertaking of energizing the centers in a certainHealing, 325:undertaken by neophytes, is a most dangerous undertaking. It can be done, but it is not anHealing, 437:the death process as the soul registers it, when undertaking the act of restitution. To you, what IHealing, 496:I would also point out that this conscious undertaking of the art of elimination, and thisHealing, 496:of digestive process, in preparation for the undertaking of renewed birth. This somewhat erroneousHealing, 557:when that of the patient is adequate to the undertaking. I feel that I have here given you all thatHercules, 23:attack any problem and to rush blindly into any undertaking. Nothing could turn him from hisHercules, 150:which would have crippled him in every future undertaking. Such is the achievement of Hercules,Initiation, 147:plan seen in the "revelation of the vision." An undertaking of a profoundly solemn natureInitiation, 147:of all degrees, and includes also a serious undertaking never to reveal the true nature of the SelfInitiation, 147:the scheme itself. The enunciation of a solemn undertaking never to reveal to anyone the knowledgeMagic, 16:Hitherto this has been a slow and piecemeal undertaking. Later, and before so very long, light willMagic, 41:the soul and for a group of men and women who, undertaking the great experiment and transition, addMagic, 166:up the thread of an older or partially achieved undertaking. Magic, 197:passivity, or from the angle of an entirely new undertaking. We are in process of evolution.Magic, 243:and therefore retreating from the realm of human undertaking to forge their way inward into theMagic, 591:work is completed. But it is a most dangerous undertaking, when induced before the mechanism isMagic, 637:have balanced his endeavor, and given to his undertaking those qualities which he himself lacks.Problems, 63:the requirements for citizenship, whilst undertaking research work into social relations andProblems, 83:world but also to train humanity in the major undertaking of right human relations and in theProblems, 162:get together and plan for such an invocative undertaking and thus together inaugurate the mode ofPsychology1, xxiv:sincere cooperation in the work which we are undertaking. It may be of more general and publicPsychology1, 12:what is relatively a new aspect of truth. In undertaking to reveal something anent the nature ofPsychology1, 365:a simultaneous performance, an identical undertaking, or a ritual. No one on this earth can evadePsychology1, 373:itself) is at the same time the symbol and the undertaking, the beginning and also the concretePsychology2, 716:of activity and of evolutionary expediency and undertaking which must parallel the presentRays, 43:time alignment is not his need, but the definite undertaking of a creative work - the building of aRays, 275:and the esoteric workers in one spiritual undertaking, originates in reality in Shamballa itselfRays, 294:part in bringing into objectivity the creative undertaking of his Ashram. The seed of this creativeRays, 392:responsiveness to Shamballa - is a major undertaking; it is related to the development ofRays, 435:within an Ashram, seem an adequately difficult undertaking and one that engrosses every power whichRays, 435:undertake such a proposition and make good your undertaking? Most assuredly you can, for the factorRays, 439:know that Their equipment is adequate to the undertaking and that They can, without hesitancy andRays, 519:Shamballa, and of the Lord of the World Himself undertaking those processes which will lead HimRays, 632:- whether she realizes it or not at present - undertaking a great experiment in education and, inRays, 656:fifth initiation has to project His own specific undertaking, through the medium of His Ashram,Rays, 682:and this focusing in due time starts the serious undertaking of the shifting of his consciousnessRays, 701:the fourth initiation, is a definitely planned undertaking, arrived at as true vision is graduallyRays, 703:"strength of your heart" may be adequate to the undertaking.
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